Eurasian chemical market
№2(62), 2012

№2(62), 2012


Interplastica 2012: Good Perspectives on the Russian Plastics and Rubber Market

Interplastica 2012, the International Trade Fair for Plastics & Rubber, has profited from the economic recovery in the industry and underpinned its leading position in Russia impressively. About 20,000 experts from the industry from throughout Russia and the neighbouring countries came to the exhibition centre SAO Expocentr in Krasnaya Presnya in Moscow from 24–27 January, to find out about...

Upakovka/Upak Italia 2012: Top Class Technology

Increasingly high demand for packaging materials creates incentives for Russian and international producers to invest more in this sphere. For the purpose of getting a complete overview of products and technologies currently available internationally, representatives from the packaging industry attended Upakovka/Upak Italia Trade Fair, taken place in Moscow from 24-27 January 2012. The largest exhibitors...


- Kurskhimvolokno Declared Operating Data for 2011
- Metaclay Began Manufacturing Polymer Nanocomposites
- RusVinyl Project Financing Announced Best 2011 Deal by Global Trade Review Magazine
- Kronos Doubled Production of Cellular Polycarbonate Sheets
- Tomskneftekhim Expanded Production of High Grade Polypropylene
- Polyplast Engineering Develops New Generation Packaging Films
- Uralchimplast Awarded with Diploma of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
- Tatneftekhiminvest Holding Considers Possibility to Build PET Plant together with Marubeni in Tatarstan
- Ukrainian Production of Polystyrene Rose 54.8% in December 2011
- Ukrainian Production of Chemical Fibres Plunged 62% in December 2011
- Yevrotrubplast Agrees with Donetskoblhaz on Delivery of Polyethylene Pipes
- Ukrainian Imports of Viscose Filament Slumped 98.8% in December 2011
- Turkmenbashi Refinery Launches Production of Valve PP Bags
- Slovnaft to Invest EUR 300m in Plastics Manufacturing

Rubbers and tyres


- Sibur and India-based Reliancе Industries to Set Up Butyl Rubber JV
- Voronezhsintezkauchuk Installed Fractionating Columns at its Thermoplastic Elastomers Plant
- Togliattikauchuk Remained Unchanged Output Volume in 2011
- Balakovoresinotekhnika Keeps on Expanding Product Range
- Altai Tyre Plant to Enter Giant Tyres Market This Year
- Ukrainian Enterprises Produced No Cord Fabric in December
- Ukrainian Tyres Production Fell 40.5% in December 2011
- Recent Update on Rosava's Activities
- Ukrainian Court Launched Financial Recovery Procedures at Dniproshyna


Production and Market of Glycerol in the World and the CIS

What an amazing substance! Fractured rocks, puffy rolls, cellophane packaging - glycerol could really manage to serve mankind in a lot of spheres. Moreover, this is not a complete list of glycerol applications. It is one of a few substances used in various areas of our life. All in all, the world production of glycerol for 2009 made up 1.7m tonnes. Our readers are kindly invited to learn in-depth data...


- Omsky Kauchuk Upgrades its Organic Synthesis Equipment
- Omsk Refinery Increased Output in 2011
- Moscow Refinery Announced Production Results for 2011
- Sibur and Gazprom Agreed on Supplying NGL
- Customs Union Abolished Duties on Butane-butylene Fraction and Butadiene
- Shchekinoazot Reconstructs Caprolactam K-60 Oxidation Workshop
- Russian Scientists Developed Innovative Rocket Propellant
- Ukrainian Styrene Imports Fell in December 2011
- Ukrainian Caprolactam Production in December 2011
- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat to Obtain Additional Source of Feedstock for Ethylene Manufacture
- Tomskneftekhim to Automate Manufacture of Ethylene and Propylene


Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid in Russia and the CIS

An uncertainty in a future demand prompts the world sulphur manufacturers seek alternative uses for their output to avoid overproduction. In 2011 there were produced about 83.2m tonnes of sulphur. Experts predict that by 2016 the global sulphur capacity and may come up to 71.4m tonnes. Under the circumstances, Russia is considering new ways of sulphur utilisation. Some of them seem really promising...


- Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant Reached its Highest Ever Level of Lithium Isotope-7 Production in 2011
- Evraz Group and Praxair Rus Signed Agreement on Supplying Industrial Gases
- Basic Design of New Sulphuric Acid Unit at Karabashmed Approved
- Rusal and PhosAgro Reached Agreement on Long-term Supplying Fluoric Salts
- Lviv Chemical Plant Ends 2011 with Profit of USD 313,000
- Ukrainian Soda Ash Production Fell by 26.7% in December 2011
- Ukrainian Ammonia Production Grew by 10.6% in December 2011
- Ukrainian Caustic Soda Output Increased by 11,000 Tonnes in December 2011
- Titanium Dioxide Production in Ukraine Declined 6.5% in December 2011
- Ukrainian Sulphuric Acid Manufacture Declined by 39.5% in December 2011
- Sumykhimrom to Invest in Inorganics
- Silicium Kazakhstan Expands Manufacture of Metallurgical Silicon



- EuroChem Reported IFRS Financial Information for 2011
- Uralkali Finished Upgrade of its Granulation Facilities at Berezniki-3 Plant
- Shchekinoazot Increased Sales Volumes in 2011
- PhosAgro Phosphate-based Fertiliser Production Up 6.1% in 2011
- Price and Exports Data for Urea in Ukraine in 2011 and Its Export Data
- Recent Updates on Odessa Portside Plant's Activities
- Data on Recent Ostchem Activities
- Ukrainian UAN Not Exported in December 2011
- Ukrainian Ammonium Nitrate Imports, Exports and Price for it as of December 2011
- Ukrainian Potassium Chloride Imports Sunk in December 2011
- Recent Updates on Sumykhimprom Activities
- Ukrainian N-P-K Production Went Down to 14,300 Tonnes in December 2011
- Pavlohrad Chemical Factory Picks Three Companies for Procurement of Ammonium Nitrate for USD 7.2m
- Tomskneftekhim Supplies Atactic Polypropylene to India
- Uralkali Implements its Upgrading Project
- Ukrtekhnofos Ends 2011 with Loss of USD 713.686
- Ukrainian Agrarian Policy Ministry Finds Necessary Allocation of Funds for Cheapening Fertilisers and Fuel for Spring Sowing Campaign
- Court Orders Cherkasy Azot Repay USD 48.7m of Gas Debts to Gas of Ukraine

Paints and coatings


- Russian Production of Paints and Coatings Went Up by 4.7% in 2011
- Pigment Raised Annual Sales by 32% in 2011
- Russian Coatings Announced Operating Results for 2011
- Russia-based KVIL Produced First Batch of Semi-finished Varnish at New Equipment
- Empils Paints and Enamels Became Best Products in Russia
- Russian Inventors Patented New Paint Compositions

Chemistry and energy


- Tar Hydrocracker to Be Built at Burgas Refinery
- Energoprom Launched Manufacture of Baked Anodes
- Belorusneft Launched CHP Plant

Chemistry and business

Development Problems of Russian Petrochemical Clusters

A unique glance at the formation and the development of business clusters in the Russian Federation is described in our quite thorough analysis. Industrial clusters can be considered as an important component of the competitive economy. In turn, one of the basic elements of the industrial clusters is production, economic, formal, and informal ties between manufacturing companies located in close proximity...


- Sibur Raised Petrochemical Production by 6.7% in 2011
- AK&M Raised Rating of KuibyshevAzot
- Kremenchuk Technical Carbon Plant Remained in Black in 2011
- Sales of Tatarstan’s Oil & Gas Processing Industry Rose by 25% in 2011
- Shchekinoazot Raised Sales Volumes in 2011
- Lukor to Cut Statutory Fund to USD 97.5m
- Merger of Ammophos and Cherepovetsky Azot Approved
- Update on Ostchem's Activities
- Ukrtekhnofos Ends 2011 with Loss of USD 713,686
- Bila Tserkva Rubber Plant Ends 2011 With Losses of 1.7m
- Lysychansk Mechanical Rubber Goods Factory Ends 2011 with Losses
- Syntez Resurs Agreed with Zaporizhia Titanium and Magnesium Plant on Delivery of Potassium Chloride by 2013
- Enerhoatom Picks Khimimpeks to Acquire Chemical Products for USD 1.4m
- Recent Data on Sumykhimprom Activities
- Ukrainian Environment Ministry Assumes Detergents Containing Phosphates Abandoned within Three Years

Countries and regions


- Azerkimya’s Output Went Up 27.1% in 2011

Speciality chemicals


- Gazprom Neft and St. Petersburg State Mining University Established R&D Centre on Innovative Technologies
- Pavlohrad Chemical Factory Chose Three Companies for Procurement of Ammonium Nitrate for USD 7.2m
- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat Revamps Bitumen Plant



- Pharmstandard Announced Sales Results for 2011
- Organika Summed Up Operating Results for 2011
- Ukrainian Pharmaceuticals Output Rose 2% in 2011
- Ukrainian Imports of Pharmaceuticals Went up by 8.4% in December 2011
- Ukraine Wishes EU to Recognise Compliance of Pharmaceuticals Production with GMP Standards
- Stirolbiopharm Generated Profit of USD 3.4m in 2011
- EU to Launch Investigation into Bulgaria’s Pharmaceutical Pricing
- Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee Allows Cypriot Pharmstar Investholding to Acquire over 50% in Biopharma
- Farmak Finishes 2011 with USD 30.9m Profit

Chemical Equipment


- Pavlgradkhimmash Summed 2011 Production Results
- Uzbekneftegaz to Construct Propane-butane Plant at Mubarek GPP

Chemistry and Ecology


- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat to Develop Reconstruction Project of First Stage of Waste Treatment Facilities
- Voskresensk Mineral Fertilisers Summed Up its Environmental Protection Activities in 2011
- Tobolsk-Polymer Successfully Passed Ecological Audit

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