Eurasian chemical market
№9(69), 2012

№9(69), 2012


The CIS Foamed Polystyrene Market

Foamed polystyrene (FPS) is one of the most widespread polymeric materials, used in the building industry. There are three Russian and one Ukrainian companies in the CIS, specialised in foamed polystyrene manufacture. In total their production potential amounts to 141,000 tpy, or 30% of various polystyrene grades. The share of the foamed polystyrene totals approximately 30% at the Russian market. Manufacture...

Automotive Plastics in Russia

Today it is difficult to imagine a car without any plastic component. Annually the Russian automotive market consumes about 200,000 tonnes of polymer materials. Such polymers as polypropylenes, polyurethanes, ABS plastics, and polyamides gradually replace metals in the automobile construction. The recent policy of the Russian government stipulating 60% localisation should promote the consumption of...


- Vladimir Chemical Plant Expands its Portfolio
- Zavod Tarnykh Izdeliy to Build Polymer Containers Plant in Novosibirsk
- Polymer Industrial Park to be Built in Omsk
- Fluoropolymers of HaloPolymer to be Used in Food Industry
- Dzerzhinsk Chemkor Started Manufacturing Shaped Castings for PVC Pipelines
- Ukrainian Polystyrene Production in July 2012
- Chemical Fibres Production in Ukraine in July 2012
- Estonian-Based Interfoam Buys Cyprus-Based IGO Foamline, Owner of Foam Factories in Ukraine
- Karpatnaftokhim Shuts Down PVC Unit for Scheduled Overhaul until November 2012
- Grodno Khimvolokno to Master Production of Polymer Composites

Rubbers and tyres

The Review of the Russian Polybutadiene Rubbers Market

Polybutadiene rubber (butadiene rubber, polybutadiene) is the second largest volume synthetic rubber after isoprene in Russia and worldwide. Russia may boast of being a pioneer in synthetic butadiene rubber production, that started as far as 1930. A lot of water has flown under the bridge since that time, but we may note that that country still retains strong positions in polybutadiene manufacturing....


- Tatneft Launched Commercial Production of Universal Tyres KAMA NU-301
- Togliattikauchuk Installs New Production Line
- Omsky Kauchuk Suspend Production for Planned Overhaul
- Tyres Production in Ukraine 27% Down in July 2012
- Ukraine Produced no Cord Fabric in July 2012
- Rosava to Export Car Tyres to China
- Nokian Tyres Announced Strong Sales in Russia
- Total World Rubber Consumption to Be 26.6 mmt in 2012


Acetonitrile Market in CIS and Worldwide

Acetonitrile is a colourless liquid obtained as a by-product of acrylonitrile manufacture. It is highly required in the pharmaceutical industry to synthesize new medicaments, vitamin B1, pesticides and many other products. The world's largest producer of acetonitrile is Ineos Nitriles with the overall capacity of around 34,000 tpy. As a whole, the global acetonitrile production is estimated at...


- Sanors Plans to Build MMA Unit
- Tatneft Explores Possibility of MA Production
- Taneco Posted Operation Results for January-August 2012
- Lukoil Fully Resumes Production at Stavrolen
- Moscow Refinery Increased its Refining Volume by 6.3% in August 2012
- Sibmetakhim Achievement: 15m Tonnes of Methanol Produced Since Start-up in 1983
- One-stage Method of Converting Ethanol into Ethyl Acetate Patented in Russia
- Ukrainian Imports of Styrene 53.4% Down in July 2012
- Ukrainian Enterprises Produced No Caprolactam in July 2012
- Belarus Raised Hydrocarbons Export Duties



- Granulated Sulphur Production Launched at Taneco Complex
- Berezniki Soda Plant Posted Operational Results for January-July
- Dalnegorsk Bor Upgrades Boric Acid Production
- MMC Norilsk Nickel to Increase Capacities of Zapolyarny Mine
- Russian Scientists Developed Method of Extracting Rare-earth Elements from Phosphogypsum
- Ukrainian Production of Sulphuric Acid 12.6% Up in July 2012
- Ammonia Production in Ukraine 1.9% Up in July 2012
- Ukrainian Soda Ash Production 7.4% Down in July
- Caustic Soda Production in Ukraine in July
- Ukrainian Titanium Dioxide Production in July
- Crimean Soda Plant to Build Baking Soda Unit
- Crimea Titan Agreed to Supply 50,000 tonnes of Sulfuric Acid to Sumykhimprom



- Uralkali Announces IFRS H1, 2012 Financial Results
- PhosAgro Offers Over RUB 11.1 bn in Apatit Privatisation
- Uralkali Announces Prices for Russian Consumers
- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat Begun Manufacturing NPK Fertilisers with Sulphur Addition
- Severodonetsk Azot Repairs Steam Supplying and General Shop Communications Workshop
- Crimea Titan to Launch Production of NPK
- Ukrainian Exports of Carbamide 75% Up in July 2012
- Ukrainian Production of Ammonium Nitrate in July 2012
- Ukrainian Ammonium Sulphate Production Declined in July 2012
- Ammophos Production in Ukraine in July 2012
- Ukrainian Enterprises Produced No Superphosphates in July 2012
- Ukrainian NPK Production in July 2012
- UAN Production of Ukrainian Enterprises in July 2012
- Ukrainian Imports of Potassium Chloride 11.1% Down in July 2012
- Ukrainian Farmers Procure More than 400,000 Tonnes of Mineral Fertilisers for Autumn Field Works
- Belaruskali to Account for 49.15% of Export through Soyuzkali

Paints and coatings

CIS Ultramarine Production and Market

The first recollection associated with ultramarine is laundry blue used by all mothers and grandmothers in the former Soviet Union for bluing clothing. Some intensively used this pigment for lime bluing. In Ukraine, there are a great deal of villages and townships in which houses are painted in bright blue colour. What happened to ultramarine manufacturing after the collapse of the Soviet Union, what...


- Rostov Paints and Coatings Plant to Invest in New Paintwork Project
- Yaroslavl Paints Mastered Producing Urethane-acrylic Varnish
- Tekhpromsintez Registered its Heat-insulating Protective Coating Prim Isoterm W
- Baumit Ukraine to Launch Paste Paint Production Facility in Kyiv Region in 2014

Chemistry and energy


- Crimean Soda Plant to Build Co-generation Plant till February 2013
- President of Ukraine Orders Cabinet Providing Construction of Five Coal Gasification Plants

Chemistry and business


- Uralchimplast Reported its Operation Results for January-July 2012
- Biaxplen Group Re-organises its Structure
- USA Abolished Anti-dumping Measures Against Russian Vanadium Nitride
- PhosAgro Announces Registration and Results of Phosagro-Cherepovets Share Issue
- KuibyshevAzot Posted its Operations Results for H1, 2012
- Uralkali Included in DAXglobal Agribusiness Index
- Sibur Plans to Pay Dividends for Sum of USD 232.8m
- HaloPolymer Reported IFRS Financial Results for 2011
- AK&M Confirmed А++ Credit Rating Assigned to KuibyshevAzot
- Uralkali Settles US Anti-trust Claims
- Moody’s Upgrades Sibur to Ba1
- Uralchem Completed Shares Consolidation of Perm-based Minudobrenia
- Crimean Titan: No Success in Attracting USD 20m Credit Facility
- State Property Fund Posted Price for Zaporizhia Titanium and Magnesium Plant
- Three Companies Conclude Contracts with Defense Ministry to Scrap Ammunition
- Dow Opens Local Sales Office in Kazakhstan

Speciality chemicals


- Road Materials of Sibur and Gazprom Neft Used in Motorway Construction in North of Russia
- Technical Liquids of Gazpromneft-Lubricants Approved by Mercedes Benz
- Salavat Catalyst Plant Completed First Stage of Production Facilities Upgrade
- Vladimir-based Macromer Presents New Polyurethane Glue Laprol FP-3010
- Volgograd Khimprom Tested New Technology for Packing Calcium Carbide
- Nefis Group of Companies Posted Operation Results for H1, 2012
- Uzbek-Chinese Joint Venture Produces Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid
- Uzbek Enterprise Expands its Micro-calcite Production
- Uzbekistan Commissioned Production of Technical Silicon
- Imorat ADA Uses Only Domestic Raw Materials



- Akrikhin Brings New Medicine to Russian Market
- Takeda Completes its Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility
- Stada Successfully Sold Two Russian Production Facilities
- Sberbank of Russia to Open Two USD 16m Credit Facilities for Biosintez
- Ukraine Postpones Auction for Borshchahivskiy Chemical Pharmaceutical Plant
- Ukrainian State Administration on Medical Products Stands for Introducing Quotas on Marketing Codeine-containing Medicines
- Ukrainian Imports of Pharmaceutical Products 35.8% Up in July 2012

Chemical Equipment


- Polyom Started Testing Control Instrumentation of PPF Unit
- Shchekinoazot Almost Completed Installation of B-26 Unit
- Omsky Kauchuk Upgrades Equipment at Maintenance Workshop

Chemistry and Ecology


- Komsomolsk Refinery Takes Additional Ecological Control Measures
- Upgrade of Alkali Storage Facility at Omsk Refinery Minimises Possibility of Environmental Pollution
- Site for Prospective Manufacturing JV of Sibur and Rhodia Passed Environmental Assessment
- Metafrax to Cut its Power Expenditures by USD 327,000-490,400 per Year

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