Eurasian chemical market
№5(65), 2012

№5(65), 2012



- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat Installed Second Multilayer Sheets Line
- Sibur Begins Polypropylene Imports to Reduce Deficit on Russian Market
- Specifications for Commercial PP and PP Co-polymers of Omsk Poliom Approved
- Polyplastic Group Purchased 100% Shares in Omsk Plant of Pipe Insulation
- Nizhnekamskneftekhim Launched Prepolymers Unit
- HaloPolymer Opened Representative Office and Warehouses in USA
- Tobolsk-Polymer Completed over 70% of Construction and Installation Operations
- Concern Stirol Ends Q1, 2012 with Losses of USD 96.01m
- Ukrainian Polystyrene Production Grew by 16% in March 2012
- Ukraine Imported No Viscose Filament in March
-Ukrainian Bank Nadra Intends to Invest USD 55m before 2014 in Production of Polyamide at Cherkasy Azot
- Ukrainian Chemical Fibres Production Down 72.4% in March 2012
- Mogilevkhimvolokno Started Producing Polyether Fibres with Increased Adhesion

Rubbers and tyres


- Sibur and Sinopec Signed Cooperation Agreement
- Togliattikauchuk Patented New Method for Multipurpose Use of Isobutane in Production of Isoprene and Butyl Rubber
- Omsky Kauchuk Produced First Batch of «Green» Rubber
- Togliattikauchuk Resumed Operations After Fire at Pipeline
- Ukrainian Tyres Production Down by 15.7% in March
- Ukraine Produced No Cord Fabric in March
- Two Kyiv-based Mechanical Rubber Goods Producers End 2011 in the Red
- Dniproshyna Ends 2011 at Loss of USD 34.2m


International Conference “Petrochemistry Plan 2030”

On 19 March 2012, Moscow hosted the International Conference on Petrochemistry Plan 2030 organised by Alliance-Analytics JSC with the support of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. The focal point of the conference was placed on the Plan for Development of Petrochemical Industry in Russia until 2030, developed by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. The event attracted representatives...

Strategic Trends in the Development of the Russian Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry is currently one of the leading sectors of the Russian economy. Oil & gas production as well as hydrocarbons exports directly influenced the development of the industry, and this situation will remain in years to come. Russia accounts for 40.3% of the global reserves of natural gas and for 25% of its proven reserves. Unfortunately, the country exports mostly raw hydrocarbons,...

CIS Hydroquinone Market

Hydroquinone(1,4-dihydroxybenzene) is best known as a photographic developer and as a component of bleaching creams. However, being a strong reducing agent, it is extensively used in the production of antioxidants, inhibitors, medicines, dyes and photographic materials. In Russia, the demand for hydroquinone does not exceed 300 tonnes, while in Ukraine it is only 10–20 tonnes. For the lack of...


- Nizhnekamskneftekhim Upgrades Production of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
- Shchekinoazot’s Operation Results for January-March 2012
- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat to Improve Safety at Ethylene Unit
- Tobolsk-Neftekhim Re-equipped its Unit for Purifying Methanol from Propane Fraction
- Group DF Plans to Invest USD 2bn - 2.5bn in Petrochemistry by 2020
- State Duma Approved Building of Pipeline «Western Siberia – Ural-Volga»
- Metafrax Specialists Patented Method of Pentaerythritol Production
- Severodonetsk Azot Again Repairs Acetic Acid Workshop
- Gazprom Neft Fulfills Investment Obligations under Sales Contract for 51% of NIS Shares
- NIS ceremonially put into operation а new unit in Oil Refinery Pančevo
- Ukrainian Caprolactam Production Increased by 1.5% in March 2012
- Styrene Imports 0.4% Up To 1,500 Tons In March


The CIS liquid chlorine market

Nowadays, chlorine production is utterly important. A number of polymers, rubbers, medicines, detergents, bleachers, disinfectants, solvents, and etc. cannot be manufactured without it. Moreover, chlorine is used to disinfect potable and sewage water. To date, there are 20 companies, engaged in production of chlorine in CIS. The leading chlorine producers in Russia are: SayanskKhimPlast JSC, HaloPolymer...


- Russian Prices for Bismuth, Tantalum, and Niobium Ingots
- Volgograd Khimprom and Lukoil-Volgogradenergo Resolved Conflict With Respect to Steam Supplies
- Ukrainian Ammonia Production Declined by 18.2% in March 2012
- Ukrainian Caustic Soda Production 54.7% Up in March 2012
- Ukrainian Sulphuric Acid Production Plunged 37% in March 2012
- Crimea Titan Commissioned Sulphuric Acid Complex
- Ukrainian Soda Ash Production 10.1% Down in March 2012
- Ukrainian Titanium Dioxide Production Increased by 2.4% in March 2012
- Crimean Soda Plant Sustains Loss of USD 7.8m in Q1, 2012
- Vilhohirsk Mine Contracts Supply of Ilmenite Concentrate to ZTMK for USD 9.4m by 2013
- Group DF Plans Invest USD 2.4bn - 2.7bn in Titanium Companies



- Eurochem to Acquire K+S Aktiengesellschaft
- EuroChem Reports IFRS Financial Information for Q1, 2012
- Net Profit of Dorogobuzh Down 14% in Q1, 2012
- Cherepovetsky Azot Builds New Urea Plant
- Uralchem Launched Manufacture of NS 30:6 Fertiliser
- North-Western Phosphorous Company Obtained Approval for Open Pit Launching at Oleniy Ruchey Deposit
- Acron Group Announces Tender Offer for Shares in Azoty Tarnów
- Uralkali Pays Premiums to Russian NPK Producers
- Ukrainian Ammonium Nitrate Output Made up 194,600 Tonnes in March 2012
- Ukrainian Carbamide Production Declined by 7.8% in March 2012
- Ukrainian Ammophos Production Plunged 42.1% in March 2012
- Ukrainian UAN Production Went up by 64,6% in March 2012
- Ukrainian Potassium Chloride Imports Slumped by 34.4% in March 2012
- Ukrainian NPK Production 48.7% Down in March 2012
- Ukrainian Enterprises Produce No Superphosphates in March 2012
- Ukrainian Ammonium Sulphate Production 1.9% Down in March 2012
- Group DF Plans to Invest USD 1.5bn - 2bn in Nitrogen Companies
- Odessa Port Plant to Buy 350m Cubic Metres of Gas from Ostchem for USD 150.5m
- UkrTechnoPhos Ends Q1, 2012 in the Red
- UkrAgro NPK Intends to Acquire Baryshivka Silhospkhimia
- Belarus to be Solo Owner of Belaruskali Controlling Stake
- Belarusian Chemical Crop Protection Agents Programme Sent for Finalisation

Paints and coatings

International Exhibition Interlakokraska–2012

The 16th International Exhibition Interlakokraska–2012, one of the most important events of the paints and coatings industry, was held in Moscow on 12-15 March 2012. On a total area around 10,185 square metres, 5,710 experts and manufacturers displayed their products and innovations. The participants were represented by Russian and foreign leaders in paints and coatings industry. In the course...
Chemistry and energy


- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat Optimises Heat Balance of Ethylene Unit
- Cellulose Bioconversion Plant to be Constructed in Irkutsk Region
- Shell Founded Specialised Company in Ukraine to Promote its Lubricant Business
- Azmol Ends Q1, 2012 with Losses of USD 1.6m

Countries and regions

Chemical Market of Macedonia

Republic of Macedonia enjoys a progressive recovery of the nation economy. The 2010 gross domestic output increased by 1.8% over the year, up to USD 9.188bn. The total GDP included the following sectors: services (52.9%, USD 4.86bn), manufacturing (23.8%, USD 2.19bn), agriculture, hunting and forestry (10.6%, USD 0.97bn). The chemical industry of the Republic offers a diversity of mechanical rubber...
Speciality chemicals


- Russian Quartz Launched New High-purity Quartz Production Line
- Rhodia and Sibur Expands their Strategic Partnership Agreement on Surfactants
- Ivkhimprom Starts Fabrication of New Lubricating Fluid
- Shell Strengthens its Presence in Russia
- State Hermitage and the National Library of Russia to Use New Fire Protection Fluid Novec 1230 by 3M
- Pigment Expands its Portfolio with PVA Dispersion
- Iodobrom Ends 2011 with USD 7,260 Profit
- Brom Company Ends 2011 with Profit of USD 2.08m
- Lysychansk Gelatin Factory Ends 2011 with Profit of USD 437,050
- Poltava Medical Glass Factory Ends 2011 with USD 7.6m in Profits
- Ukrainian Producer of Household Chemicals Ends 2011 with Profit of USD 5.5m
- Kremenchuk Carbon Black Plant Ends Q1, 2012 in Black
- Dynea Sells Shares in Russian Joint Ventures



- Novartis Invests USD 140m in Pharmaceutical Plant in St. Petersburg
- Akrikhin Expanded its Portfolio by New Neurological Medicine
- Dalchempharm's Net Profit Rose 20.3% for 2011
- Valeant Pharmaceuticals Agrees to Acquire Natur Produkt in Russia
- Biofarma Earns USD 1.5m in 2011
- Borshchahivka Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant Increased Net Revenues for January-March 2012
- Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Firm Ends 2011 in the Black
- Vinnytsiapharmacia Finishes 2011 in the Black
- Biokon Ends 2011 with Profit of USD 825,780
- Lubnypharm Ends 2011 with Profit of USD 487,960
- Farmacia Ends 2011 with Profit of USD 212,700
- Stirolbiopharm Earns USD 1.07m of Pre-Tax Profit in Q1, 2012
- Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Companies Announced Update on Net Revenues
- Sopharma Decides to Create Sopharma Ukraine Subsidiary
- Ukrainian Cabinet Approves of Transfer of Powers for Medications Quality and Safety Control to Pharmaceuticals Service
- Bangladeshi Pharmaceiticals to Enter Custom Union Market through Belarusian Door
- Pharmaceutical Boom in Kazakhstan in Q1, 2012
- Georgian Pharmaceuticals Production Increased 35% in 2011
- Ropharma Plans to Expand Output of its Drugs to 10% until 2015
- Ranbaxy Laboratories and Daiichi Sankyo to Start Production of Hypertension Drug in Romania
- Romanian Pharma Producers Worried by Current Clawback Tax

Chemical Equipment


- Incotec Cargo Delivers 5,000 tonnes of Petrochemical Equipment to Serbia
- Sumy M.V. Frunze Scientific and Production Combine to Supply Pakistan with Pumps
- Pavlogradkhimmash Reports Net Profit for 2011
- Snizhnyanskkhimmash Ended Year 2011 with Profit

Chemistry and Ecology


- Pavlohrad Chemical Factory to Recycle 700 Tonnes of Solid Propellant in 2012
- Johnson Matthey Builds Second Plant for Automotive Catalysts in Macedonia

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