Eurasian chemical market
№12(84), 2013

№12(84), 2013


К 2013: Flagship Event in Plastics Industry

K 2013, the global largest exhibition in the field of polymers and rubbers took place in Düsseldorf (Germany) from 16 to 23 October, 2013. As always, the forum became a reliable barometer of the newest trends and innovations for the entire industry of polymer materials. This year the trade fair showed the latest results of researches into plastics and rubbers, newest innovative products and...

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- Polymers Production Goes Up in Russia 
Rubbers and tyres

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- SIBUR Increases its Butyl Rubber Production Capacity in Togliatti
- Ukrainian Tyres Production Up 36.4% in October, 2013 

On the Way to MDI. Nitrobenzene market in Russia and the CIS

Nitrobenzene is a typical aromatic nitro compound. Currently, over 90% of nitrobenzene is used as an intermediate product for manufacturing aniline. Since the 1970's the world largest consumer of aniline has been the polyurethane industry. Today about 85% of aniline is converted into methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI; a raw material for polyurethane production). The situation in Russia and the...

Russian Methanol Production in 2012-2013

In 2012, Russia manufactured 602,150 tonnes of wood-based methanol and 2,716,939 tonnes of synthetic methanol. Thus, the overall output of CH3OH in the country amounted to 3,319,089 tonnes. We can assume that the aggregate Russian output of methanol for January-December 2013 will possibly make up 3,520,000-3,540,000 tonnes. In other words, a year-on-year increase in Russian methanol output will...

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- Acrylic Acid Complex Construction Starts in Bashkortostan 

Ukrainian Output of Basic Inorganics in October, 2013

In October 2013, sulphuric acid production in Ukraine decreased by 32.8% over October 2012, ammonia production decreased by 56.7%, output of soda ash - by 29.5%, caustic soda output fell by 74.3%, titanium dioxide production went down by 20.1%. The downward trends still dominate in the Ukrainian chemical industry, and in order to reverse them, the country should take drastic measures. Please get...

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- Cherkasy Azot Upgrades Ammonia Shopfloors
- World-scale Copper Ore-Dressing Plant Commissioned in Russia

Phosphorite Meal Production in Russia

Phosphorite meal is an environmentally friendly mineral fertiliser used throughout Russia and the CIS. It is obtained by grinding phosphate rock — deposited rocks formed mainly by minerals of the apatite group — phosphate nodules, shells, and a number of karst-type phosphorites or products of their beneficiation. In 2010, the output of this fertiliser in Russia amounted to 13,700 tonnes....

Sunkar to Build NP Fertiliser Plant in Kazakhstan

Sunkar Resources PLC, the company incorporated in England principally operates in Kazakhstan is ready to mine the Chilisai deposit, one of the largest known phosphorite deposits in the former Soviet Union with a resource of some 800m tonnes of ore at 10% P2O5. The company aiming to be an integrated phosphate fertiliser manufacturer. The plant under construction will produce DAP/MAP and will have one...

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- Ukrainian Production of Mineral Fertilisers in October, 2013
- Stamicarbon Goes East 
Paints and coatings

Tambov-based Pigment Introduces New Products

2013 was very productive for Pigment JSC. The company introduced a new acrylic dispersion under the trade name AKRATAM®, which was highly praised by consumers. On 27 November, 2013 the company took part in the consumer conference in Kazan, where its new concrete admixtures (plastifying, superplastifying, accelerating and retarding admixtures)KRATASOL®were featured, and the company is going...
Chemistry and energy

Polycrystalline Silicon Market in the CIS

Reducing prices for poly-Si against the background of increasing power costs make a great contribution to the development of the global photovoltaic market. However, this industry in the CIS is still in its early stages. Russian hopes for large-scale or event giant polysilicon production have failed so far. Most poly-Si projects announced several years ago have come to naught. But blaming Chinese flooding...

TVEL and Nuclear Fuel State Concern to Construct Nuclear Fuel Plant in Ukraine

TVEL Fuel Company and Nuclear Fuel State Concern are going to implement an unprecedented and most ambitious project in the history of the independent Ukraine — constructing a nuclear fuel plant. The plant will produce about 800 nuclear fuel assemblies for all the country's atomic industry. The fact of participating Nikolay Azarov, Ukrainian PM, and Sergey Kiriyenko in the ground breaking...
Chemistry and business

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- Uralchem Reports IFRS Financial Results for Q1-3, 2013
- SIBUR Reports Q1-3, 2013 IFRS Results
- Rosneft Demonstrates Strong Financial Performance 
Countries and regions

Ukrainian Output of Chemical and Related Products in November, 2013

In November 2013, overall manufacturing output in Ukraine reduced by 4.7% against November 2012. The situation in the domestic chemical and related industries well reflects this one in national economy. An increase in production is registered only for synthetic paints and medications, other products witnessed negative trends... Detailed figures you will find in the article itself.

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- India Ready to Invest in Chemical, Pharmaceutical Industries in Belarus  
Speciality chemicals

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- Rostec, Rosneft and Pirelli to Develop New Materials for Tyres

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- Rafarma Pharmaceuticals Announces Large Private Placement 
Chemical Equipment

Uralmash — at the Cutting Edge of Russian Industry Modernisation

Uralmash, one of leading Russian producers of industrial equipment, has recently finished several large projects for its Russian and foreign customers. In particular, it has shipped equipment for a 6,000-tonne forging press for VSMPO-AVISMA (Verkhniaya Salda, Sverdlovsk region), a manufacturer of titanium-based products. Being the largest domestic manufacturer of machinery for various sectors including...
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