Eurasian chemical market
№10(34), 2009

№10(34), 2009



- Russian Artplast Developed New PE Film for Dairy Packaging
- Dow’s Polyurethane Systems: Very Good Third Quarter Results in Russia
- Gabriel-Chemie Defies the Crisis and Expands in Russia and CEE
- Portugal’s Logoplaste Packaging Invests in Ukraine Plant
- Japanese Bank to Extend Loan to Svetlogorsk Khimvolokno
- PP Production in Turkmenistan in September: More than Planned
- Hungarian Polymer Production is Expected to Drop by 30% this Year
- Kashtan Introduces New Sort of PP-based Co-extrusion Films
- Polystyrene Production in Ukraine Down to 2,600 Tonnes in September

Rubbers and tyres

Fluororubber production and market conditions in the CIS and worldwide

     Fluororubbers – synthetic fluorinated rubber resins (elastomers) with high thermal stability, incombustibility, and resistance to aggressive media. In terms of chemical resistance, fluororubbers exceed all known elastomers. They are resistant to concentrated and diluted mineral acids, various aliphatic and fragrant chlorinated and non-chlorinated hydrocarbons as well...


- India Interested in Nizhnekamsk made Tyres
- New Radial Truck Tyre Plant Imminent for Tatarstan, Russia
- SSL Buys into Ukraine Condom Market Continuing Expansion
- Tatarstan Welcomes New German-Japanese Auto Parts Facility
- Court Extends Financial Recovery Program for Rosava, the Largest Producer of Tyres in Ukraine
- Nairit Factory Gradually Starts Operating
- Goodyear to Acquire All Shares of Polish Tyre Company


The Production and Market of Monochloroacetic Acid in the CIS

     Monochloroacetic acid (MCAA) ClCH2COOH is one of the simplest organic compounds containing two functional groups – carboxylic (–COOH) and chlorine atom. MCAA is widely used in chemical industry as an intermediate in the synthesis of different value-added products including carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), herbicides, pharmaceuticals, and surfactants. Presently there...


- Plastic Company Upgrade Styrene Production in Tula Region
- Azerkimya Improves its Organics Production Technology
- EBRD to Finance the Construction of Methanol plant in Azerbaijan
- MTBE, Propylene and PP to be produced in Pavlodar
- Aromatic Hydrocarbons Complex to be Built in Kazakhstan

Market and Production of Ethylene Oxide in CIS Countries and in the World: a Comparative Study

     Ethylene oxide (EO) is a clear combustible gas with a slightly sweet scent, which is properly-soluble in water. It belongs to the group of epoxides – organic substances, containing the three-membered ring consisting of two atoms of carbon and one atom of oxygen.
     Ethylene oxide may be referred to as a building block of prime importance for...


- Nizhnij Tagil Metallurgical Complex Launched Neon-Helium Mixture Production Unit
- Karpatnaftokhim to Launch Second Line for Production of Chlorine and Caustic Soda in November
- Lysychansk Soda Initiating Financial Rehabilitation
- Crimean Soda Plant Implements First Phase of Introducing ERP-System on Base of SAP
- Ukraine: Ammonia Production Down to 256,000 Tonnes in September
- Rare and Rare-Earth Metals Agreements Signed with Japanese Companies



- EuroChem Launches First Russian Production of Calcium-Ammonium Nitrate in Novomoskovsk
- Meleuz Mineral Fertilizers JSC: Overhaul is Finished, Upgrade is Going on
- Ukrainian Cabinet Authorizes Agrarian Fund to Sell Ammonium Nitrate to Agricultural Exporters as VAT Refund
- Odesa Portside Factory Reports UAH 27.8m Loss for Q3
- Siverskodonetsk Azot Ends Q3 at Loss of UAH 105.7m
- Sumykhimprom in Red in Q3
- Halnaftokhim Ends Q3 with Profit of UAH 5.2m
- BPC Plans to Raise Export in 2010-2011 to 2008 Level

Paints and coatings


- Empils builds up sales and upgrades production capacities
- Teknos establishes a new company in Russia
- Maarit Taskinen to lead sales and marketing in Tikkurila Deco Russia

Chemistry and energy


- Draft Law “On the State Regulation of Biofuel Production and Turnover”
- AREVA and Kazatomprom Sign a Fuel Marketing JV agreement
- Slovak Holding ORAVing to Invest in Biofuel Production in Belarus
- ORLEN Group Settled Tender for Supplies of Bio-ethanol

Chemistry and business

Innovation in the Russian chemical complex

     During the period of complete uncertainty creation of new products and technology development activities are vital. As the consumer requirements change at breakneck speed and competitors crowd every niche of the market, businesses should continuously nurture the creativity they need to generate new ideas. This article considers the perspectives and state of the Russian chemical...


- Salavatnefteorgsintez: Plus in Capitalization
- Uralchem announces MFP KCCW debt restructuring
- Azmol Ends Q3 with UAH 3.2m in Red
- Court Opens Bankruptcy Proceedings for Polivtor
- Individual Purchases 100% of Shares Of Kharplastmas from Hodsend
- Yuschenko Cancels Suspension of Inclusion of Zaporizhia Titanium and Magnesium Plant into Tytan Ukrainy
- Ukrainian Union of Chemists Calls for 50-Percent Antidumping Import Duty to Be Introduced on Phosphorus-Containing Fertilizers Originated from Russia
- CommisMinskHosted International Conference on Safety of Chemicals
- Kazakhstan: Trade House KazMunaiGaz Closed Transaction of Acquiring the Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant Shares
- Two Chemical Plants Re-Opened in Serbia

Countries and regions

Russian Chemical Complex in H1, 2009: overcoming crisis

     According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation the performance of chemical industry in January-June, 2009 was 83% of the 2008 value. Financial crisis and associate drop of demand for almost the entire line of chemical products have contributed to a recession trend in 2008, but now it is changing step-by-step.
More detailed information on the...
Speciality chemicals


- Newly developed Off-Season Oil-Wetting Agents from Mendeleyev Ltd
- Russia’s GNIIChTEOS Offers New Low-Temperature Heat Transfer Agent
- Moscow’s Mayor Wants to Use Air Force and Silver Iodide to Battle Snowfall
- Germany’s Lanxess and the Russian Academy of Science Team up for Research Cooperation
- Kremenchuk Technical Carbon Plant to Suspend Production Due to Planned Repair until November 14
- New Disinfectant Patented in Russia

Review of the world antistatic additives market

     Antistatic additives prevent charge accumulation on plastic surface. The non-ionic antistatic agents are the most commonly used class. The major groups in this class are fatty acid esters, ethoxylated alkylamines, diethanolamides, ethoxylated alcohols. They are produced by Fine Organics, Clariant, Croda, Akzo Nobel, Kenrich Petrochemicals, Emery Oleochemicals and other companies....


- Russia’s CDRI wins Contract Research Work for HIV Solutions from Viriom
- Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Companies Gained Good Profi ts in Q3
- Belarus, Ukraine to Set up JV in Pharmaceutical Industry
- Belmedpreparaty to Export Oncology Drugs to Syria and Vietnam
- Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting of Olainfarm Elected New Supervisory Council

Chemical Equipment


- Polypropylene Plant to be Commissioned in Omsk
- Uralkhimmash Produces Waste Gas Catalytic Treatment Unit for Akron
- Russian Gazprom Subsidiary Places Major Order with Lurgi

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