Eurasian chemical market
№8(32), 2009

№8(32), 2009


CIS Polyvinyl Butyral Production and Market Review

     Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) is an amorphous polymer represented by polyvinyl alcohol acetal. The bulk of PVB is used worldwide to produce protective interlayers in multilayer non-splintering glasses. It is currently manufactured and marketed by a number of companies worldwide, including Kuraray Europe GmbH (Frankfurt, Germany), DuPont (Wilmington, Delaware, USA), Solutia (St. Louis,...

Russian and Ukrainian Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone Market

     Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP) is largely used in medicine as a blood plasma substitute, as a means of body detoxication and drug action prolongation, and, finally, as a binder in tablets. PVP is highly chelating, binding many compounds, including dyes, pharmaceuticals, vitamins and toxins. The only CIS polyvinyl pyrrolidone manufacturer is AK Sintvita Ltd. Apart from AK Sintvita...

International Conference

     The current situation and perspectives of the Russian polymer film market were discussed at IV International Conference "Polymer Films – 2009".In 2008, Russia produced 630,300 tonnes of polymer films. However, demand is satisfied mainly by imports. Last year, the consumption of polymer films amounted to 905,000 tonnes. Today, the most popular polymer films in Russia are...


- Karpatnaftokhim Installs Four Polymerization Reactors at the PVC-S Production Unit
- SyntheMed Receives Russian Regulatory Approval For REPEL-CV™
- Uzbek Polyethylene Demand Grows
- Spartech Expands its Warsaw Plant
- Orton Launches Production of Flat Geogrids in Kemerovo City
- Gazprom Neft and Sibur Consolidate Efforts on Legislative Recognition of Compulsory Use of Polymer Bitumen
- Sibur  Starts Construction of the Polyolefins Plant in Tobolsk

Rubbers and tyres

CIS Isoprene Rubber Production and Market Conditions

     Isoprene rubber is a product of isoprene stereospecific solution polymerisation, and a synthetic prototype of natural rubber. In the CIS, there are three Russian companies making isoprene rubber: Nizhnekamskneftekhim Inc. (Nizhnekamsk), Togliatti-Kauchuk Ltd (Togliatti) and Synthez-Kauchuk JSC (Sterlitamak, Balkan region). In 2008 they produced more than 408,000 tonnes of SKI....


- Russian Tyre Industry Reduces Production
- Yokohama Rubber, Itochu to Establish Russian Car Tire Plant
- Omskij Kauchuk, JSC Production Upgrade
- In H1, 2009 Voltyre-Prom JSC Worked Profitably
- Loss Increase at Yaroslavl Tyre Plant, JSC in H1, 2009
- Belarusrezinotekhnika Launches New Product
- Continental Acquires 100% Ownership of Matador Rubber



- Russian Feedstock for Chinese Petrochemical Plant
- Planned Upgrade at Bulgarian Oil Refinery in Burgas
- Sibmetakhim’s Methanol Production Drop
- Navoiyazot JSC Starts New Methanol Production
- SIBUR and Irkutsk Oil Company Combine Their Efforts in Gas Processing in the Irkutsk Region



- New Air Separation Plant Commissioned at Kemerovo JSC Azot
- Crimea Titan Increases Production Rate
- Crimean Soda Plant Registers UAH 31.2m Profits for H1, 2009
- Toshiba’s Minor Meltdown in Kazakhstan
- Capsule Laid in Foundation of New Sulfuric Acid Plant, Infrastructure Facilities Unveiled
- Uzbekistan to Open its First Alumina Plant
- Solvay Invests in Bulgarian and Russian Soda Ash Plants
- Knauf and Balkanstroy to Build Bulgarian Gypsum Facility
- Inorganic Production Development at Navoiyazot JSC
- Uzbekistan to Curtail Soda Shipping in 2009
- Achievements of Turkmen Chemical Companies
- Estonia to Produce Sodium Sulphate



- Russia’s Ammofos Posts Robust Fertiliser Results
- Russian Ammonium Nitrate Fertiliser Popular in USA
- Minimum Price of Urea and Ammonium Nitrate Down at the Ukrainian Domestic Market in August
- Ukrainian Ammonium Nitrate Production 47.8% Down to 92,000 Tonnes in July
- Tauw is Training Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to Clean up Pesticides

Paints and coatings


- Tikkurila Buys JUB’s Stake in Tikkurila JUB Romania SRL
- H1, 2009 “Russian Coatings” Operation Results
- Raduga Ltd Launches Waterborne Acrylic Paint Production
- Lakokraska JSC Boosts Exports by 31.1% in Jan.-Jul. 2009
- Eskaro’s Estonian Subdivision Operates at Profit
- Specific Import Duty on Certain Paints and Coatings in Uzbekistan
- DuPont exhibited its solutions for the aerospace industry at the Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2009 in Russia

Chemistry and energy

A Bio-Ethanol Fuel Program for Armenia

     As a landlocked country with no significant natural gas or oil resources, Armenia has often had a hard time meeting its fuel and energy needs. A possible reason for hope is the rich agricultural potential of Armenia, whose crops may be used to produce ethanol as a fuel additive. This avenue of possibility was investigated by Armenia’s Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency...


- Sasol to Set Up Gas-to-Liquids Joint Venture in Uzbekistan
- Estonia to Begin Diesel Fuel Production from Shale
- Mecagro Offers New Technologies and Equipment for Renewable Energy Sources
- Lukoil to Upgrade its Refineries in Russia and Ukraine
- JV of Rusnano and Renova Places 120 MW End-to-End Line Order with Oerlikon Solar for Factory in the Chuvash Republic

Chemistry and business


- Dorogobuzh Releases RAS Consolidated Statements for H1 2009
- SIBUR Acquires Leading International Petrochemical Trader CITCO
- KuibyshevAzot to Receive USD 20m to Cut Harmful Emissions
- Salavatnefteorgsintez: Good News in August
- South Korean Honam to Expand its Operations in Russia and Uzbekistan
- Ukrainian State Property Fund Again Offers Rivneazot's Uncompleted Ammonium Production Facility For Sale
- 11 Companies Request SPF for Bidding Documents to Participate in Privatisation of Odesa Portside Factory
- New Shareholders in Dniprovskyi Mineral Fertilizers Plant
- Ukrainian Cabinet Empowers Industrial Policy Ministry to Manage Property of Irshanskyi OMEP and Vilnohirskyi Ore-Mining-Metallurgical Plant

Countries and regions


- Iran to Co-operate with Russia and Other Countries in Petrochemical Projects
- Estonian Chemical Production Down More Than 30 pct in June YOY

Speciality chemicals

Global Slip Additive Production Review

     Fatty acid amides – primary, secondary amides and bis-amides – are the most popular slip additives worldwide. Slip additives modify the surface properties of polyolefin films and reduce friction between film layers and between films and other surfaces with which they come into contact. Most slip additives are used during polyethylene and polypropylene processing...

The Review of Fiberglass Production and Market in CIS

     Fiberglass is the material, which consists from thin glass threads. It is made from melt glass in the shape of fibers with diameter 3-100 microns and 20 km and more at length (continuous fiberglass) or 0.1-20 microns and 1-50 cm at length (staple fiberglass). In the shape of fiber, glass does not break, bends without demolition. This allows to weave the glass fabric, make flexible...


- New Flame Retardant in Russia’s Volgograd
- New Modifying Agent for Highly Filled Rigid PVC Composites
- New Motor Nanooil Developed in Kyrgyzstan
- Shell to Build Lubricants Blending Plant in Russia
- Chemists from Russian NIOPIK Institute Patented a New Disinfectant
- New Octane-Increasing Additive to Petrol Invented in Russia
- Highly Effective Glue Composition for Adhesion of Different Construction Materials or Metals Proposed by Russian Scientists



- Eli Lilly to Train Russian FDA
- Number of Trials in Russia Down by 17% in Q2 
- Ukraine: an Individual Concentrates 29.4% of Shares in Farmatsia
- Ukraine: Imports of Pharmaceutical Products Down by 7% in June
- India's Kusum and Switzerland's Torberg Open Pharmaceuticals Factory in Sumy
- New Drug Packaging Plant Commissioned in Czech Republic

Chemical Equipment


- Magnetiser from Irkutsk to Use in Flaw Inspection
- Sayanskhimplast JSC to Launch New EUR 65m Equipment in 2010
- Dzerzhinsk Machine Builders Make Equipment for Azerbaijan Oil Refinery
- IrkutskNIIkhimmash JSC to Produce Pipe-in-pipe Heat Exchangers
- Kaustik JSC Launches New PVC Packaging Line
- Drying Units to Be Supplied to St Petersburg
- Uralkhimmash Net Profit Reaches RUB 106.46m in January-June

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