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№10(58), 2011

№10(58), 2011


Uncertain Outlook for European Plastics Industry

Looking at financial results of a number of European plastics producers, one may see relatively an ambiguous picture. This article contains comprehensive information about unclear changes at European market of plastics.

Green Polymer Chemistry

Recently, the global chemical industry has been paying more attention to environmental issues. This has resulted in the appearance of a handful of renewable «green» polymers. The latest world's trends in this sector of chemistry are described in the article of Dr Sally Humphreys, Business Development Manager, at Applied Market Information Ltd.


- Khimvolokno Debuts at A+A Expo in Dusseldorf
- Chemical Fibres Production in Ukraine Down 89.7% in August
- Ukrainian Viscose Filament Imports Down 67.2% to 20 tonnes In August
- Kronos Tests New Types of Plastic Sheets
- Members of Ukrainian Parliament Propose 5% Duty on Polyvinylchloride Imports
- Concern Stirol Imported 1,438 Tonnes of Styrene In August
- Sibur, Gazprom Neft and Yugra to Build Roads Using Polymer Materials
- Rusnano Invests in Basalt Plastic
- Angarsk Polymer Plant to Build New Unit for Polyolefin Manufacture
- RusVinyl Constructs its PVC Complex According to Schedule
- Nizhnekamskneftekhim Produced Million Tonnes of PolystyreneTechno
- NIKOL Gains New Markets

Rubbers and tyres


- Sibur and Sinopec to Establish Joint Ventures
- Togliattikauchuk Increases Expenditures on Key Assets
- Omsky Kauchuk Plant Introduced New Technology of Rubber Production
- Wacker Strengthens Cooperation with Penta 91
- Ukrainian Tyre Production Shrank by 19.8% in August
- Kremenchuk Technical Carbon Plant Downgrades Production Outlook by 14.3%
- Ukrainian Cord Fabric Production Decreased and Imports Rose in August
- Hankook Tyre Launched its Second Tyre Unit in Hungary



- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat together with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to Launch Acrylic Acid Production
- Metafrax Put into Operation Hexamethylenetetramine Unit
- Benzol Contracts Rubizhne Zoria to Supply 660 Tonnes of Toluene
- Tatneft and CNCEC Signed MoU
- Shchekinoazot to Build Caprolactam Plant
- Ukraine Extends Antidumping Investigation into Imports of Methanol from Russia
- Sibur-Kstovo Produced 5 Million Tonnes of Ethylene
- Polypropylene Plant Polyom Connected to Propane-Propylene Fraction Pipeline
- Ukrainian Caprolactam Production Up to 5,600 Tonnes in August
- Ukrainian Styrene Imports Up 7.1 Times in August
- Lukoil to Construct Gas Processing Plant


Production and market of barium sulphate in CIS

Natural and precipitated barium, calcium, and strontium sulphates belong to sulphate filling agents widely-used in the paint and coating, pulp and paper industries as well as in mechanical rubber goods manufacturing. Barite is the basic component of drilling muds used to prevent blow-outs at oil&gas wells. Therefore, its market largely depends upon the production of “black gold”. The...


- More Magnesium Hydroxide to be Manufactured in Russia
- Velta to Launch New Ilmenite Mine
- Ukrainian Soda Ash Production Fell by 15.4% in September
- Caustic Soda Production Soared 3.2 Times in Ukraine in September
- Ukrainian Titanium Dioxide Manufacturing Diplayed 4.7% Rise in September
- Sulphuric Acid Production in Ukraine Up 49.9% in September
- Ammonia Production Increased 5.1% in Ukraine in September
- UkrGIAP and Ukrkhimtransammiak to Inspect Togliatti — Horlivka — Odessa Ammonia Pipeline
- Coagulant Chemical and Aqua-Holding to Promote Efficient Technologies of Purifying Rinsing Waters
- Court Declares Lysychansk Soda Bankrupt
- Indian Delegation Visited Crimean Soda Plant
- Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz Get Together on the Topic of Chlor-alkali Electrolysis
- Kazatomprom and Toshiba Сorporation Founded Rare Metals Company
- Uz-Kor Silicon to Launch Silicon Production in Navoi Region
- Molycorp Fully Acquired Estonian Rare Earth Producer Silmet



- Cherepovets Azot Continues Building of Carbamide Facility
- Mineral Fertilisers Plant to Be Built in Tatarstan
- Moscow Stock Exchange Reported Q3, 2011 Trading Results
- EuroChem-VolgaKaliy to Build New Mining and Processing Complex
- Sberbank Signs Loan Agreement with EuroChem
- Bank VTB Purchased 5.1% of Uralkali
- Perm-based Mineral Fertilisers Made 430,900 tonnes of Urea for Nine Months, 2011
- Acron's Operating Results for First Nine Months of 2011
- Odessa Port Plant Announced Profit for Q3, 2011
- Halnaftokhim Posted Loss for Q3
- Sumykhimprom Ends Q3 with Loss
- Ostchem Ventures Acquires 100% in Severodonetsk Azot Association
- Ukrtekhnofos Ends Q3 in the Red
- Carbamide Manufacturing in Ukraine Edged Up 27.5% in September
- Ukrainian Ammonium Nitrate Production Saw 39.6% Rise in September
- Ukrainian N-P-K Production Jumped 59.1% in September
- Ukraine Produces No Superphosphates in September
- UAN Production in Ukraine Slumped 59.1% in September
- Ukrainian Ammonium Sulphate Production Up by 6.2% in September
- Ammophos Production in Ukraine Reduced by 29.8% in September
- Ukraine Imported 29,000 Tonnes of Potassium Chloride in September
- Minimum Price of Carbamide on Ukrainian Market Fell 5.5%
- Minimum Price of Ammonium Nitrate in Ukrainian Market Rises 1.7%
- GMC Global Energy to Build Ore Mining and Dressing Works in Belarus
- Kazakhstan Eager to Mine Belarusian Potash Salts
- Kazphosphate to Reconstruct Manufacturing Facilities
- Neochim Has Profit in First Nine Months of 2011
- Armenia: Fertilisers in Short Supply

Paints and coatings

Russian and Ukrainian markets of phthalocyanine pigments

Currently, Pigment JSC (Tambov, Tambov Region, Russia) is the largest manufacturer of phthalocyanine pigments in the CIS countries. Demand for these pigments in Rusia and Ukraine is steadily growing but local producers are not able to satisfy it being between the hammer of the western companies with the unique and expensive products and the anvil of the Chinese and Indian manufacturers with the cheap...


- DuPont and VSMPO-Avisma Plan to Set Up Paints and Coating JV
- Russian Coatings Showed Good Performance for Q3, 2011
- Pigment to Launch Manufacture of Two New Grades of Acrylic Emulsions
- Tikkurila Oyj : Be creative with the Teks Magico Decorative Paint

Chemistry and energy


- Uzbekneftegaz, Sasol and Petronas Signed Agreement on GTL Project
- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat Improves Reliability of its Power System
- Isomalk-2 Plant of Gasoline Fractions Isomerisation Commissioned at Yanos

Chemistry and business


- Protocol on Cooperation between Belneftekhim and Nizhnekamskneftekhim Signed
- Auditors Highly Assessed QMS at Voskresensk Mineral Fertilisers
- Titan and Omsky Kauchuk Passed Compliance Audit
- PhosAgro Received Prize of Russian Union of Manufacturers
- Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service Accused Halopolymer and Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg of Overpricing
- FAS Accuses Uralkali of High Prices for Potassium Chloride
- Metafrax Expands its Output by 18%
- Standard & Poor’s Confirms EuroChem’s Corporate Credit Rating at BB/STABLE
- Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee Fines Dnipropetrovsk Chemical Products Plant for Unfair Competition
- Azmol Ends Q3 At Loss Of USD 973,000
- Group DF to Inject USD 230m in its Chemical Assets by 2012
- Sumykhimprom Cuts Yield Rate of its Series B Bonds from 24% to 12% per Annum for 17-20 Coupon Periods
- Ukrainian Parliament Refuses to Ban Privatisation of Odesa Portside Factory
- Ukraine's SPF Abandons Plans to Sell 51.1% of Lysychansk Mechanical Rubber Goods Factory
- Ukrainian Cabinet Allows Karpatnaftokhim Import 0.4 Million Tonnes of Distillates at Zero Excise Duty for Producing Ethylene in 2012
- Belneftekhim Triples Foreign Trade Surplus in January-September
- Grodno Azot and Grodno Khimvolokno Finished Reorganisation
- China Qinghua Group to Manufacture Coal-based Chemicals in Kazakhstan
- Turkmenian President Approves New Procedure for Selling Oil & Gas and Chemical Products to Foreign Countries
- Olainfarm Buys Latvian Pharmacy Business

Countries and regions

Chemical Industry of Ukraine

The magazine Eurasian Chemical market begins to publish a big article of two parts devoted to the Ukrainian chemical industry. Ukraine is relatively a young country. It regained independence in August 1991. Nonetheless, its chemical sector possesses huge potential. Born during the Soviet rule, the country's chemical enterprises have become one of the leading producers of chemicals not only in the...
Speciality chemicals


- Evonik Establishes JV in Russia to Produce Feed Amino Acid L-lysine
- Azot's Food Additive Certified
- Shchekinoazot Tested First Samples of Dimethyl Adipate
- Unilever to Acquire 82% of Russian Cosmetics Producer Kalina
- Nano Technologies Centre to Be Established in Moscow
- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat Manufactured Diesel Fuel with New Wear-resistant Additive



- Rusnano and Nearmedic Plus to Set Up Production of Polymer Pharmaceuticals
- Menarini Group to Set up Pharmaceutical Plant in Kaluga
- Dr. Reddy's Laboratories to Buy or Establish Manufacture in Russia
- Inpharma Becomes Skolkovo Resident
- Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee Obliges 20 Companies to Refrain from Raising Prices for Medications
- Cabinet Postpones Putting Ketamine on List of Psychotropic Substances until March 1, 2012
- Ukraine Intends to Sign International Convention on Combating Counterfeit Medicines
- Ukrainian Imports of Pharmaceuticals Went Up 29.6% to USD 237m in August
- Ukrainian Supreme Council Decides to Investigate Situation Surrounding Indar
- Health Ministry Selects Four Companies to Acquire Medicines for Multiocular Sclerosis Patients for UAH 71.4m by 2012
- Two Companies Agree With Healthcare Ministry on Delivery of Medicines for Persons Ill with Hemophilia by 2012
- Belarus Raises Prices for Some Domestic Drugs by 15% on Average
- Belarusian Concern Belbiopharm to Be Liquidated
- Sopharma Opened New Manufacturing plant in Serbia

Chemical Equipment


- Design of Scrubber with Movable Nozzle Patented in Russia
- Crimean Soda Plant Invests Mounting of Cogeneration Power Plant
- Khimlaborreaktiv Signed an Agreement with Odessa Port Plant on Refrigeration and Ventilation Systems Supply
- Sulzer Opens Its First Pumps Service Center in Russia

Plastex Ukraine 2011 Exhibition: New Prospects in Plastics & Rubber Machinery

The 6th International Specialised Exhibition for Plastics and Rubber Plastex Ukraine 2011 was held in Kyiv from 25 to 27 October of 2011. The Plastex Ukraine 2011 was a perfect place for attracting investments in the domestic production of polymers and rubber products, as well as for promoting new products to the market.
Chemistry and Ecology


- Latest Russian Innovations in Water Treatment
- Dnipropetrovsk Region Selects Israel's S.I. Group Consort For Recycling Unusable Pesticides for USD 1.7m
- Ukraine's Ecology Ministry Initiating Ban on Importing Phosphates-containing Detergents
- Environment Ministry Plans to Remove Pesticides from Ukraine by 2013
- Ukraine's Defence Ministry to Recycle Melange by April 2012

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