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№9(81), 2013

№9(81), 2013


Signs of Recovery for Ukrainian Polymer Industry

Ukraine’s polymer sector hit by plant shutdowns and poor markets plunged 55% in the first four months of 2013. The decline is mostly due to suspension of production at Karpatnaftokhim. Despite gloomy forecasts some experts do believe that the situation will completely alter by the end of the current year following a government plans envisaging re-starting some industrial plants and stimulating...

Plastics in Electronics

Plastics in all manner of forms with universally modifiable material properties, dimensionally stable as thermoplastics, thermosets or elastomers, films or coatings, granular or expanded, are an indispensable part of our everyday lives – in anything from simple items of daily life to intricately designed structural elements in vehicles and buildings. With their functionally optimised physical...
Rubbers and tyres

Rosneft to Revitalise Nairit?

On 3 September, 2013, Rosneft President and Chairman of the Management Board Igor Sechin held a working meeting with Director General of Nairit Plant Ovanes Akhinyan and Deputy Director General for Reconstruction and Development Karen Mirzoyan. The meeting was held just before negotiations between President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan. Nairit, which suspended production...

Production of Formalin in Russian Federation

Being one of the most important organic chemicals, formalin is produced in fairly large quantities in Russia. For instance, the domestic output of formalin in 2012 made up 662,287 tonnes (+7.4% over 2011 figure). The present article gives detailed data on the country’s recent formalin production. 

Russian Production of Benzene in H1, 2013

Benzene is one of the most common organics divided into petroleum and coal grades depending on the used raw material. Although the Russian market is dominated by the petroleum grade, the share of coke benzene continuously increases. About 30% of benzene is consumed by domestic manufacturers themselves, however, the volumes of in-plant processing decline, while the benzene “free market”,...

Soda ash production and market in the CIS

Russia accounting for 5.3% of global soda ash output occupies the third place after China and the USA, while the aggregate share of the CIS countries equals 6.5%. During the 2007-2009 period, the output of sodium carbonate in the CIS declined 21.5%. Last year, the output of soda ash showed a 3.1% YOY reduction, to 3.56m tonnes mainly because of decreased output in Ukraine. Nevertheless, outlooks for...

Ukrainian Production of Basic Inorganics in July, 2013

The Ukrainian chemical industry has been suffering an obvious decline recently. For instance, in July 2013, sulphuric acid production in Ukraine decreased by 13.6% over July 2012, while ammonia output in Ukraine in July decreased by 15.7% over July 2012. Still there remain hopes that the crisis may be coming to an end for manufacturers in H2, 2013.

Ukrainian Production of Mineral Fertilisers in July, 2013

Following the downward trend in chemical production, Ukrainian enterprises in July, 2013 reduced production of agricultural chemicals including ammonium nitrate, carbamide as well as NPK and UAN fertilisers. At the same time, the production of ammophos and ammonium sulphate increased. In particular, In July 2013, ammophos production in Ukraine went up by 55.6% or 4,000 tonnes over July 2012 to 11,200...

Kenya to Import Fertilisers from Russia without Middlemen

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has wrapped up his visit to Russia with the host government pledging to support the East African nation’s efforts towards securing fertilisers in adequate quantities and at affordable prices. Kenyatta, who paid a state visit to Moscow, urged the Russian business community to partner with the Kenyan government in establishing a fertiliser plant in Kenya. The latter...
Paints and coatings

Innovative Coatings and Auxiliary Products Protected by New Russian Patents

Our magazine continues to introduce our readers to various latest chemical technologies developed in the former Soviet countries. This time we shall confine our attention to up-to-date coatings designed by Russian R & D institutes.
Chemistry and energy

Oilfield Demulsifiers Market in Russia

Oilfield chemical products for Russia, which together with Saudi Arabia tops the list of the biggest oil producers, are of crucial importance. To reduce the dependence of the oil industry upon foreign suppliers of these products was one of the main tasks set by the government during the Soviet times. A lot of water has flown under the bridge since that time and oilfield chemicals, namely, demulsifiers...
Chemistry and business

Lukoil Summarised Company Performance in H1, 2013

The Lukoil Board of Directors has reviewed the preliminary results for the first half of 2013 and investment programme realisation progress in 2013. Positive results achieved by the company within the reporting period including a 1.2% YOY increase in high-octane petrol manufacturing will be examined more closely by the present article. 

Brief article

- Bayer Plans Further Expansion in Russia
Countries and regions

Chemical Industry of Uzbekistan: Recent Developments

The chemical industry of Uzbekistan continues its stable advancement. The recent report of Uzkimyosanoat JSC, an Uzbek holding company uniting most of chemical enterprises in the country, about its achievements in the first half of 2013 and forthcoming upgrade of Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex - one of the largest plant of its kind in the former Soviet countries well testify to this sustainable development. ...

Brief article

- Chemical Industry in Tula Region: On the Way to Success
Speciality chemicals

SIBUR and BASF Inked Agreement for Supply of Additives for Polymers

In September 2013 SIBUR, a leading Russian gas processing and petrochemicals company, and the German chemicals giant BASF signed a Long-Term Cooperation Memorandum to supply additives used for polymer production and processing at SIBUR’s production facilities. The present article details the co-operation of the two largest companies. 

Aleksin Integrated Chemical Plant: Stepping Back from Abyss

Just a couple of years ago, optimistic outlooks for the Aleksin Integrated Chemical Plant manufacturing various gun powders for the developed military industry of Russia were out of the question. The plant located in Tula faced a severe crisis. They said that it would be better for the plant to go bankrupt, that the company with a giant manufacturing area requiring heavy investments could not survive...

Brief article

- BASF to Produce Concrete Admixtures in Kazan

Veropharm Sees Sales Rise in H1, 2013

According to IMS Health, in compliance with the results of H1, 2013 Veropharm, the market leader in Russia for production of plasters and oncological medicines with production facilities in Belgorod, Voronezh and Pokrov and the product portfolio including more than 300 items, occupies the 6th position in the rating “Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers in production volume terms”. This...

Brief article

- NovaMedica to Build Pharmaceutical Plant in Kaluga Region
Chemical Equipment

Gas Carrier ''Sibur Voronezh'' Arrives at Ust-Luga

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