Eurasian chemical market
№9(57), 2011

№9(57), 2011


Plastic Market of Russia

The international trade conference “Polymer Processing: Markets, Problems, Opportunities” was dedicated to discussing the current problems of the polymer market development and its future prospects in Russia. The Russian market for polymers is moving forward quite dynamically.  During the period of 2000–2010, the polymer goods output increased from 1.760m tonnes to 3.889m...

Plastics in Mass Transit Industry 2011 Conference in Moscow

On 28 June, Creon’s third Conference «Plastics in Mass Transit Industry 2011» was held in the Hotel Baltchug Kempinski Moscow. Car production had never been the main application field for plastics, but new requirements for engineering and performance polymers provide powerful impetus for the industry’s technological progress. The Russian market of plastics used in the automotive...

VIII International Conference ''PVC 2011'' in Moscow

In spite of the tensions on the market and long-standing conflict of interests between different participants, the Moscow International Conference “PVC 2011” was held in calm and constructive atmosphere with detailed studying and discussing all the issues. The situation on the Russian PVC market is very difficult and interesting for each player of the industry. The total country's PVC...


- Penoplex Developed New Heat Insulation System 

- Plast-M Commissions Plastic Recycling Unit

- BASF to Open its Second Polyurethane Systems Centre in Russia

- NIOST together with Tomskneftekhim developed Innovative Polypropylene Grades

- Titan to Open Polyom Plant for Polypropylene Production in Omsk

- Polyplastic Group Developed New Antistatic Low-flammable Polyamide-Based Material

- Nizhnekamskneftekhim's Polystyrene Manufacturing on Rise

- Plastcab to Manufacture Modified PVC Compound

- Chemical Fibres Production in Ukraine Down 32.4% to 25 Tonnes in July

- Polystyrene Production Up 31.2% to 1,400 Tonnes in Ukraine in July

- European Funds to Back Romanian-based Palplast Sibiu

Rubbers and tyres


- Planned Overhaul at Omsky Kautchuk JSC

- New Models of Tyres to be Produced in Nizhnekamsk

- Tyres Production in Ukraine Down by 7.9% in July 2011

- Chernihivske Khimvolokno Produced only 3,000 Square Metres of Cord Fabric in August

- Rosava Manufactures New All-Season Tyres

- Romanian Plant to Become Pirelli's Biggest Manufacturing Facility


Production and Market of Chlorohydrocarbons C2 in CIS

The production of chlorohydrocarbons C2 in the CIS and, in Russia, in particular, is currently facing hard times. Only vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) used for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) synthesis is still stably produced. Annually, the global production of VCM is about 35 million tonnes. The Russian Federation manufactures almost 1.7% from this figure. In Russia, the biggest output of vinyl chloride fell...


- KuibyshevAzot Launched New Unit For Oxidate Water Washing in Cyclohexanone Production

- Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat to Put into Operation New Pyrolisis Furnace

- Metafrax Completed Planned Overhaul of Methanol Production

- Slavneft-Yanos Announced Results for H1, 2011

- Laboratory of Koks (Kemerovo) Accredited for Analysing Coking Products

- Caprolactam Production Up by 3.5% to 5,300 Tonnes in Ukraine in July

- Ukrainian Styrene Imports Rose 2.8 Times Up to 2,000 Tonnes in July

- Israeli-Based S.I. Group Consort Reaches Agreement with Horlivka City Council On Disposal of 2.4 tonnes Mononitrochlorobenzene


Forgotten how to make money out of air

On 17 July 2011, Creon held the First International Conference “Industrial Gases 2011” devoted to  the Russian industrial gases market. It shows an annual growth of 2-3 %. However, in particular,  Russia accounts only for 5 % of the global output of helium while about three-quarters of the world’s production of this gas are concentrated in the USA. The unique source of helium...


- Praxair Rus to Supply Guardian Industries

- Sulphuric Acid Production Went Up 7.6% in Ukraine in August

- Ukrainian Soda Ash Production Up 12.4% to 67,200 Tonnes in August

- Caustic Soda Production Raised 3.1 Times Up to 16,400 Tonnes in Ukraine in August

- Titanium Dioxide Production in Ukraine Up by 10.1%  in August

- Severodonetsk Azot to Start Up Medical Oxygen Production

- Belarus to Take out Loan from China to Build Sodium Carbonate Factory




- BASF Sells its Fertiliser Businesses to EuroChem

- Uralchem Showed New Potassium Nitrate at AgroShow in Poland

- Verkhnekamsk Potash Company to Design Talitsky Mine

- Belarus May Sell Grodno Azot to Gazprom

- Uralkali Wishes to Commission New Mine by 2018

- Omsk Azot to Build Ammonium-Carbamide Complex

- Moscow Stock Exchange Reported On Fertiliser Trading in Q2, 2011

- Ammophos Production Down by 23.3% in Ukraine in August

- Ukrainian Companies Produced 312,700 Tonnes of Urea in August

- Ukrainian Ammonium Nitrate Production Up by 71.6% in August

- Ukrainian Companies Manufactured 14,300 Tonnes of Ammonium Sulphate in August

- Ukrainian N-P-K Production Increased 2.6 Times Up to 50,700 tonnes in August

- Ukraine Produced No Superphosphates in August

- Antimonopoly Committee Permits Cyprus' Ostchem Ventures to Buy More than 50% of Siverskodonetsk Azot

- Indonesia Ready to Buy 600,000 Tonnes of Fertilisers in Belarus

- BPC Increases Prices for Granulated Potassium Chloride for Brazil

- Australia May Import Belarusian Potash Fertilisers

- Group of Companies to Help Troubled Serbian Fertiliser Plant and MSK

- Restrictions on Ammonium Nitrate Fertilisers in Albania

Paints and coatings


- Jotun to Build Paints and Coating Plant in Leningrad Region 

- Tatprof Commisioned Production Line for Coating Aluminium Profiles with Polymer Powder

- Eskaro Chemical AS Proves Best in Its Field

- New Fireproof Component for Building Structures to Appear in Russia

- Russian Coatings Corporation Rated Best Industrial Company in Yaroslavl 

- Altaichimprom to Sign Partnership with Chinese P&C Manufacturers

- Caparol Plans to Invest EUR 5m in Ukrainian Subsidiary

- Bulgaria-based Manufacturer to Put into Service Phosphate Coating Line

Chemistry and energy


- Mubarek Gas Processing Plant Commissions New Desulfurisation Unit

- Barabinsk Gas Processing Plant to be Built in Tomsk

- TNK-BP Started Production of Euro-4 Gasoline at the Saratov Refinery

Countries and regions

Chemical Industry of Georgia

The Georgian chemical industry is represented mainly by manufactures of nitrogen fertilisers, synthetic resins, fibres, caprolactam, rubber and plastic goods and cosmetics. From 2005 to 2009, an average annual increase in chemicals output made up 18.7%. The basic chemical companies include Azot Energy Invest JSC, Kosmetika Ltd, Tomara Ltd, etc. Today, the chemical industry of Georgia makes an...
Speciality chemicals

Glues and Adhesives: How to Survive in the Market?

The adhesives industry is important but this is a relatively obscure part of chemical field. Its players do not often gather to discuss problems and development prospects. The conference Glues and Adhesives: How to Survive in the Market? organized by Creon became the first event of its kind for a number of years. Hybrids, foams, conductive adhesives, glues for wet surfaces, and nano-modifiers are new...


- Russia's Bentonite Put Into Operation New Manufacturing Line 

- Rybinsk Leather Plant Tested Materials from Shebekino Industrial Chemistry

- Component Reactiv Expanded Its Product Range

- Pigment’s QMS Certified Under ISO 9001:2008

- Makromer Manufactured Trial Batch of Hyper Plasticiser

- Russia Fails to Become Nanotechnology Leader

- Pavlograd Chemical Plant Selects German-Based Explominetech Explosives and Mining Technologies to Supply Recycled TNT



- Aurobindo Pharma,  Diod Establish JV to Manufacture and Market Generic Drugs in Russia 

- Sanofi-Aventis Ukraine and PharmaLife Launch Insulin Production in Ukraine

- Two New Pharma Businesses Launched in Uzbekistan

- Olainfarm Announced Staggering Rise in Profit for H1, 2011

- Actavis Holds Biggest Share of Pharmaceuticals in Bulgaria in H1, 2011

- Russia-based Prodis to Construct Pharmaceutical Plant in Macedonia

- Romanian Pharmaceutical Industry Fears of New Taxation

Chemical Equipment


- Soligran Reached New Level of Quality Monitoring

- NIIK to Develop Innovative High-Speed Drum Granulator

- Smoly Puts into Service New Refrigerating Equipment

- Alfa Laval to Supply Heat Exchangers to Kazakhstan

- Svetlogorsk PA Khimvolokno to Upgrade Production Line for Non-woven Materials

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