Eurasian chemical market
№9(33), 2009

№9(33), 2009


The International Conference

     The IV International Conference “Polymer Films-2009” organised by CJSC “Creon” took place in Moscow on 2 June. This event was held with the active participation of the Torgovaja Polymernaja Companija Ltd as well as with the assistance of the Russian independent Ecological Examination Ltd and VDMA Rus. The forum gathered together representatives of different...

The Russian PVC Market

     VI International Conference PVC-2009 lead in Moscow at 15 June 2009. This conference was established by consulting agency Kreon CJSC, this business event was dedicated to the current situation, problems and outlooks of the Russian polyvinylchloride market development. Traditionally, forum was not  hold in the end of the autumn, but due to financial turmoil, organisers...


- Tatarstan-Iran JV to Produce a PE-based composite material
- Petrol Tank blow Moulding Plant Commissioned in Vladimir Region (Russia)
- Russian Polymer Industry Faces the Problems of Plummeting Demand and Weakening Margins
- First Passengers’ Rail Platform from Polymers in Russia
- Clariant to Establish Masterbatch Plant in Tatarstan
- Russian Slavneft-Janos Commissioned the Hydrogen Production Unit
- Chemical Fibres Production in Ukraine Down to 256 Tonnes in August
- Ukrainian Polystyrene Production Down to 2,600 Tonnes in August
- Belarusian Himvolokno Invites Bids
- Bulgarian Neftochim Stopped Polymers Production
- Oman and Uzbekistan Plan to Invest USD 300 mln in PVC-producing JV

Rubbers and tyres


- Nizhnekamskneftekhim's synthetic rubbers at “Chemistry-2009”: excellent quality and honorable results
- Ukraine: Cord Fabric Imports Up By Factor Of 15.1 To 300 Tons In August
- Financial restructuring of Amtel expected
- China: Antidumping Taxes on SBR Originated from Russia
- Uzbekistan, China signed MoU on establishing JV producing tyres
- Nizhnekamskshina Reduced the Output of Automobile Tyres by 26.2% in August
- South Koreans to add capacity to their consumer tyre plant in Hungary
- Ukrainian Dniproshyna Planning to Produce New Tyres


The Market and Output of Acetic Acid in CIS Countries

     Acetic acid (CH3COOH) is one of the most important organic synthesis products. This is the colourless hygroscopic liquid with strong odor and sour taste. Currently, there are three acetic acid manufacturers in CIS countries — Nevinnomyssky Azot JSC (Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol Territory, Russia; a part of Mineral Chemical Company EuroChem), Severodonetsk Azot Association...

The Market and Production of Ethylene Oxide of CIS Countries in Comparison with World Market

     The ethylene oxide, а combustible gas,  belongs to the group of epoxides — organic substances, contaning the three-termed stage with two atoms of carbon and one atom of oxygen. Ethylene oxide is the basic raw material for the preparation colomine, ethylene glycol and other valuable chemical products. The world's total ethylene oxide capacity on the end of 2008...


- Styrene Imports to Ukraine Down To 2,900 Tonnes in August
- Sibur-Khimprom : New Projects to Be Completed Soon
- Vladimir Putin Approves the Project for the Construction of the First Russian Melamine Plant
- Uralorgsintez JSC Continues to Upgrade MTBE Production Unit
- Metaprocess CJSC and TiumenNIIgiprogaz Ltd Signed a Contract for Methanol Output


Magnesium Oxide Market in CIS

     Magnesium oxide is a colorless crystalline substance, produced by a calcination of natural magnesium carbonate. There are two grades of MgO: caustic calcined magnesia and dead burned magnesium oxide. Every grade has variety important applications in different spheres. The largest magnesium oxide manufacturers in CIS are: Magnezit Group Ltd, Beraton JSC, Mikhaylovskiy Plant...


- Russian - Indian Titanium JV Snaps Under Pressure
- Belgian group to acquire majority stake in 500,000 tpa Berezniki plant for EUR 160m
- A New Method of Bromine Extraction from Natural Brines Patented in Russia
- Crimea TITAN: production record broken
- Shift to Electricity Pays off for Ukrainian Mining Plant
- Crimean Soda Plant fulfills the manufacturing programme and adds production capacities
- Ukrainian Caustic Soda , Ammonia and Sulfuric Acid Production Down in August
- Crimea’s Technoiod to Produce More Sodium Iodide for Scintillators and Iodine


Ammonium Phosphate Production and Market in the CIS

     Ammonium phosphate (monoammonium and diammonium) is used as nitrogen-phosphate fertilisers. Triammonium phosphate (NH4)3PO4 is utilized as a fertiliser components and flame retardants and fire extinguishers. Ammonium phosphates may be granulated as well as non-granulated. The main phosphate reserves belong to USA, China, Morocco and Russia. PhosAgro and EuroKhim are two large...


- Azerbaijan's Azerkimya, ENI sign memo and agreement
- Ukraine vs Russia and Belarus: Query of Antidumping Duties against phosphate fertilizers
- Eurochem expanding urea, to make granular
- Floor Prices Of Urea and Ammonium Nitrate Unchanged at Ukrainian Domestic Market within October 2–9
- Ukrainian Farmers Stock 267,000 Tonnes of Mineral Fertilizers out of 397,000 Tonnes Required for Autumn Field Works
- Ukrainian Imports of Fertilisers: Some Down, Other Up
- Uralkali : Recent News

Paints and coatings

Rosin, its Ethers and Resinates: Technologies and Usage in CIS Countries

     Rosin is the vegetable origin resin, extracted from resin secretions of conifer trees. Depending from obtaining way, it differs to gum rosin, tall hard rosin and wet process rosin. This compound is used in coatings and soap industry, paper and synthetic rubber production. Its derivatives — resinates, ethers and rosin adducts are widely used in paints and coatings industry....


- A New Film-Forming Composition with Fireproof Properties Patented by Chemists from Tomsk (Russia)
- The Roshal Paints and Varnishes Plant LLC Expands its Coatings Portfolio
- Moscow’s Rogneda Offers New Line of Water-Dispersion Paints

Chemistry and energy


- New Chinese-Russian Refinery Plan Makes Headway in Tianjin
- Putin Aiming for 25% of World LNG Market
- Russia Causes Gas Squeeze for Chemical Plants in Poland in Q4
- The new plant on bioethanol production will be constructed in Ukraine
- Draft Law “On the state regulation of biofuel production and turnover” approved in Kazakhstan

Chemistry and business


- Vnesheconombank and SIBUR Sign Credit Agreement for Construction of the Largest Polypropylene Complex in Russia
- Russia Introduces 15-Percent Duty on Imports of Caustic Soda from October 14
- Polish State-Owned Oil May Sell Its Assets to Russian Company  
- Odesa Portside Plant : Controversial Privatisation
- Ukrainian State Priperty Fund Sets Kremniipolimer’s Statutory Capital at UAH 59.1 Million
- Credit Rating Downgrades Halnaftokhim to uaBB from uaBBB
- Uzbek Agrochem Producer Boosts Exports, Plans Expansion
- Azerbaijan's Largest Chemical Producer not Affected by Crisis
- HIP-Petrohemija Restarts Production
- Azot from Berezniki received certificates of compliance of the integrated management system  

Countries and regions

Chemical Production in Russia in 1Q 2009

     The following article tells about chemical output in Russia in 1Q 2009 and major Russian chemical producers.


- Ukrainian Chemical and Related Industries in August: Still Searching for a Bottom
- Chemical Output in Azerbaijan down 48% in January-August
- Chemical Industry of Armenia in January-July, 2009

Speciality chemicals


- Ukrainian Chemists Developed a New Non-Ionogenic Surfactant
- Ukrainian Defense Ministry and OSCE Reach Agreement on Reprocessing 3,000 Tons of Melange Rocket Fuel
- New Motor Oil Plant to Grease the Wheels of the Kazakh Economy



- LGC Standards opened its first office in Russia
- Imports of Pharmaceutical Products to Ukraine Down to USD 149.4 Million in August
- Ukraine Imposes Anti-Dumping Import Duty on Syringes Originating from China until 2015
- Latvia’s Grindeks introduced a new active pharmaceutical ingredient
- Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin chaired a meeting on the development strategy for the pharmaceutical industry in Zelenograd

Chemical Equipment


- Alfa Laval Wins Another Refinery Order in Russia
- Crimea Titan Intending to Commission Two Membrane Filter Presses by 2010
- Frunze Scientific and Production Association to Accelerate Production of Chemical and Petrochemical Equipment

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