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№3(75), 2013

№3(75), 2013


Russian Plastic Market is Building Momentum

Russian plastic market has bags of potential and offers some promising business opportunities – the almost unanimous verdict of exhibitors at Interplastica 2013. An impressive range of innovative products and services was on show in the areas of machines and equipment, raw material production and processing at the Moscow exhibition centre between 29th January and 1st February. 20,000 business...

Polyamide Production in Russia: Sinusoidal Motion

During last nine years the production of polyamide in Russia was showing the sinusoidal motion with peaks in 2004, 2008 and 2011 and minimum points in 2006, 2009 and, probably, in 2012. The domestic market is dominated by Kuibyshevazot which produced about 98% of Russian output in 2012. Read the full article in the issue #3, 2013 (75).

Brief article

- Uhde Inventa-Fischer Successfully Commissions Polyamide 6 Plant in Belarus
Rubbers and tyres

CIS Tyres Producers Strike Balance for 2012

The tyre industry in Russia demonstrated exponential growth in 2009-2011 and it seemed very promising as increasing overall consumer spending and better quality tyres are now available at affordable price. In 2011, Russian tyre market has showed decent growth in sales which is directly proportional to the automobile sales in the country. However, in 2012 the situation changed and production growth...

Unclassified Ingredient: Russian and Ukrainian Markets of Benzoic Acid and Benzoates

As soon as the production of benzoic acid was shut down at Altaichimprom, the only producer of benzoic acid in the CIS countries, the Russian market completely switched to the foreign product. Last years, the imports have drastically increased. So, first of all, benzoic acid production in Russia has to be re-started. The Ukrainian benzoic acid market is on the road to recovery at present....

Chloromethanes in the CIS: Production and Market

Today the market of chloromethanes in Russia/CIS has a tough period. Methyl chloride and carbon tetrachloride consumption has been limited due to some environmental aspects. In addition, methylene chloride is produced less and less every year, in spite of the fact that this is Russia's traditional export product. However, in better situation is chloroform production, as HaloPolymer is a reliable...

Brief article

- Latest Industry Developments Affecting Russian and Ukrainian Benzene Market
- Aniline Output in Russia: Significant Growth in 2012

Russian Market of Ammonia in 2012

According to Russian Federal State Statistics Service, the domestic output of anhydrous ammonia last year fell by 1%. In 2012, Uralchem OJSC became the largest Russian producer of ammonia with 20.2% of Russian output. Read the full article in the issue #3, 2013 (75).

Solar Wind: Revolution at the Global Helium Market on the Agenda

Helium is widely used in a range of industries, such as defence, aviation, aerospace, electronics, nuclear power engineering, and healthcare. The Orenburg oil and gas condensate field is at the moment the only exploited deposit in Russia. It is fairly poor in helium. New rich fields in Russia contain more than 0.5% of helium and their exploitation very soon will result in a real revolution...

Soda Ash Production in Russia/CIS in 2012

Soda ash is produced in two chemical plants and two non-ferrous metallurgical and in Russia. Since 2009 the Russian soda ash market has demonstrated a positive (although rather modest) growth rates. According to Russian Federal State Statistics Service, the domestic output last year grew almost by 1%. The volume of production of soda ash in 2012, as in 2011 were close to pre-crisis levels. In...

Three-in-one. Market of NPK in the CIS Countries

In the CIS countries, production of NPK 16-16-16 and other complex fertilisers rapidly grows in response to high global demand for NPK fertilisers. The use of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium fertilisers separately is not as popular and profitable as application of the complex ones. To date, many regions in the world are experiencing a shortage of phosphorus and potassium in soils. NPK fertiliser...
Paints and coatings

Winter Colours of Kyiv: Review of Specialised Exhibition of Paints and Coatings “Primus: Interfarba 2013”

The international specialised exhibition of paints and coatings, equipment, raw materials, packaging, and technologies “Primus: Interfarba 2013” was held on 22-25 January 2013 in Kyiv, Ukrainian capital. The last exhibition draw a wide international response. Among the participants, except for the numerous traditional Ukrainian producers of paints and coatings, were neighbouring...
Chemistry and business

Too Many Ukrainian Chemical Companies in Red in 2012

In #1, 2013 (100) issue of our magazine we have already briefly described the general situation of Ukrainian chemical industry. Apart from synthetic paints and some pharmaceuticals other sectors saw considerable decrease of the output. Unfortunately, in January-February 2013, the negative trend was unchanged. In particular, output of chemicals and chemical production decreased by 21.4%, production...
Speciality chemicals

Slip Additives for Wood-Polymer Composites

Slip additive is an important additive for making goods from WPC with a good set of mechanical properties and ideal surface. During the production process, it allows facilitating material processing, as well as obtaining a product with an ideal surface and high quality. The main function of lubricating additives is to reduce friction between moving surfaces. According to WPC market experts,...

Talc Production and Market in CIS

Across the CIS, talc is produced in Russia and in small amounts in Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The Russian industrial reserves of talcites and soapstone make up over 26m tonnes and 130m tonnes. The Russian talc manufacture averages 150,000 tonnes per year. About 80% of the output accounts for three companies – the Shabrovsky talc combine JSC, Uraltalс JSC and Baikal Minerals Ltd. In...

Brief article

- Russians Eager to Build Technical Carbon Factory in Belarus

2012: Profitable Year for Ukrainian Pharma Producers and Importers

The preceding year was quite profitable for the majority of Ukrainian pharmaceutical producers and importers. The country's Prime Minister Mykola Azarov estimates the size of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market at about EUR 3.04bn. Our magazine is glad to present you the newest and comprehensive data about Ukrainian production of pharmaceuticals. Read the full article in the issue #3,...

Pharmaceutical Production in Russia: Course towards Innovations

The Russian pharmaceutical industry has grown substantially in recent years and has enormous potential for further development with an estimated compounded annual growth rate of about 13%. Representing about 3.6% of the European pharmaceutical industry it is expected to reach a value of USD 10.7bn by the year 2014 and over USD 25bn by 2020. For detailed information about pharmaceutical production...
Chemical Equipment

Uralkhimmash Fulfilled Several Large Orders for Oil Processing Equipment

Recently, Uralkhimmash has met several large orders from some large domestic petrochemical companies. In particular, the company has shipped a vacuum column with a weight of 90.4 tonnes and a height of more than 38 metres to Novokuibyshevsk Refinery. Also, the company has dispatched two units of column equipment including a petrol stabiliser and stripping section of a fractionator to Kuibyshev...

Brief article

- Maag Screen Changer for World’s Largest PET Production Line
- Kautex Maschinenbau: Going East
- BKG Offers Energy Management Solutions for Pelletising
Chemistry and Ecology

More Attention to Water Purification Paid in Eastern Europe

The current state of water supply at chemical plants in Central and Eastern Europe is generally adequate, but wastewater treatment is substantially less developed. In order to improve the situation the region's chemical companies and municipal authorities pay more attention to solve existing problems. The latest ecology trends of the Eastern Europe are described in this article, published...

The Feasibility Study of Commercial Algal Fuel Production in China

The shortage of feedstock such as rape, soybean and palm, etc. for first generation biodiesel production is the main bottleneck impeding the development of sustainable liquid bio-fuel. There is no more arable land for planting rape and soybean even in EU and US. There was eager for seeking the next generation bio-fuel based on the energy crops like Jatropha curcas Linnaeus planting on marginal...
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