Eurasian chemical market
№8(44), 2010

№8(44), 2010



SIBUR Launches Production of Non-Woven Geotextiles under the Kanvalan brand
UAC Subsidiary to Launch Composite Airframe Production in Kazan
Ukraine’s Court Confirms Cancellation of Acquisition of Khimprom's Polymerized Vinyl Chloride Complex by PVC-Khimprom
Significant Change at the Russian HDPE Market in Russia in 2009
Rosnano and Vladipor-M to Create Plastic and Synthetic Rubber JV
Tyumen Plastics Plant to Build New Production Facility
New Polyethylene Pipe Plant Commissioned in Kazakhstan
Polystyrene Production in Ukraine Up by 16.3% to 1,910 Tonnes in June
Russia’s PVC Processing Capacities Increased by 436,000 Tonnes in 2009
Waste-Plastic Processing Plants wil Be Built in Hungary
Jasz-Plastik to Open EUR 1.7m Plant in Romania

Has a Crisis an Impact on the Russian Polypropylene Market?

The world PP market is one of the most rapidly developing ones, because the demand for this polymer grows constantly. Its consumption reached 47m tonnes in 2009. To date, five companies are engaged in PP production in Russia: Nizhnekamskneftehim (Nizhnekamsk, Republic of Tatarstan), Tomskneftehim Ltd (Tomsk), Ufaorgsintez JSC (Ufa, Bashkortostan), NPP Neftehimija Ltd (Moscow) and Stavrolen (Budennovsk). Production...
Rubbers and tyres


Synthetic Rubber Factory to Be Built in Serbia
CGS Tyres in Discussions to Open a US Production Plant
Balakovoresinotekhnika Increases Net Loss in H1
SIBUR to Attract USD 60m Investment for Amtel
Two Rubber Plants in Russia’s Nizhnekamsk Audited by Goodyear and Sawex
317,800 Tyres was Produced in Ukraine in June
Omsk Rubber Plant Launches Pilot Styrene Rubber Production

Chlorosulphonated PE

Chlorosulphonated polyethylene (CSPE) is an elastomer produced in a shape of granules. CSPE-based materials are used to provide protective films with a high flexibility, as crack-resistant paints and varnishes for reinforced concrete, metals and other materials, in the automobile industry and other spheres of industry. As of 2008, the global chlorosulphonated polyethylene capacity made up over 40,000...


Salavatnefteorgsintez Exceeded Pre-Recession Product Shipment Levels
Ukrainian Court Declares Fobos Bankrupt
Styrene Imports into Ukraine 6.5% up to 1,700 Tonnes in June
Naftokhimik Prykarpattia Resumes Oil Refining
Czech Export Bank to Grant Credit for Methanol Plant Construction

Global Benzaldehyde Production and Market Overview

Benzaldehyde C6H5CHO is the simplest aromatic aldehyde represented by a colorless liquid with a bitter smell of almond. Benzaldehyde has a variety of industrial applications, including the manufacture of pharmaceutical ingredients, fragrance compounds, dyes and polymers.    The global benzaldehyde production capacity in 2009 was estimated at 90,000 tpy. The largest global producer is DSM...

Production and Market of Isopropanol in CIS

On the territory of the CIS there are three manufacturers of IPA with total capacity of about 95,000 tonnes per year, which is 4% of worldwide rate (about 2.5m tonnes annually). Two producers with a total capacity of 70,000 tonnes per year operate in Russia, one – in Azerbaijan. In 2009, the Azerbaijani producer exported to the Russian market 58% of total import’s volume of propanol-2...


Air Liquide in Russia: Signature of a New Major Contract with Severstal
Yaroslavl Mining Company Resumes Fluorite Concentrate Production
Electrozinc Beefs Up Cadmium Capacities in Q4
Ukraine’s Titanium Dioxide Production Up by 3.1% to 10,700 Tonnes in June
Soda Ash Production in Ukraine 9.8% Down to 58,900 Tonnes in June
Ukraine’s Ammonia Production 54.2% Up to 324,800 Tonnes in June
Caustic Soda Production in Ukraine 36.1% Up to 4,900 Tonnes in June
Linde Gas Ukraine to Increase Statutory Fund to UAH 456.5m



R&D Institute of Urea Successfully Implemented a Project that Improves Quality of Carbamide Produced by Salavatnefteorgsintez
Financial results of Balakovo Mineral Fertilisers for the H1, 2010 and June
Foreign Trade with Ammonium Nitrate in Ukraine in June
Potassium Chloride Imports into Ukraine Up in 18.2 Times to 5,035 Tonnes in June
Rivneazot Restarts Ammonium Nitrate Shop After Breakdown
General Director of Georgia’s Energy Invest to Be Placed in Detention


Paints and coatings


Pigment’s Q2 Net Profit is 36 Times Higher Compared to Q1
Ukrainian Paint and Varnish Market Gets Out of the Crisis
New Protective-Decorative Paint Patented in Russia
Ongoing Investments is not more Shareholder of the Bulgaria’s Large Paint Producer
Moscow’s Arkolor Launches Brick and Concrete Antifreeze Paint AK-124

Iron Oxide Pigments in CIS: Production and Market

Iron oxide pigments (IOP) are Fe2O3-based synthetic pigments used for coloring paint materials and in the manufacture of concrete articles, cement, trim and curbstones, colored lime-sand brick, gypsum and other construction materials.    The global iron oxide production makes up around 550,000 tpy. The largest maker is Lanxess. Of all CIS countries iron oxide pigments are manufactured only...
Chemistry and energy


Biodiesel Production in Belarus Rises 60.4% in H1
New Sublimate Plant in the Tomsk SEZ
Ulba Metallurgical Plant JSC to Invest 2.7 m USD into Environmental Actions in 2010

Chemistry and business


Moodys Gives Akron JSC B1 Corporate Rating
Polyef Restructures its RUB 9.2bn Debt
DOC and Korund Receive One Manager
Serbia: Strategic Partnership with NIS to Secure Larger Export for HIP-Petrohemija
Salavatnefteorgsintez Announces Functional Strategy Program
Siberia Chemical Plant Gains RUB 688m Net Earnings
Rosnano to Acquire 25% Stake in NikoMag

Countries and regions


Russian Chemical Industry in H1, 2010
Nizhniy Novgorod Chemical Industry Records Growth
Chemical Output in Armenia up by 9.8% in H1, 2010
Good Results for Crimean Chemical Companies in H1, 2010



Pharmsynthez Doubles its Income in H1, 2010
Rusnano Sets Sights on World Market: Invests in Development of Innovative Pharmaceuticals
Mylan to Start up New Pharmaceutical Packaging Center in Hungary
Selvita Signs a Drug Discovery Services Contract with Rottapharm Madaus
Kazakhstan Pharmaceutical Market Expects Changes
Imports of Pharmaceuticals into Ukraine up to USD 181m in June

Chemical Equipment


Teploelectroproject Institute Develops Engineering Documentation for GTTPP at Novourengoy Gas and Chemical Complex Ltd
Large Russian Fertilizers Producer Undergoes Overhaul
Salavatnefteorgsintez Starts the Project «Automatic On-Spot Loading Station of Dark-Oil Products into Rail Tank Cars»

Special topic


Belarusian Barkhim Upgrades its Facilities
Serbia’s Beohemija Acquired 4.2% Stake in Belgrade-based Univerzal Banka

Russian Market for Sweeteners

Synthetic sweeteners, or polyols, are hydrogenated forms of sugars. The most important four-basic sweetener is erythritol; five-basic – xylitol; six-basic – sorbitol, mannitol and inositol and 12-basic – maltitol, isomaltitol and lactitol. The main area of their use is the food industry. The Russia market offers mostly sorbitol, xylitol, mannitol, maltitol and isomaltitol. Nowadays,...
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