Eurasian chemical market
№1(85), 2014

№1(85), 2014


A Review of the Global Polyimide Market

Polyimides (PIs) is a group of high performance polymers with excellent thermal, mechanical, and physical properties. Owing to their outstanding characteristics, they are useful over a wide range of applications including the production of printed circuit boards, fasteners, and chemically resistant products. Polyimides take an especial position in the development of innovative technologies, where light-weight...

Interplastica 2014: Solid Business and Good Prospects for Russia’s Plastics and Rubber Industry

The CIS market for plastic and rubber products stands for solid business and positive prospects. Despite the dampening effect of political vagaries and the current weakness of the rouble on the demand for plastic and rubber products, the country still has a significant need for investment. Production capacities are being modernised and expanded, particularly in the packaging and medical technology...

CIS Market in Salicylic Acid and its Derivatives

Salicylic acid belongs to aromatic hydroxy acids. Its anti-inflammatory properties, as a component of the bark of the willow tree, have been known for more than 2,500 years. Currently, more than half of the produced salicylic acid is used for pharmaceutical manufacture. For example, one of its derivatives is acetylsalicylic acid or aspirin - one of the most important drug of the twentieth century.

Summing up Ukrainian Fertilisers Production in 2013: No Light at the End of the Tunnel

The recent well-known polytical changes in the post-Soviet state Ukraine undoubtedly produced a negative effect upon the country's economy and its recovery prospects. All in all Ukrainian fertilisers producers were faced with serious challenges last year and were not capable of tackling them. ECM proposes comprehensive data on Ukrainian fertilisers output in 2013.   
Chemistry and business

A Systemic Analysis of an Economic Policy of Regulating Hydrocarbons Flows Worldwide Under the Conditions of the 'Shale Gas Revolution'

The given article though having a pretty comlex name presents a well-grounded, in-depth research into a phenomena of the 'shale gas revolution'  in the USA. The author well describes challenges that Russia and America face currently due to the effect produced by this 'revolution'.

EuroChem Reports IFRS Financial Information for 2013

One of the biggest fertilisers producers in Russia as well as worldwide has presented IFRS results for the past 2013. Revenues according to IFRS of RUR 176.9bn (USD 5.6bn) showed a 6% increase on 2012 (RUR 166.5bn (USD5.4bn). More details you will find in the present article.
Countries and regions

Review of the Chemical Industry of Uzbekistan: A Strong Focus on Modernisation

Uzbekistan is one of few countries in the former USSR that has achieved serious economic success recently. Its growth rates are impressive and no less impressive is the advancement of the Uzbek chemical sector. We continue a series of articles devoted to the state of the chemical industry in various post-Soviet states.    
Chemical Equipment

Certificates for Industrial Equipment and Installations Needed to Access Market of Customs Union

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