Eurasian chemical market
№5(29), 2009

№5(29), 2009



- Salavatnefteorgsintez to Launch New PE Facility in 2009
- Russian s-PVC Market in 2008
- Prospects for the PSU Market in the CIS
- Russian Pipe Maker to Launch Polymer Composite Production in June
- Belorussian Firm to Use Double-Bubble Technology for Film Production

The Current State of the Russian Polypropylene Market

     Polypropylene (PP) is known as one of the most common thermoplastic polymers in the world. And the global PP market has been exhibiting one of the fastest growth rates, with the demand for the polymer continuously increasing. In 2008, polypropylene consumption amounted to 44.4m tonnes. However, the global financial crisis has affected most of polypropylene markets, including...
Rubbers and tyres

12th International Specialised Exhibition “Tyres & Rubber’2009”

     This article gives a close look on the 12th International Specialised Exhibition “Tyres & Rubber’2009”, one of the main events for the CIS chemical industry.
     Such international events assist market players in promoting new products and technologies and developing closer economic relations. For this reason, the exhibition gripped...


- Russian Rubber Market to Recover in Late 2010
- Omskshina Halts Production of Bicycle Tyres
- Rosava (Ukraine) Strengthens Presence in Egypt
- Belshina Opens Representative Office in Canada
- Korea-Based Hankook Tire Co. Ships from Hungary
- Japanese Bridgestone Opens Second Plant in Poland


Chlorobenzene: Production and Market in Russia

     Once, chlorobenzene was one of the most popular bulk organic chemicals in the world. But, during last decades, the consumption of this product has considerably declined, and the manufacturers of chlorobenzene had to cut down production.This article reviews modern chlorobenzene producers and market in the CIS. Today, there are only two companies in the CIS to make chlorobenzene....


- Russian Methanol Producers Straddle the Fence
- Dzerzhinskorgsteklo to Restart MMA Plant in July 2009
- Russian Shchekinoazot JSC Resumes Urotropine Production
- Salavatnefteorgsintez Starts Butyl Alcohol Exports



- Khimprom (Russia) Revamps Chlor-Alkali Facilities
- Chimprom JSC (Russia) Starts Production of Synthetic Hydrochloric Acids
- Ukraine Drops Output of Soda Ash and Caustic Soda in April



- Turkmenistan Mulls Over Potash Fertiliser Plant with Belarus Partnership
- Ukrainian Farmers Take 699,000 Tonnes of Fertilisers Instead of Projected 775,000 Tonnes
- Ukrainian Domestic Market: Carbamide Stable, Ammonium Nitrate Down
- EuroChem to Maintain Current Fertiliser Prices for Agribusiness
- Belarus’ Potash Experiences 59.2% Downward Move in Q1, 2009
- RivneAzot Suspends Operations Due to Lack of Gas
- RivneAzot Suspends Operations Due to Lack of Gas

Paints and coatings

Indene-Coumarone Resins and their Uses

     Indene-coumarone resins (ICRs), produced from coumarone- and indene-rich coal-tar resin fractions, had dominated the world varnish market till the first petroleum resins emerged in the 1940s. Still, today, many industrial sectors badly need this group of products. ICRs are mainly consumed by the paints & coatings, rubber, and construction industries.


- Tikkurila Expands its Industrial Coatings Business in Russia
- Mondi Starts State-of-the-Art Extrusion Coating Line in Czech Republic
- Jaroslavl Paints JSC: Water-Borne Coatings on Stream

Chemistry and energy

Ukrainian Bioethanol: Three-Year “Test Period”

     At the beginning of the 21st century, the production facilities of Ukrspirt, a Ukrainian state concern of distilling and alcoholic beverage industry, manufactured approximately 20,000 tpy of a high-octane oxygen-containing additive for mixed petrols. However, in reality, all of this industrial spirit was channeled into the underground alcoholic beverage market. As a result,...


- Mayak (Russia) to Move of Plutonium Production to Tomsk Region
- Karpatnaftokhim (Ukraine) Launches Steam Generation Unit
- Ukraine to Build Biogas Plants in Turkey

Chemistry and business


- Dniproazot Needs USD 42m for Upgrade
- Severodonetsk Azot (Ukraine) Pays USD 1m as Dividends for 2008
- KazMunayGas Suspends Construction of Ceyhan and Batumi Refinery Projects
- Slovnaft’s Q1, 2009 Results Impacted by Global Economic Crisis
- Hungarian TVK’s Financial Results for Q1, 2009
- Unipetrol Posts Q1, 2009 Results
- Uranium One Announces Record Quarterly Sales and Increased Production for Q1, 2009

Global Economic Turmoil Opening Up New Opportunities for Russian Chemical Industry?

     To adopt an antirecession state policy is a must for overcoming the consequences of the global economic turmoil observed in the Russian chemical industry. A development path will be chosen in the context of limited financial resources and tough competition with foreign companies both in the external and internal markets. First of all, the Russian government should retain and...
Countries and regions

Lithuania. Not the Biggest Player, but…

     Prior to the global financial crisis, Lithuania had been a stable country with a growing economy. The EU membership encouraged its economic development. Proximity to the CIS countries made for available sources of raw materials. The geographical position enabled the country to deliver chemicals to the markets of Eastern Europe and the Baltic States in the shortest possible...
Speciality chemicals


- P&G Launches New Facility for Home Care Products in Russia
- Shchekinoazot (Russia) Introduces New Household Products
- High-Performance Anti-Dust Detergent from Tatarstan
- Russian Company Offers Clarifier for Water Treatment



- Russian Pharmaceutical Market: Affected but Still Growing
- Sotex Ranks Third among Russian Drug-Makers in Q1, 2009
- Kraspharma Restarts Production
- Chimfarm (Kazakhstan) Launches Paracetamol Production Line
- InterChem (Ukraine) Posts Results for 2008 FY, Announces Plans

Chemical Equipment


- Engel (Austria) Supplies First Fully Electric Moulding Machine to Russia
- ContiTech Conveyor  Belt Group Steps Up its Stake in Eastern Europe
- Halopolymer Launches Second CaCl2 Granulator

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