Eurasian chemical market
№8(56), 2011

№8(56), 2011


Polyethylene Terephthalate Global Production and Market

The 2009 global aggregate polyethylene terephthalate output summed up 49.2m tonnes, of which PET fibre accounted for about two thirds, whereas PET for packages and films 34%. The dominant position in the structure of chemical and synthetic fibres manufacture belongs to polyester fibres. PET fibres are expected to account for 50% of the world fibres production in 2012. The 2010 PET packaging capacities...


- Start Up of PET MTR® Plant at Alco-Naphtha JSC in Kaliningrad
- Working Documentation for "Tobolsk-Polymer" Project Completed
- Tomskneftehim Mastered Industrial Production of Unique Polypropylene Grades
- Prepregs from Rusnano’s Project Company to be Used in Russian Aircraft Construction
- Karpatnaftokhim Plans to Produce 0.3m Tonnes of PVC Suspension in 2012

Rubbers and tyres


- SIBUR to Transfer Industrial Assets to Pirelli and Russian Technologies JV for EUR 222m
- Nokian Profits Significantly Grew in Q2, 2011 due to New Market Opportunities in Russia/CIS
- Russian Giant Nizhnekamskneftekhim Ramps up Rubber Production
- Ukrainian Prime Minister Calling on Development Domestic Condom Production
- Turkey's Secil to Assist in Establishing Rubber Production in Belarus


The Current State of Methanol Market in Russia and China

Methanol is a colourless liquid at ambient temperatures with a mild, characteristic alcohol odour. It is produced from synthesis gas, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon oxides. Methanol is used as a solvent and as a feedstock for bulk organic chemicals (primarily formaldehyde), with modest growth potential. Russia produces methanol of two grades A and B. The 2010 methanol output summed up 2.7m tonnes....

Market for Liquefied Hydrocarbon Gases in Russia

The Russian market of LHG offers propane-butane technical (PBT), butane technical (BT), propane automotive (PA), propane-butane automotive (PBA), propane technical of A and B grades (PT), normal butane of A and B grade, etc. The 2010 liquefied gases output made up 11.816m tonnes. The leading companies of the segment are Sibur JSC and Gazprom JSC. The real LPG domestic market capacity in 2010 amounted...


- SIBUR Unveils its Giant LPG Transhipment Project to Potential Customers
- Lukoil-Permnefteorgsintez Implements New Investment Project
- Russian Savings Bank Allocates more Money for Kazanorgsintez
- Production of Basic Petrochemicals in Russia in July
- Belarus to Raise Export Duties on Petrochemicals


Calcium Chloride Market in CIS

Calcium chloride, CaCl2, is a colourless, hygroscopic crystal the world's consumption of which increases every year by 6–8%. Calcium chloride is used in construction, as well as in maintenance, dust control and de-icing of pavement, driveways, and side-walks. It is an effective de-icing agent. A single calcium chloride manufacturer in CIS is Russia. There are ten plants. Kaustik JSC, Ziraks...

Production and Market of Sodium Nitrite in Russia and Ukraine

Sodium nitrite (NaNO2) is a colourless or light yellow crystal used to produce organic dyes, food, textile, and rubber goods as well as in metallurgy and in medicine. It is a good corrosion inhibitor and an antifreezing agent in building structures. It is involved in the extraction of tin from scrap tinplate and phosphating of metal surfaces. Currently, there are two sodium nitrite manufacturers in...


- Rusal: Good Results for Bauxite and Alumina in H1, 2011
- Rusnano Approved Beryllium Project
- Ammonia Production in Ukraine 77.5% Up in July
- Soda Ash Production 9.1% Up To 65,000 tonnes In July
- Titanium Dioxide Production Up By 14.1% To 13,500 tonnes In July
- Karpatnaftokhim to Start Salt Mining at Sodium Chloride Deposit in Ivano-Frankivsk Region in 2014



- Uralchem Announces Operating Results for H1, 2011
- Ammophos Produced its 50 millionth Tonne of Mineral Fertilisers
- Yara to Sell its Minority Position in Rossosh
- Ukrainian Agriculture Ministry Initiating Reduction of Fertilisers Prices on Domestic Market
- Minimum Price of Ammonium Nitrate on Ukrainian Domestic Market Unchanged during August 11-18
- Prices of mineral fertilisers in Ukraine in sacks and big-bags in August, 2011
- Minimum Export Price Of Ammonium Nitrate Produced in Ukraine down 11.3% during August 11-18
- Fertiliser prices on the world market in August, 2011
- Minimum Export Price of Urea Manufactured in Ukraine Goes up 2.2% on August 11- 18
- Minimum Domestic Price of Carbamide in Ukraine Remains at UAH 4,100 per Tonne during August 11-18
- Belaruskali’s Net Profit 320% up in H1, 2011
- Belaruskali Eager to Commission Darasinsky Mine in 2019

Paints and coatings


- Russia's Oksol Announces Prices Increase
- Russian Coatings Registered Significant Growth in H1, 2011
- Norwegian Paint Manufacturer Expands in Russia
- Nuplex to Set Manufacturing Site in Russia

Chemistry and energy


- Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant Loss Accounted for RUB 180,6m in H1, 2011
- China's SunSi Energies to Supply Trichlorosilane to Russia
- New Manufacturing Method of Active Mass of Cathode of Lithium Batteries patented in Russia
- Production Plans of Kazatomprom Fully Fulfilled in H1, 2011

Chemistry and business


- Nizhnekamskneftekhim Reviewed Results of Activities in H1, 2011
- PhosAgro Posts Net Income of RUB 22,5bn in H1,2011
- Ukraine Interested in Joint with Belarus Production of Light-Emitting Diodes and Substances for Pharmaceuticals
- Vastel Agree with Ukrkhimtransamiak on Modernisation of Existing Communications System by July 2012
- Ostchem, Russian Minudobreniya to Cooperate in Sale of fertilisers and Management of Togliatti-Odesa Ammonia Pipeline
- Belneftekhim Brands US Sanctions 'Unfair Competition'

Countries and regions


- Azerbaijan Boosts Foreign Trade with Chemicals
- Naftan Ready for Operation in SES
- Belarus’ Chemical Output Increased in January-July

Speciality chemicals

The Post-Crisis Recovery of Russia's Market for Slip Additives

Fatty acids amides have a multitude of applications. Some of them are the production of polyolefines of special grades, polystyrene, lubricants and antiblocking agents. Most of slip additives are used to make films from polyethylene and polypropylene. The global leading slip additives producers are Fine Organics, Croda, PMC Biogenix, Akzo Nobel, Nippon Fine Chemicals. Fine Organics is leader in the...


- Innospec Opens Sales Office in Moscow to Sell More Fuel Additives in CIS
- Kazan Chemical Reagents Plant Enters Coagulants Market
- Sontsa Factory Produced First Lots of Detergent Powder



- Stirolbiopharm Enlarged Sales by 9,2% in January-May
- Kazakhstan's Chemfarm Received GMP Certificate
- Profit of Latvia's Grindeks in H1, 2011 — LVL 4.26m

Chemical Equipment


- Virial Launches First Production Line for Nanostructured Ceramic and Cerametallic Goods
- Zaporozhtransformator Put Into Operation 3rd Paint-Drying Chamber

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