Eurasian chemical market
№8(68), 2012

№8(68), 2012



- Polief Resumes Operation after Large-Scale Turnaround
- Renova Group to Invest USD 400m in Construction of Biodegradable Polymers Plant in Moscow Region
- Volgograd Khimprom Raised E-PVC Sales in July
- Penoplex Expands Production Capacities in Ural and Leningrad Regions
- Governor of Nizhny Novgorod Region Visited Construction Site of RusVinyl PVC Complex
- HaloPolymer Obtained Membership in USA Society of Plastics Industry
- UkrEcoResources Commissioned Line for Recycling PE and PP Wastes
- Ukrainian Manufacture of Chemical Fibres 6.5% Up in June 2012
- Ukrainian Production of Polystyrene Increased by 25% in June 2012
- Ukraine Imported No Viscose Filaments in H1, 2012
- Lithuanian PU Foams Gain Recognition of World’s Experts

Rubbers and tyres


- Voronezhsintezkauchuk Builds New Unit for Thermoplastic Elastomers Production
- Sterlitamak Synthez-Kauchuk Delivers Products in Plastic Packaging
- Togliattikauchuk Celebrates its 30th Anniversary of Butyl Rubber Unit
- BalakovoRezinoTekhnika Expands its Portfolio
- Krasnoyarsk Synthetic Rubbers Plant Celebrates 60 Years Anniversary
- Rosava Expands its Export Markets
- Ukrainian Tyres Production 29.6% Down in June 2012
- Rosava Delivers More Tyres to Bulgaria
- Ukrainian Enterprises Produced No Cord Fabric in June 2012


CIS Vinyl Acetate Market

Vinyl acetate is one of the basic chemicals worldwide. It is useful over a broad range of applications including the manufacture of polyvinyl acetate dispersions, re-dispersible polymer powders, ethylene vinyl acetate, etc. The CIS vinyl acetate manufacturers include Nevinnomyssky Azot JSC, Stavrolen Ltd and Severodonetsk Azot Association PJSC. Their combined capacity is 120,000 tpy. Soon there will...


- HaloPolymer Upgrades Chloroform Production
- Omsky Kauchuk Improves Organics Operation
- Metafrax Posted its Financial Results for H1, 2012
- Pigment Increased Formalin Production 16% YOY in H1, 2012
- Sibur-Neftekhim Delivers Styrene from Perm Plant
- New Bio-fuel Plant Launched near Kyiv
- Ukrainian Styrene Imports Rose 44.7% in June
- Ukrainian Enterprises Produce No Caprolactam in June 2012
- Atyrau Oil Refinery to Launch Aromatic Hydrocarbon Complex


Global Market for Cobalt and its Salts

Cobalt is a lustrous brittle metal widely used in the production of superalloys, batteries and magnets. It does not occur naturally but is found as a component in about 30 basic minerals. The world’s largest cobalt deposits are located in the Republic of Congo. To date, the world’s cobalt production is estimated at 80,000 tpy. The key manufacturer of cobalt salts is Umicore N.V. For the...


- Taneco Launched Production of Granulated Sulphur
- Omsk-based Poliom to Commission Hydrogen Plant
- Russian Inorganics Production in January–June 2012
- Prioksky Plant Adopt New Gold Refining Technology
- Ukrainian Ammonia Production Increased 19.4% in June, 2012
- Soda Ash Production Reduced 11% in Ukraine in June 2012
- Ukrainian Production of Caustic Soda Rose 2.1% in June 2012
- Titanium Dioxide Production in Ukraine 1.3% Down in June 2012
- Ukrainian Sulphuric Acid Production Edged up 14.1% in June 2012
- Sumykhimprom Chooses Crimea Titan as Sulphuric Acid Supplier
- Ukrainian Property Fund Tenders Selection of Appraiser of 50%+1 Share in Crimea Titan
- Silicum Kazakhstan Commissioned Ore-treatment Furnace
- Lime Production to Start this Autumn in Tajikistan



- EuroChem Reports IFRS Financial Information for Q2, 2012
- Acron Releases Consolidated IFRS Statements for H1, 2012
- Dorogobuzh Releases Consolidated IFRS Statements for H1, 2012
- PhosAgro Phosphate-based Fertiliser Sales Up 6.6% in H1, 2012
- Recent Update on Uralkali's Activities
- PhosAgro to Deliver Carbamide to KeyTrade
- Ukrainian AN Production in June 2012
- Ukrainian Production of Carbamide Rose 4.5% in June 2012
- Ukrainian Production of Ammonium Sulphate Plunged Sufficiently in June 2012
- Ukrainian Production of N-P-K Skyrocketed in June 2012
- UAN Production in Ukraine 3.7 Times Up in June 2012
- Ukrainian Farmers Stockpile Fertilisers for Autumn Fieldwork
- Ukrainian Ammophos Production 50.9% Down in June 2012
- Ukrainian Production of Superphosphates in June
- Belaruskali to Commission NPK Plant in December 2012

Paints and coatings


- Yaroslavl Paints Sums Up Three Years Results of Water-borne P&C Division
- Akvest Developed New Compound of Fire-proof Paint on Organic Basis
- Russian Production of Paintwork Materials for January-July 2012
- Eskaro Chemical AS Adds New Products to Aura Standart Product Line
- Sniezhka-Ukraine Introduces New Interior Paint

Chemistry and energy


- Moscow Refinery Expanded Output of High-octane Petrols in H1, 2012
- Austrians Wish to Buy Polycrystalline Silicon Plant in Kyrgyzstan

Chemistry and business


- Fitch Upgrades Sibur to BB+
- Kamaz Recognised Halopolymer as Reliable Supplier
- Russian Ministry of Defence Recognised Products of Christmas+
- Lanxess Sales Grew in Russia and Other BRICS Countries
- Ukrainian Court Launches Liquidation Procedures at Horlivka Chemical Plant
- Grodno Azot Posted Operational Results for H1, 2012
- Belaruskali Plans to Earn USD 3bn in 2012
- Belarus, Russia Still at Odds over Soyuzkali Deal
- Foreign Investors Ready to Mine Belarusian KCl Fertilisers, Gypsum, and Oil Shale
- Formation of Belneftekhim-based Holding still under Discussion
- Turkmenbashi Refinery Expands its Hydrocarbons Output
- Romania's Government Approves Changes in Oltchim Privatisation Strategy
- Croatia's Adriaoil SpA to Be Sold to Turkish Calıskan Komur
- Macedonia Rejected Bids of Bulgarian Company to Acquire Chemical Producer OHIS

Countries and regions

Chemical Industry of Slovakia

Slovakia is a small European country with a stable economic growth. The industrial complex plays an important role in the country’s overall development accounting for 18% of GDP. Industry, in turn, is represented by about 31 transnational corporations the largest of which are British Petroleum p.l.c., Lukoil, Gazprom, E.ON AG and RWE AG. As of 2010, the Slovak chemical sector comprised around...


- Sibur Commissions Subsidiary in India
- Ukraine’s GDP Went Up due to Chemical and Petrochemical Segments
- Uzbekistan Increased Chemical Production in January-July 2012
- REACH System Complicates Operation of Estonian Chemical Plants

Speciality chemicals

Production of Natural and Synthetic Zeolites in the CIS Countries

To date, there are more than 30 types of natural and about 100 of synthetic zeolites (molecular sieves). The assumed reserves of zeolite in the CIS countries amount to approximately 4bn tonnes. The capacity of the CIS zeolite manufactures totals about 500,000 tpy, while their output does not exceed 100,000 tonnes. Eight companies in Russia and the four ones in Ukraine are engaged in zeolite production....

Several Days in the South Coast of the Crimea: Simposium “Days of Surfactants and Cosmetics-2012”

From 30 May to 1 June of 2012, the XI international simposium “Days of Surfactants and Cosmetics-2012” was held in the township of Kurortnoye near Feodosiya (Autonomous Republic of Crimea). The simposium was devoted to the following topics: prospects of development of the market of cosmetics, cleaning agents, and other household chemical goods in Ukraine and Russia; new types of raw materials...


- Volgograd Khimprom Expands Production of Chlorinated Paraffin Wax
- Pigment Offers Concrete Admixtures for Hot Season
- Omsktehuglerod Expands its Product Line
- BASF Starts Production of Concrete Admixtures in Russia
- Salavat Catalyst Plant to Supply Catalysts to the Samara and Syzran Refineries
- Lukoil Commssioned Manufacturing of Engine Oils in Romania
- Ukraine to Stop Using Detergents Containing Phosphates
- Uzbek Cabinet of Ministers Ruled to Liquidate Farg'ona Chemical Plant of Furan Compounds
- Uzbek-based Asian Diamond Classic Included in State Localisation Programme



- Veropharm Announces Operation Results for H1, 2012
- Irbit Pharmaceutical Chemistry Production Plant Summed Up Results of H1, 2012
- Stada Reports Strong Sales in Russia
- Ukrainian Imports of Pharmaceutical Products Went Up in June, 2012
- Ukraine Introduces Declaration of Changes to Wholesale Prices of Medicines Purchased With State Budget Funds
- Shymkent Khimpfarm to Set up Ampouled Solutions Production
- Uzbek Pharmaceutical Industry on the Rise in 2012
- Profit of Latvian Grindeks in H1, 2012 Rose 4.6%

Chemical Equipment


- Omsky Kauchuk Repairs Flares
- President of Tatarstan Held Working Meeting at Taneco Complex
- Rosava Installed New Equipment Delievered by German and French Companies
- Severodonetsk Azot: Overhaul at Ammonia Workshop

Chemistry and Ecology


- Volgograd Khimprom Improves Environmental Safety
- Usolyekhimprom Receives Approval to Liquidate Mercury Electrolysis Workshop
- Nizhnekamskneftekhim Activates Waste Water Monitoring System
- Techint Group and Norilsk Nickel Join Efforts Against Sulphur Dioxide Discharges

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