Eurasian chemical market
№2(38), 2010

№2(38), 2010


The Current Situation in the Ukrainian and Russian PMMA Market

Polymethylmetacrylate (PMMA) is a thermoplastic material, made by the methylmetacrylate polymerisation or its copolymerisation with other monomers of the acrylic range. PMMA is also known on the market as organic glass. Light transparency of the organic glass reaches 92% for visible light, which is higher than any other polymer. The sole PMMA manufacturer in Russia is Dzerzhinskorgsteklo JSC. There...


- Polystyrene Production in Ukraine Up by 40.4% to 1,300 Tonnes in December
- Croatia's Dioki Completes Upgrade of Polyethylene Plant
- Bulgaria’s Polimeri to Slash 70 Jobs
- Huntsman Polyurethanes Opens New Systems House in Russia
- Yuzhgazstroy launched PE pipe line in Adygea

Rubbers and tyres


- Russian Tyre Producers Present Last Year’s Results
- Ukrainian State Property Fund Fails to Sell 89.5% in Bila Tserkva Rubber Factory
- Belshina introduces ISO 9001 standard
- 600th Vianor Tyre Outlet opened in Kharkiv (Ukraine)



- Ukraine: Styrene Imports 2.2-Fold Up to 3,100 Tonnes in December
- Air Products and Ciech Chemical Group Signed Contract for the Supply of meta-Toluenediamine worth USD 500m
- Bulgarian Petrochemicals Industry: Collapse in 2009


Noble Gases Production and Market in CIS

The noble gases family includes six chemical elements: helium He, neon Ne, argon Ar, krypton Kr, xenon Xe and radon Rn. These elements form gaseous elementary substances with extremely low chemical activity.
In industrial scale, noble gases are extracted from natural and associated gas (helium) or obtained during air separation process. Helium and argon produce inert atmospheres in high-temperature...

Zinc oxide in the CIS: production and market

The market of zinc oxide (ZnO, zinc white) occupies an important place in the structure of the global zinc market. The annual global consumption of zinc is 10.5-11 million tonnes, and about 8% of it is used in ZnO production. The largest consumption sector of this product are manufacture of tyres and mechanical rubber goods. In Russia more than 80% of consumed zinc white is spent for this purpose....


- Project of Nanostructured Magnesium Hydroxide Production Approved by Rusnanotech
- Ammonia in Ukraine: Production Down, Exports Up, no Imports in December
- Sulphuric Acid Production in Ukraine Up to 80,100 Tonnes in December
- Caustic Soda Production in Ukraine Down to 4,500 Tonnes in December
- Stans Energy Options Rare Earth Processing Plant in Kyrgyzstan
- Israeli Metal-Tech Ltd Filed a Request for Arbitration against Uzbekistan


Last Trends on the Potassium Chloride Market: Analytics and Outlooks

Potash is an essential nutrient for plant growth and has no known substitutes. From the market side, the potash market has the most attractive characteristics of the three fertiliser sectors, robust and steadily growing demand, good visibility of supply and high barriers to entry. Moreover, potash geographically has very limited availability, relatively few top players, high profitability, high long-term...


- Migao Signs Contract to Distribute Potassium Sulphate from Russia's Rusal
- RCF mulling phosphate and potash mining joint venture in Russia
- Positive dynamics in the manufacture of mineral fertilisers in Russia in 2009
- Uralchem Completes Agronomic Trials of New Fertiliser Products
- Ukraine Launches Antidumping Investigation into Import of Mineral Fertilisers
- Ukrainian Cabinet Allows Agrarian Fund to Sell Ammonium Nitrate in 2010
- Prices on Fertilisers at Ukrainian Market in the First Half of February
- BPC Raises MOP prices for Brazil, Asia by USD 25 per tonne
- Sojitz and Kawasaki Plant Receive Order for Turkmenistan’s Largest Fertiliser Production Facility

Paints and coatings


- Empils has announced results of the year 2009
- Setting the Sails for Growth: Flint Group Expands Polish Site
- Aquarella Introduces New Anticorrosion Primer VD-AK 0111
- Armokot F 100 Passes Test to OK
- Moskatel Co. Introduces New Thermostable Alumina-Organosilicon Enamel KO-888
- Tehpromsintez to Produce Modified Versions of Chemical Resistant Coating PRIM Platina

Chemistry and energy


- SIBUR to Sell MTBE-Producing Plant
- New Catalyst and Method of Obtaining N-Methylaniline Patented in Russia
- Belarus’ Khimvolokno to Build Biogas Plant
- New Bioethanol Production Plants to Be Built in Hungary and Latvia

Chemistry and business


- Acron Owns 100% of AS DBT
- Summing Up Shchekinoazot, JSC
- The KuibyshevAzot Work Results in 2009
- Crimea Titan: annual resume
- Fitch Recalls Stirol's Ratings
- Poland’s Rokita Becomes Restructuring Leader
- Bulgaria’s Sviloza Sells Port Vidin North for Undisclosed Amount
- FYR of Macedonia to Sell Chemical Factory Ohis

Countries and regions


- Albania's Foreign Trade with Chemicals in November, 2009: Export Downs, Imports Ups
- Croatia recorded a plunge in exports and imports of chemical products in 2009
- Ukraine: Indices of Chemical Production in 2009

Speciality chemicals


- Symrise expands Flavor & Nutrition business in Russia and CIS region



- Schott to Launch Russian Packaging Plant by the End of the Year
- Imports of Pharmaceutical Products into Ukraine Up by 5.1% to USD 259.4m in December
- Halychfarm Ended 2009 with UAH 13.5m in Profit
- Kyivmedpreparat: Moving Ahead in 2009
- Rating uaA Assigned to Series A Bonds of Borschahivskyi Chemical And Pharmaceutical Plant
- Indian Pharmaceutical Companies Seek to Expand their Presence in Belarus
- Belbiopharm: New Exports Destinations
- Bosnalijek Increases Export to Russia and Ukraine

Chemical Equipment


- EuroChem Implements New Equipment in Kingisepp and Belorechensk
- Sibur and Yokogawa Electric CIS Signed a New Contract for Automated Control Equipment

Special topic


- Orlen Lietuva Reduces Air Pollution
- Rusnano to Finance Production of Nanostructured Membranes and Separating Modules for Treating Water
- Emissions trading: Commission takes new decisions on Estonian and Polish national allocation plans for 2008-2012
- Salavatnefteorgsintez Plans a Reconstruction of Waste Water Treatment Facilities in 2010

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