Eurasian chemical market
№12(72), 2012

№12(72), 2012



- NKNH Selects Ineos Technology for its Polyethylene Projects
- Biaxplen Introduces New Thermosealing Films with Low Welding Point
- Gazprom Khimvolokno Launched Second Phase of Polyester Yarns Production Project
- Production of Wood-Polymer Materials Put into Operation in Krasnoyarsk Territory
- Ukrainian Enterprises Produce No Chemical Fibres in October 2012
- Polystyrene Production in Ukraine Plunged 68.3% in October 2012
- Kazakhstan Negotiates for Mogilevkhimvolokno Project

Rubbers and tyres


- Synthetic Rubbers Research and Development Centre Established at Sibur
- Rosneft and Pirelli Signed Co-operation Agreement
- Nizhnekamskneftekhim Produced 9m Tonnes of Synthetic Isoprene Rubber
- Cordiant R&D Centre Become Participant of Skolkovo Innovation Centre
- Rosava Classified its Tyres in Accordance with New European Labelling System
- Ukrainian Production of Tyres 16% Down in October 2012
- Ukraine Produced No Cord Fabric in October 2012


2-Ethylhexanol Production and Market in CIS

2-Ethylhexanol is a colourless slightly viscous fluid referred to as moderately hazardous in terms of the human exposure degree. Across the CIS, 2-ethylhexanol is manufactured only in Russia by Sibur-Khimprom CJSC and Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat JSC. Their combined output sums up about 100,000 tonnes per year. At the same time, the volume of the domestic market is 60,000–70,000 tonnes. As for...

The Russian Ethylene Glycol Market

Over the last 10 years, the Russian production of ethylene glycol has been ranging from 317,000 tonnes to 370,000 tonnes. Ethylene glycol of Russian origin was mainly aimed at foreign markets. But year in, year out, its exports declined gradually due to the reduction of ethylene glycol output in the country and to an increased domestic demand for the product. Analysing data on the ethylene glycol...

Aniline Global Production and Market

Aniline a valuable chemical feedstock used in the manufacture of isocyanates, vulcanisation accelerators, fuel additives, dyes, and many other products. Nearly 85% of aniline is converted into methylene diphenyl diisocyanate worldwide. According to estimates, the global aniline demand will reach 6.2m tonnes in 2015, mainly due to the rising demand for MDI in China. One of key events in the Russian...


- Sibur Completes Next Phase of Large-Scale Modernisation Programme to Achieve Higher APG Processing Rates
- Novatek to Conclude Agreement with Sibur on Feedstock Delivery for Tobolsk-Neftekhim
- Khabarovsk Regional Authorities and Marubeni Negotiated on Building Gas Chemical Plant
- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat and its Partners Stipulated Terms for Construction Acrylic Acid & Acrylates Complex
- Shchekinoazot Completes Upgrade of Caprolactam Workshops
- AzMeCo Signed Agreement with BP on Marketing and Purchasing of Methanol
- Ukrainian Imports of Styrene 50% Down in October 2012



- Gazprom and Linde Signed MoU on Helium Production
- Praxair Starts-Up its First Air Separation Plant in Russia
- Berezniki Soda Plant Summed Up its Operation Results for Ten Months of 2012
- Bashkortostan Soda Company to Become Fourth Soda Ash Producer Worldwide
- Sterlitamak Soda Desperately Needs New Sources of Lime
- Hydrogen Peroxide Plant to be Built in Irkutsk Region
- Ryazan Oil Processing Company Invests USD 47m in Building Hydrogen Production Plant
- Carbon Dioxide Plant Launched in Nizhny Novgorod Region
- Ukrainian Ammonia Production in October 2012
- Titanium Dioxide Production in Ukraine in October 2012
- Ukrainian Production of Sulphuric Acid in October 2012
- Ukrainian Output of Soda Ash in October 2012
- Caustic Soda Production in Ukraine Plunged 74.8% in October 2012
- Odessa Port Plant to Receive, Store and Load Russian Ammonia for Ukrkhimtransamiak
- Estonian Nitrofert Resumed Ammonia Production



- Acron Received First Batch of Apatite Concentrate from Oleniy Ruchey Mine
- Uralkali receives 5-year Recommendations from FAS on Domestic Prices
- PhosAgro to Decrease DAP/MAP Production in Q1, 2013 by 17% while Increasing Complex Fertiliser Production by Over 20%
- Ukrainian Production of Ammonium Nitrate in October 2012
- Carbamide Production in Ukraine in October 2012
- Ukrainian Production of UAN in October 2012
- N-P-K Production in Ukraine in October 2012
- Ukrainian Production of Ammophos in October 2012
- Ammonium Sulphate Production in Ukraine in October 2012
- Ukrainian Imports of Potassium Chloride 12.4% Up in October 2012
- Severodonetsk Azot Repairs M-3 Carbamide Shop
- Belneftekhim Concern Intensifies Works on Garlyk Mining Complex
- Uralkali Expects India to Sign New Potash Contracts in January-March

Paints and coatings


- Pigment on "PAP-FOR 2012": More Members, More Plans, More Prospects
- Empils Presented New Industrial Paintwork Materials
- Russian Inventors Obtained Wear-resistant Coating Based on Chlorinated PVC and Glyphtal Resin
- Russian Output of Polymer-based Coatings Rose in January-October 2012

Chemistry and energy


- Kazanorgsintez Awarded for Achievements in Energetics
- Ukraine Started Constructing LNG-terminal in Odesa Region
- Mozyr Oil Refinery Spends USD 96m on Isomerisation Plant
- Uzbekistan Augments Propane-butane Production

Chemistry and business


- Shareholders of Slavneft Approved Dividends for 9M, 2012
- Fitch Affirmed Rating of Lukoil at BBB-
- HaloPolymer: 2013 Business Plan Approved
- PhosAgro Begins Consolidation of Metachem
- Russian Antimonopoly Service Imposed Penalties for Cartel Agreement on Caustic Soda Market
- KuibyshevAzot to Allocate USD 7m for Paying Dividends
- Nizhnekamskneftekhim Improved its Financial Standing
- Omsk Refinery Recognised as Best in Russia and CIS
- Metafrax Raised Net Income 73% for 11 Months of 2012
- Titan Ukraine Transfers 100% of Titan State Company to State Property Fund of Ukraine
- SPF Not to Privatise Odessa Port Plant
- Macedonia Abolishes Customs Duties on Polyethylene Foils

Countries and regions


- Russian Ouput of Chemical Products for January-October 2012
- Ukrainian Industrial Production Declined 1.4% for January-October
- Chemical Production in Kazakhstan Rose in January-October 2012
- Belarusian Chemical Manufacturing Jumped 28.7% for 10 Months of 2012
- Turkmenian Production of Some Chemicals for Q1-3, 2012
- Perstorp to Strengthen Distribution in Bulgaria, Former Yugoslavian Markets

Speciality chemicals

Russian PVC Plasticisers Market

Plasticisers are the most widely used additives imparting polymers good flexibility and workability. Phthalates account for over 80% of the world plasticisers production. Over the last three years, volumes of plasticisers manufactured in Russia were 90,000 to 110,000 tonnes. The Russian plasticisers market largely follows the global trends. After the ban of dioctyl phthalate application in Europe,...


- Gazprom Neft-Lubricants Started Marketing G-Energy Lubricants in Germany
- Biaxplen NK Produced First Lot of Polyethylene-based Adhesive
- Shchekinoazot Implemented Upgrade Programme at Household Chemical Workshop
- Songwon Industrial Co. to Strengthen its Position at Polymer Additives Market in CIS



- AstraZeneca Postponed Start-up of Pharmaceutical Plant in Kaluga Region until 2014
- Veropharm Announced Operational /performance Indicators for 9M of 2012
- Russian Scientists Patented Method of Obtaining Methyl Ester of 2-Benzo[b]furancarboxylic Acid
- Pharmstandard Announces Signing of Partnership Agreement with Avva Rus
- Rusnano to Invest in US Pharmaceutical Companies
- Ukrainian Imports of Pharmaceutical Products 27.6% Up in October 2012
- PharmUkraine Forecasts No Shortage of Medicines in 2013
- Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee Recommends 20 Pharmacon Companies Abstain from Actions Leading to Unreasonable Price Rises in Pharmaceutical Market
- State Service of Ukraine on Medicinal Products Temporarily Bans Distribution of Some Pharmaceuticals
- Pharmukraine Predicts Stability of Prices for Medicaments for People Ill with Hypertonia till June 2013
- Pharmukraine Worried about Absence of State Compensatory Strategy in Regulation of Prices for Medications
- Ukraine Interested in Engaging India's Technologies in Production of Pharmaceuticals
- State Medicine Service Agrees with Roszdravnadzor on Russian Participation in Inspection of Ukrainian Drug Manufacturing

Chemistry and Ecology


- ROPC to Spend USD 45m on Upgrading its Flare System
- Omsky Kauchuk Improves Environmental Safety of Production Processes
- Kazanorgsintez Awarded for New Method of Household Wastewaters Disinfection
- Specialists of Gazprom Developed Method of Purifying Waste Water from Methanol
- NIIgrafit Obtained Patent on Carbon Molecular Sieve
- Ukraine to Dispose 6,800 tonnes of Liquid Rocket Fuel Components by 2015
- Luhansk Region Uses Sodium Hypochlorite to Disinfect Water

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