Eurasian chemical market
№1(88), 2015

№1(88), 2015


Experts Insist on Removing Legislative Restrictions on Developing Russian PET market

On 24 November Moscow hosted the conference ”Polyethylene terephthalate”, whose participants discussed the current state and prospects of the Russian polyethylene terephthalate market. The latter is actively developing now. However, only packaging grade PET is now produced in Russia, four manufacturers of this chemical being in the country. Virtually, all these companies have plans for...

The Current State and Trends in Global Acrylonitrile Production

Acrylonitrile is one of the key large-capacity petrochemical products, a derivative of propylene. Its main application areas are monomers for producing acrylic fibres, ABC/SAN plastics as well as intermediate products for manufacturing acrylamide, adiponitrile, ethylenediamine, and a range of other chemical substances. The present article contains a detailed description of properties and applications...

Prospects for Russian Aniline Production and Market

Aniline is an important intermediate product for organic synthesis with a broad range of uses. Global consumption in 2012 exceeded 5m tonnes. Our interested readers can find in the present article data on the global structure of aniline applications, the analogous data on India and Russia, changes in aniline production at Volzhsky Orgsintez (Volzhsky, Volgograd region) (the panorama of the latter is...

A Review of Global Production and Market in Rhenium and its Alloys

This article presents a breathtaking history of exploring one of the rarest metals vitally important for modern equipment and useful information about properties of rhenium and its alloys. Also, we give a full description of deposits of rhenium, its applications, technologies, producers and a paradoxical situation in the market, when an acute shortage of this metal is accompanied with a long-term decrease...

Russian Сaustic Soda Production and Market

In 2004–2013, there happened significant changes in a list of Russian caustic soda producers. The production of the chemical stopped at Usolyekhimprom LLC (Usolye, Irkutsk region), Srednevolzhskiy Zavod Khimikatov (Middle Volga Chemical Plant, Samara region), Ufakhimprom JSC (Ufa) and Kaprolactam plant, which is in ownership of SIBUR-Neftekhimprom (Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region). For the...
Paints and coatings

Titanium Dioxide Production and Market in Russia and Ukraine

Titanium dioxide is the most important white pigment. Although its applications are extremely diverse, the lion’s share of this product is traditionally used for manufacturing paints and coatings. Our article highlighted the two main methods of its production: sulphate and chloride processes, general characteristics of global TiO2 market and detailed data on its producers in the Commonwealth...
Chemical Equipment

Practical Experience in Dealing with Chinese Equipment Suppliers

Nowadays goods from China are no longer associated only with low prices. The label “made in China” is in many ways standing currently for quality and high technologies. China ranks as the first producing country worldwide. Trade turnover between Russia and China in 2013 reached USD a giant figure of 89.2bn.
When our entrepreneurs enter the Chinese market in search of equipment producers,...
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