Eurasian chemical market
№11(71), 2012

№11(71), 2012



- Uralplastic-N Produced 1,000 Tonnes of Nano-composites
- Nizhnekamskneftekhim Signed Agreement with Basell to Build 400,000 tpy Polypropylene Plant
- HaloPolymer Kirovo-Chepetsk Launched New Granulation Line
- Russian Polymers Production for Q3, 2012
- Russian Fluoropolymer Cables Market to Grow Rapidly
- Tomskneftekhim to Produce More PP and LDPE This Year
- Elastokam Opens PU Tech Centre near St. Petersburg
- Nizhnekamskneftekhim to Start ABS-Plastics Manufacture Soon
- Biaxplen Launched Production of New Grade of Metallised Film
- Ukrainian Enterprises Produce No Chemical Fibres in September 2012
- Ukrainian Output of Polystyrene 13.9% Up in September 2012
- Karpatnaftokhim Completes Overhaul

Rubbers and tyres

The Russian Polyisoprene Rubbers Market: Current State and Prospects

Isoprene rubber (polyisoprene rubber, IR) is a synthetic analogue of natural rubber. Both are similar in terms of their compositions and properties. A core difference between them is that unvulcanised rubber compounds based on polyisoprene rubber have lower cohesion strength while requiring no preliminary plasticising. Russia as a pioneer of synthetic rubbers production shows impressive progress in...


- Altai Tyre Plant Expanded its Portfolio with New Tyre Models
- Rosava Commissioned New Equipment
- Ukraine Produced No Cord Fabric in September 2012
- Ukrainian Tyres Production 15.3% Up in September 2012
- Ukrainian Court Commenced Liquidation of Dniproshyna


Russian and Ukrainian Acetone Markets

Only Russia in the CIS has production facilities for acetone and its manufacturing in the country is gaining momentum currently. Over the last two years, the output  has been exceeding 150,000 tonnes yearly, which is sufficiently more than before the crisis. Manufacturing thousands tonnes of acetone, Russia imports only small quantities of the substance. This article analyses in detail all the...

The Russian and Ukrainian Adipic Acid Markets

Adipic acid (hexanedioic acid, (CH2)4(COOH)2) is one of the most important chemical substances. The global market for adipic acid is estimated at USD 6bn. The 2011 output of (CH2)4(COOH)2 made up 2.6m tonnes worldwide. In the CIS, only two Ukrainian companies including Severodonetsk Azot Association PJSC and Rivneazot PJSC produce adipic acid. In 2011 the overall output rose 16%, to 61,500 tonnes....


- Sibur-Neftekhim to Sell Ethylene Chlorohydrin Units to Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant
- Russian Output of Benzene and Phenol in Q1–3, 2012
- Russian Production of Acetic Acid in July–September 2012
- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat Installs New Pyrolysis Furnace
- Sanors Approved Technology to Commission MMA Plant
- Ukrainian Imports of Styrene 60.3% Down in September 2012
- Ukrainian Enterprises Produce No Caprolactam in September 2012
- EUR 5.5m Invested in Upgrade of Ethanol Production in Uzbekistan



- Moscow Stock Exchange Reports October 2012 Chemicals Trading Results
- Russia Produces More Caustic Soda in September of 2012
- Russian Inorganic Acids Manufacture Results for Q3, 2012
- Russian Market of Hydrochloric Acid Goes Up While Production Declines
- Siberian Chemical Works to Become Uranium Powder Producer
- ZincOx Resources Joins with Ural-Recycling to Recycle Dust
- Crimean Plant to Become a Sole Baking Soda Producer in Ukraine
- Ukrainian Production of Ammonia in September 2012
- Ukrainian Output of Soda Ash in September 2012
- Ukrainian Production of Caustic Soda in September 2012
- Ukrainian Titanium Dioxide Production in September 2012
- Sulphuric Acid Production in Ukraine 0.1% Up in September
- Crimea Titan Boosts Sulphuric Acid Production
- Gold Miners of Central Asia Expect Sodium Cyanide from Kazakhstan
- Another Tender Announced for Baki Yod



- Verkhnekamsk Potash Company to Complete Shafts Design of Talitsky Mine
- Uralkali Continues Developing Ust-Yayvinsky Block
- EuroChem Reports IFRS Financial Information for Q3, 2012
- Profit of PhosAgro for 9M, 2012 Rose 20%
- Ukrainian Production of Ammonium Nitrate in September 2012
- Ukrainian Carbamide Production in September 2012
- Ukrainian Production of UAN in September 2012
- Ukrainian Imports of Potassium Chloride 34.9% Up in September 2012
- N-P-K Production in Ukraine 7.1% Down in September 2012
- Ammonium Sulphate Production in Ukraine 92.6% Down in September 2012
- Ukrainian Enterprises Produce No Superphosphates in September 2012
- Ammophos Production in Ukraine 6.2% Up in September 2012
- Ukrainian Court Starts Turnaround of Sumykhimprom
- Ukrainian Farmers Stock Mineral Fertilisers for Autumn Fieldwork
- Israeli-Based S.I. Group Consort Agrees with Horlivka City Council on Removal of Waste from Horlivka Chemical Plant

Paints and coatings


- Neosintez of Kostroma Developed New Barium Borate Anticorrosive Pigment
- Rusnano Invests in Aqueous Nano-dispersions for Paint and Construction Industries
- Ukrainian Car Makers Approve New Auto Enamel from Domestic Producer
- Tambov-based Pigment Participated in Conference “Binders for Coatings 2012”

Chemistry and energy


- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat Completed Second Stage of Hydrotreating Unit Reconstruction
- Novatek to Deliver 1m Tonnes of Naphta to Brazil in 2013
- Chernomornaftogaz Started Construction of Propane-Butane Unit in Crimea
- Belneftekhim Provides Belarus with Euro-5 Diesel Fuel

Chemistry and business


- Uralchem Reports 9M, 2012 Unaudited IFRS Financial Results
- Gazprom Neft Reports Unaudited IFRS Financial Statements for 9M, 2012
- PhosAgro Shares Included in MICEX Stock Exchange Quotation List B
- Nizhnekamskneftekhim – Leader of Fundamental Efficiency Rating
- Standard & Poor’s Confirms EuroChem’s Corporate Credit Rating at BB/STABLE
- PhosAgro Launches Mandatory Tender Offer to Acquire Apatit Shares
- Group DF to Invest USD 56.2m-62.5m in Renovation of Severodonetsk Azot in 2013
- Cyprus-Based OstChem Holding Imports Gas in September 2012
- Crimean Soda Plant Reports Loss of USD 5.9m for Q3, 2012
- Sumy City Council Halves Rent Payment for Sumykhimprom in 2013
- Belarus Introduces Export duty on Potassium Chloride Fertilisers

Countries and regions


- Lukoil Strengthens its Presence in the Vologda Region
- Ukrainian Industrial Production Reduced 4.2% in October
- Uzbekistan Reports Strong Chemical Industry Performance for 9 Months of 2012
- Kazakhstan Bolsters Chemical Industry under Road Business Map
- Banks Sign MoU to Continue Supporting Romania's Oltchim

Speciality chemicals

Fighting cracks: Russian PVC Impact Modifiers Market

Some polymers including polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polymethylmethacrylate, epoxy and polyester resins, display poor tensile strength and durability. That is why they tend to crack under impact force, especially at low temperatures. To fight this phenomena, special impact modifiers are added to these polymers. Global market in impact modifiers currently exceeds 500,000 tpy, and the PVC sector...


- Consumers Received First Batch of Lubricants from Russian Plant of Shell
- Owens Corning Expands Glass Reinforcement Production Capability in Russia
- Crimean Soda Plant Certified Non-phosphate Cleaning Agent



- Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia Approved Acquisition of 100% Shares of Veropharm by Sistema Company
- Altaichimprom to Re-start Halothane Production
- FAS Russia Allowed Rusnano to Buy Shares of Pharmsynthez
- Bayer HealthCare and Russian Medsintez to Co-operate
- Ukrainian Imports of Pharmaceutical Products 9.6% Down in September 2012
- Ukrainian Legislation on Pharmaceuticals Imports Aroused Controversies
- Farmak Starts Marketing Meditan®
- Borschahivka Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant Reports Profit of USD 2m for Q3, 2012
- Bangladesh Ready to Build Pharmaceutical Plant in Belarus
- Croatia's PharmaS Launched Pharmaceuticals Production in Serbia
- GMP Standards to Support Armenian Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemical Equipment

Facilitating Efficient Equipment Cleaning

Sterilisation or sanitisation is usually applied to kill bacteria in a system. In addition, equipment is cleaned to remove residues from the previous batch of product, and subsequently flushed to remove the cleaning liquids. To ensure that sterilisation and cleaning are efficient and safe, it is not enough to develop the appropriate procedures. Selecting the right manufacturing equipment further improves...


- Tula-based Polyplast Concluded Agreement on Supplying Equipment
- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat Equips its Ethylene Plant with New Turbocompressor
- Omsky Kauchuk Lays Foundation for New Air Separation Plant
- Sumy Frunze NPO Supplies First Compressors to Gazprom's Subsidiary
- Izhorskiye Zavody Closes Contract with Tuapse Refinery

Special topic

The Door to the Indian Chemical Industry: Exhibition India CHEM-2012


The Exhibition ICIF China 2012: The Dragon on the Rise

The International China Chemical Industry Fair (ICIF China) has become the largest and the most influential event in the chemical and fuel industries in China. It is also a well-known and recognised exhibition worldwide. The exposition with an area of 23,000 square metres attracted around 752 exhibitors from 25 countries, among which Russia, Germany and France were especially widely represented. There...

Extending Maintenance Procedures to Safety Strategies: HAZOP – Risk Assessment for Safe Processes and Production

Reliable maintenance is of paramount importance for the safety in companies and production plants. To ensure a level of safety that is as high as possible, companies must develop additional anticipatory safety programmes and review and update them at regular intervals. Prevention is the key, and the HAZOP study is one of the tools required. While the safety level at German companies and plants is high...
Chemistry and Ecology


- EuroChem Set up Third Environmental Monitoring Station in Stavropol Territory
- Metinvest Hurries to Solve Environmental Issue in Mariupol
- Karpatnaftokhim Fulfils Measures on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Saving

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