Eurasian chemical market
№6(78), 2013

№6(78), 2013


European Plastics industry Cautiously Optimistic as it Faces up to Challenges on Many Fronts

In 2013, the European plastics industry finds itself fighting battles on several fronts, many of them conditioned by the uncertain state of the overall economy in the region. Austerity measures in many countries have affected investments in building and construction projects; consumers are not buying as many new cars as they used to; smaller, more affordable products that continue to sell...

Plastics recycling: profitable and versatile

Today, life without plastics would be inconceivable. Thanks to their many advantages, e.g. strength, chemical resistance, limitless formability and colouration, and low weight, they quickly penetrated all fields of application from the construction, automotive, household goods and toy industry to the packaging sector, pharmaceuticals and medical technology. This resounding market success...

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- Rusplast Becomes New Distributor for Victrex in the CIS Region 
- Borealis and Borouge Roll-out New Products in Russia 
Rubbers and tyres

Rubber threads and tyre yarns: Russian production in January-April, 2013

Rubber threads and tyre yarns are produced in the Russian Federation in relatively small volumes, though demand for them increases year in, year out because of fast-growing tyre production in the country. According to the latest data of the Russian Federal State Statistics Service, the domestic output of rubber threads and tyre yarns in 2012 amounted to 98.7 tonnes. In 2012, production shot...

Latest Data on Russian Propylene Glycol Manufacturing

Propylene glycol was first prepared in 1859 by hydrolysis of propylene glycol diacetate. The proper chemical name for propylene glycol is 1.2 propanediol. It is used commercially in a large variety of applications. The Russian output of propylene glycol in 2012 amounted to 883 tonnes. It plunged by 38.5% as compared to 2011, when it made up 1,435 tonnes. For detailed information about propylene glycol...

Propylene Production & Market in Russia and CIS

Propylene is one of the main products used in the manufacture of polypropylene, acrylonitrile, propylene oxide, phenol and acetone, isopropylene, butylene and isobutylene alcohols, and 2-ethylhexanol, etc. Driven by fast-growing PP demand, this valuable feedstock is turning into one of the key growth points in the Russian chemical sector, to which data from this article well testify.

Russian Phthalic Anhydride Production in Q1, 2013

Phthalic anhydride is the commercial form of phthalic acid. It is used in the manufacture of plasticisers, unsaturated polyesters, and alkyd resins. In Russia, phthalic anhydride mostly finds application in the paints and coatings industry and plastisisers production. The domestic output of phthalic anhydride in 2012 amounted to 96,477 tonnes. It slightly inched up 2% as compared to 2011. However,...

Russian Chlorine Production: Latest Data

Chlorine is a large-volume inorganic chemical with an extremely broad range of applications in plastics, solvents, fabrics, plant chemicals, medicines, insecticides, dyes, household chemical products, etc. According to the latest data of the Russian Federal State Statistics Service, the domestic output of chlorine in 2012 amounted to 478,184 tonnes. All in all, volumes have rebounded since 2010,...

Production and Market for Boric Acid in Russia

In Russia, Mining Chemical Company Russian Bor CJSC is the biggest producer of boric acid. Moreover, it is one of the largest world manufacturers of boron-containing products such as boric acid, datolite concentrate, calcium borate and others. In Q1, 2013 it produced 20,295 tonnes of boric acid. You will find in the present article quite comprehensive information about the Russian production of boric...

Production of Basic Inorganics in Ukraine in April, 2013

In April 2013, Ukrainian ammonia production increased by 28.8%, to 492,000 tonnes over April 2012. The output of soda ash increased by 3% or 1,600 tonnes, to 54,300 tonnes. Besides, production of titanium dioxide in Ukraine went up by 1.4% or 175 tonnes against April 2012 to 12,945 tonnes. For more detailed information about production of basic inorganics in Ukraine, please read the article...

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- Linde to Manage On-site Gas Supply for SIBUR

Production of Calcium Nitrate in Russia

According to the Russian Federal State Statistics Service, the domestic output of calcium nitrate in 2012 amounted to 6,865 tonnes, which is a 44% rise as compared to 2011, when it made up 4,767 tonnes. For detailed information about Russian output of calcium nitrate, please read the article in the latest issue of our magazine. 

Ukrainian Manufacture of Nitrogen Fertilisers in April, 2013

In April, Ukrainian enterprises (except for Rivneazot and Severodonetsk Azot Association) produced 138,900 tonnes of ammonium nitrate (in physical weight). Ukrainian carbamide production rose by 14.4% or 36,700 tonnes over April 2012 to 291,700 tonnes in physical weight. Ukrainian ammophos (MAP + DAP) production went down by 45.5% or 1,500 tonnes over April 2012 to 1,800 tonnes. If our subscriber...

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- Uralchem Presented its New SOLAR Product Line and Launched an NS 30:7 Promo Campaign in UK 
Paints and coatings

Russian Dye Production in Q1, 2013

In Russia, there are several dyestuff producers. Among them, Pigment JSC (Tambov), a subsidiary of Krata Industrial Group, is the largest. It produces and markets organic pigments and dyes under the brand name Krata®. Recently, the Russian Federal State Statistics Service has reported the latest data as regards domestic dyestuff production. In 2012 it equalled 19,406 tonnes, which represents...

Zinc oxide in the CIS: production and market

There are four basic manufacturers of zinc oxide in Russia and in the CIS: Empils-zinc Ltd, Chelyabinsk Chemical Plant Oxid Ltd, Bellit Ltd, and Lakokraska-Yuganets Factory Ltd. The biggest manufacturer is Empils-zinc Ltd. This company accounts for 50% of Russian zinc white capacity. The largest manufacturer of zinc oxide in Ukraine was Lakma CJSC to date. Though this year the company stopped the production...
Chemistry and energy

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- Belneftekhim to Use Pipelines More to Transport Fuel 
Chemistry and business

Heading into H2: Key Russian Chemical Players Announced Q1, 2013 Results

A number of key Russian chemical and petrochemical players have announced production results for the first quarter of 2013. In particular, among them are Acron Group JSC, Metafrax JSC, Bashneft JSC, Uralchem Holding PLC, and Lukoil JSC. It seems that the companies are bracing for another rather difficult quarter, as they try to cope with weak economic development, high feedstock and energy costs, and...

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- Unipetrol Strategy for 2013-2017
Countries and regions

Chemical Sector Development is a Priority for Kazakh Government

The issues of development of chemical industry have been actively discussed in Kazakh governmental circles in late May - early June, 2013. According to the press service of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, the volume of production of the Kazakh chemical industry in nominal terms increased from 2009 to 2012 2.1 times, which allowed to exceed the plan of 2012 1.5 times. The volume...
Speciality chemicals

CIS Silicon Dioxide Market

SiO2 known as silicon dioxide serves as a high-quality filler for the manufacture of rubber, plastics, artificial leather, a thickener of paints, grease, glues, sealants, as a carrier of active substances (in the pharmaceutical industry and perfumery), and an anti-caking agent; besides, it is used in electronics, the textile and other branches of industry. The production of silicon dioxide in Russia...

Vitamin Production in Russia in Q1, 2013

Vitamins are extremely essential for life, and some of them are not synthesised by the human organism. The main factor driving demand for these products, in particular, in Russia, is a recent tendency: a healthy way of life step by step comes into fashion. According to the Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, the country produced 192 tonnes of vitamins, provitamins, and derivatives...

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- OlainFarm Faces the Future with Confidence
- Belarusian Lekpharm to Expand into Markets of Georgia, Kazakhstan in 2013
Chemical Equipment

Chemical Engineering in Russia: Latest Patents

Recently, Russian scientists and engineers have obtained a number of patents relating to the field of chemical equipment. So, we would like to propose our reader some of them. A team of engineers composed of Lazarev A. N., Kosenkov V. N., Savchuk A. D., and Jakovlev A. V., from St. Petersburg have developed a method for natural gas and oil liquefying and a correspondent device for its implementation....
Chemistry and Ecology

New Environmental Protection Projects in CIS Countries

Cherkasy-based Azot PJSC, which is part of the Ostchem holding (incorporate the assets of nitrogen chemical enterprises of the Group DF), will complete the first stage of the modernisation of the Cherkasy city water treatment and sewage systems for UAH 23.5m (USD 1 = USD 8.14 as of 12.06.2013) by the end of 2013. The Pavlohrad Chemical Plant State Enterprise Research-Industrial Complex has...
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