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Alkyd Resins in the CIS

     Alkyd resins, the products of polycondensation of polybasic carbonic acids with polyols, are high-viscosity liquids. Industrial alkyd resins are usually made from phthalic acid and glycerol or pentaerythritol, and called glyphthalic or pentaphthalic resins respectively. They are mainly employed in the manufacturing of alkyd varnishes and enamels. Presently, alkyd resins hold 60-70% share in the world production of condensation resins.
     The global output of alkyd resins is expected to fall by 1% in 2008. Nevertheless, they will keep their leading position in the market for raw materials applied in the paints & coatings industry. The main advantages of alkyds are high elasticity they impart to coatings and relatively low environmental impact. In 2007, the global consumption of paints and coatings made up 28.8m tonnes equalling USD 83bn in money terms. This figure is expected to increase to more than 30m tonnes this year.
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