Eurasian chemical market
№7(31), 2009

№7(31), 2009


Propylene in CIS: Production and Market

     Propylene is one of the key products of petrochemical industry. It is used in the production of polypropylene, acrylonitrile, propylene oxide, cumene, and alcohols, etc. Russia is the biggest manufacturer of propylene in the CIS with a capacity of 1,372,000 tpy. In the near future, production capacity growth will be provided basically by Sibur’s projects. According to...


- Russian PVC Prices In June
- Penopleks Builds Siberian Extruded Polystyrene Plant
- New properties – new possibilities!
- CHS-EPOXY resins - Price Increase in Europe and Middle East effective August 1, 2009
- Penoplex Launches New Production in Kazakhstan!
- Polyolefins Plant Masteres Production of Linear Low Density Polyethylene
- Grand Master Company Develops and Launches a New Type of Cast-Polypropylene Films (CPP) as an Alternative to PVC Films

Rubbers and tyres

Butadiene Rubbers in CIS: Production and Market

     Butadiene rubber (BR) is the most common synthetic rubber in the world after styrene-butadiene one. In the CIS it is produced by three companies. They are Nizhnekamskneftekhim Inc., Voronezhsynthezkauchuk JSC and Efremov Synthetic Rubber Plant JSC. Russian manufacturers produced 267,100 tonnes of BR last year. Nearly two thirds of this volume was exported. The highest demand...


- The First Lot Of Chloroprene Rubber Grade NAIRIT DP Has Been Delivered To The Company’s Warehouses in Moscow
- Ukrainian Production Of Cord Fabric 82.2% Down In June


Russian Methanol Market State

     The competitiveness of Russian and CIS methanol producers has been always based on cheap gas. Despite huge logistics costs and out-dated technologies, Russian manufacturers successfully exported a significant part of their products. However, the global economic crisis has affected the Russian methanol market. A tremendous drop in demand has led to a dramatic price decrease....


- Belarusian Lakokraska Launches a New Line to Make Phthalic Anhydride
- Nairit Plant CJSC Completes the Restoration Project on Chloroprene Manufacture
- BorsodChem raising TDI prices
- JSC Novocherkassk Plant of Synthetic Products to Resume Work on September
- JSC “Kauchuk” starts the propane-propylene fraction manufacture


Ukrainian Nitric Acid Market

     Nitric acid HNO3 is an inorganic compound of major industrial importance. In its pure form and at room temperature, it is a colourless liquid that fumes in moist air. However, its colour normally ranges from yellow to red due to the process of decomposition accompanied by nitrogen dioxide formation. Nitric acid is completely miscible with water, exhibiting the properties of...

Sodium Sulphate in Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine

     Sodium sulphate is turned out in the CIS mainly from natural sources. Its major producers are Karabogazsulphate PA (Turkmenistan) and Kuchuksulphate JSC (Russia). These enterprises have production capacities of 170,000 tpy and 520,000 tpy, respectively. The Russian company exports about a half of its production. The key consumer of Russian sodium sulphate is Ukraine. Apart...


- Volgograd Kaustik Broadens the Stock of Solid Caustic Soda Grades
- Ammonia Production in Ukraine Down By 43.5% In June
- Krymskyi Tytan Forecasting Production of 8,900 Tons of Titanium Dioxide in July
- Solvay's Bulgarian Unit Net Profit Falls 51.8% in 2008
- 40,000 tones of soda ash produced in Uzbekistan during the first half of the year
- Karabagazgol bay view  from outer space



- Uralkali Agrees Q3, 2009 Price for Potassium Chloride with Russian Complex Fertiliser Producers
- Russia-India: A Big Potassium Chloride Deal
- Ukrainian Phosphate Fertiliser Sector: Is Stability Round the Corner?
- Ukraine: Ammonium Nitrate, Urea, NPK Production down in June
- Foundation Stone for Turkmenistan’s First Potash Fertiliser Complex  Nitrofert JSC May Restart Production

Chemistry and energy

The Biofuel Question for Russia

     The Russian National Biofuels Association, a source of up to date news in the Russian biofuel industry, held the IV International Conference “Fuel Bioethanol 2009” in mid-April 2009 in Moscow. Aleksej Ablajev, president of the Association, noted that there is still strong opposition towards grain-based ethanol production in the country but there is more openness...


- Tuapse Refinery Expansion and Upgrade
- New Scientist promotes Greenfield's plan for Chernobyl as executives meet Belarus officials 
- A CO2 to Gasoline Process From PolandNew combined heat and power plant in Estonia will run on local biofuels

Countries and regions


 - Economic crisis affects the chemical industries of Kyrgyzstan
- The production of chemical products in Estonia fell more than a half yoy in May

Speciality chemicals

Russian and Ukrainian Plastic, Paint and Coating Plasticisers Markets

     Plasticisers are the biggest group of additives by volume. More than 80% of them are used for PVC plasticisation. The most commonly used plasticisers are phthalates. Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers produce basically dioctyl phthalate (DOP) and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). Such plasticisers as diisononyl phthalate (DINP) and diisodecyl phthalate (DIDP) are in demand in the Russian...

Lamination Adhesives: Ukraine and CIS in the Focus of Attention

     Lamination, the process of uniting two or more layers of material(s) together by dint of adhesives or extrusion, results in combined packagings (laminates) distinguished by high firmness and excellent barrier properties.Presently, the Russian and Ukrainian markets of lamination adhesives are being saturated by 11 companies. This market segment in both countries is characterised...


- Coty Inc. Announces The Opening of Russian Subsidiary
- Production of a new icemelter developed on industrial site of Kaustik JSC
- Glysantin® will soon be protecting engine cooling systems in Russia
- Di 2-ethylhexyl phosphoric Acid Manufacture Begins in Volgograd
- The Russian sulphur dioxide adsorbent succeeds in Poland



- Belarusian company Nisvizh expands packaging capacity
- Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee Fines Rainbow Ltd UAH 0.5 Million For Unfair Competition
- Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Industry in Q2 : Not  Bad Results for Obscure Times
- Grindeks considers manufacturing expansion options

Chemical Equipment


- Indian Shuttle Blow Molding Machines For Russian Customers
- OMK Receives Shell Certification for Acidic Media Transportation
- JSC Dzerzhinskhimmash ships the equipment for LUKOIL – Nizhnegorodorgsintez
- Balancing Machine to Be Commissioned at Altay Tyre Plant’s Vulcanising Shop

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