Eurasian chemical market
№4(64), 2012

№4(64), 2012


CHINAPLAS 2012 : Back to the Future

Despite the strong impact of economic instability in Europe and America over the China export industry, Asia's No.1 and world's No.2 plastics and rubber exhibition, the 26th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries (known as "CHINAPLAS 2012"), continues to play a leading and advancing role among other exhibitions of its kind. With the enthusiastic support of the global enterprises,...

Market Review for Thermoplastic Polyurethane in CIS

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is the thermoplastic elastomer widely applied in the manufacture of shoe soles, electronics, automobiles and cable products. TPU is known for its outstanding elasticity, transparency, abrasiveness and oil resistance. Such valuable properties make TPU essential in a wide range of applications one of which is the production of cases for electronic devices like iPhone. Review...


- Nizhnekamskneftekhim Produced Million Tonnes of Polypropylene
- Sibur Increased its Share in Biaxplen to 100%
- Russian Venture Company and Ford Sollers to Agree on Creating Polymer Automotive Components Cluster in Tatarstan
- Uralchimplast's Production Results for 2011
- Volkswagen Gets Interested in Omsk Polypropylene
- Ukrainian Polystyrene Production Dived 52.6% in February
- Ukraine Imported No Viscose Filament in February
- SvetlogorskKhimvolokno Started Producing UV-resistant PE Film
- Development of Polymer Industry in Azerbajan

Rubbers and tyres


- Uralchimplast and SI Group Set up JV for Synthetic Resins
- Sibur-Russian Tyres Renamed Cordiant
- Rosava Suffers Losses of USD 11.4m in 2011
- Kremenchuk Technical Carbon Plant Expanded Production by 17% in Q1, 2012
- Ukrainian Tyres Production Down by 9.4% in February
- Data on Ukrainian Cord Fabric Production in February 2012
- Mitas to Invest USD 43.8m in Iowa Plant
- MREPC to Enter Emerging Markets


Production and Market for Butanol and Isobutanol in CIS

In CIS, the production of butyl alcohols is established only in Russia, where four manufacturers - Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat JSC, Sibur-Khimprom CJSC, Angarsk Petrochemical Company JSC, and Nevinnomyssky Azot JSC – generate the output sufficient to meet the domestic demand and provide the foreign market for n-butanol and isobutanol. In the total butyl alcohols output in Russia made up 280,500...


- Diesel Fuel Hydrotreater Underwent Upgrade at Saratov Refinery
- Gazprom Neft Invests USD 677.6m in Moscow Refinery Upgrade in 2012
- Sibur to Launch Project for Using LPG as Motor Fuel
- Ryazan Oil Refinery Passed Supervision Audit
- Metafrax Rose 46% Net Profit in 2011
- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat to Expand Output of Styrene and Ethyl Benzene
- Far East Petrochemical Selected Axens’ Technologies for 1-Butene and 1-Hexene Production
- Ukrainian Caprolactam Production Up 6.7% in February
- Ukrainian Styrene Imports Declined by 6.7% in February 2012


Modern Promising Fields of Application of Titanium and its Alloys

Titanium alloys are traditionally used in aircraft and spacecraft. Shipbuilding is their second most important application area. However, for the past decade, titanium alloys have been increasingly used both in conventional and in renewable energy generation. In addition, they are becoming more and more useful over a wide range of applications in geophysics and oil & gas production since equipment...


- Russian Caustic Soda Prices Remained Unchanged in Q1, 2012
- Russian Hydrochloric Acid Prices in Q1, 2012
- Liquid Chlorine Prices of Russian Manufacturers for Q1, 2012
- Ukrainian Sulphuric Acid Production Went Down by 12.6% in February 2012
- Ukrainian Ammonia Production Decreased by 9.8% in February 2012
- Ukrainian Soda Ash Production Declined by 21.8% in February 2012
- Ukrainian Caustic Soda Production Dropped by 12.3% in February 2012
- Ukrainian Titanium Dioxide Production Declined 3.7% in February 2012
- Latest Data on Crimea Titan Activities
- Export-Import Bank of China Extends Loan to Belarus to Build Soda Ash Factory



- PhosAgro Posted Consolidated IFRS Financial Statement for 2011
- Acron Launches New Urea Facility
- Uralkali Signs Development Contract for Berezniki-Solikamsk Agglomeration
- Ukrainian Enterprises Produced 187,500 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate in February 2012
- Ukrainian Carbamide Production Up by 0.9% in February 2012
- Sumykhimprom Selects Belarusian Potash Company to Supply Potassium Chloride for EUR 37.8m
- Ukrainian UAN Production Decreased 0.8% in February 2012
- Ukrainian Potassium Chloride Imports Increased by 24.9% in February 2012
- Ukrainian N-P-K Production Fell 32.1% in February 2012
- Ukrainian Production of Ammophos Plunged 94.5% in February 2012
- Ukrainian Enterprises Produced No Superphosphates in February 2012
- Ukrainian Ammonium Sulphate Production Declined 1.5% in February 2012
- Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee: Businessman Dmitry Firtash Has No Monopoly in Domestic Fertiliser Market
- Ukrainian Agrarians Prepare 977,000 Tonnes of Fertilisers for Spring Sowing Campaign
- IFC and Credit Agricole Bank to Allocate USD 17.5m Each in Loans to Farmers for Purchasing Crop Protection Agents from Bayer
- Slavkali to Build Potash Complex in Belarus
- Qatar Plans to Participate in Development of Petrikov Potash Salt Deposit
- SOCAR to Construct Two Urea Plants in Azerbaijan and Georgia

Paints and coatings

Production and market of alkyl cellosolves in the CIS countries

Union Carbide registered the trademark “ethyl cellosolve” also named "cellosolve" as far as 1924. The first one was ethyl cellosolve (ethylene glycol monoethyl ether), with the name now generic for glycol ethers. Cellosolves are for the most part are employed as de-icing additives to jet fuels. To date, there are four manufacturers of these products in the CIS countries: Nizhnekamskneftekhim...


- Empils Introduces New Wood Protective Coating
- Russian Coatings Expanded its Portfolio
- Russian Researches Patented New Method for Anticorrosive Pigment Production

Chemistry and energy


- Gazprom and NOVATEK to Develop Collaboration
- Continium Group and Group DF Holding Agree on Establishing Petrochemical Production at Kherson Oil Refinery

Chemistry and business

Russia’s Joining WTO: Protectionism or Fair Trade

Russia’s accession to the WTO will certainly bring both positive and negative effects to the country’s economy. Certainly, the country will get easier access to the foreign markets of chemcial products and to the disputes settlement mechanism of the WTO. However, maintaining a stable position, particularly in the global chemicals market can be tough, as our story shows.


- Basf Completed Sales of its Fertilisers Business to EuroChem
- Omsky Kauchuk Carried Reconstruction of Thermal Power Plant
- Borschahivka Chemical And Pharmaceutical Plant Obtained Rating of Series A Bonds At uaA+
- Uralkali Announces Decisions of EGM
- PhosAgro Asks Gazprom to Allocate Extra Gas in 2015
- Sibur Companies Reduces Accident Rates and Improves Energy Efficiency
- Nizhnekamskneftekhim Published Consolidated Financial Statements under IFRS for 2011
- Odessa Port Plant to Buy 195m Cubic Metres of Gas from Ostchem
- Syntez Resurs Reaches Agreement with Sumykhimprom on Organising Railway Cargo Transportation worth USD 12.5m
- Chairman of Ukrainian State Property Fund Estimates Odessa Port Plant at USD 626.1m- 876.5m
- US Investment Funds Sold Stakes in Bulgarian Sopharma
- Slovenia-based Krka Looks for New Markets Outside Europe

Speciality chemicals


- R & D Centre for Carbon and Polymers to be Established in Omsk Region
- Rhodia and Sibur Signed Letter of Intent for Establishing Surfactants JV in Russia/CIS
- Lukoil and Bulgarian Authorities Discussed Reduction in Prices for Petroleum-based Construction Materials
- Sontsa Perfumery and Cosmetics Factory Plans to Expand its Capacity



- Stada Expands Presence on Russian Market
- Ukraine Imports of Pharmaceuticals Rose 9.3% in February
- Arterium to Invest about USD 10m in Production Development in 2012
- Luhansk Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant Ends 2011 in the Red
- Ukrainian Prime Minister Rules Out Shortage of Medications if Reference Prices Introduced
- Vitaminy Ends 2011 with USD 789,000 Profit
- Belarus, Syria to Produce Pharmaceuticals
- Teijin Pharma and Menarini Signed Exclusive Distributorship Agreement for Febuxostat
- Sicor Biotech/TEVA Invests in Construction of Vilnius Pharmaceutical Plant
- Krka’s business performance in 2011

Chemical Equipment


- Tomskneftekhim Installed Vibration Monitoring System Prognost at PE Line
- Russifilter and Dow Water & Process Solutions Sign License Agreement
- Taprogge and Moscow-based RVS Concluded Partnership Agreement
- Severodonetsk Azot Carries Out Capital Overhaul at Water Treatment Workshop

Chemistry and Ecology


- Sibur Invests more than USD 40m in Environmental Protection in 2011
- VSMPO-AVISMA Invented Method of Decontaminating Exit Gases from Chlorination of Titaniferous Raw Material
- Togliattikauchuk to Increase Ecological Investments by 76% in 2012
- New Russian Patents for Water Recycling in Chemical Industry

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