Eurasian chemical market

№3(27), 2009



- Chemistry and business.indd
- Russian Polymer Producers Extend Production Volumes in February
- PET Market in Russia: Trends and Forecasts
- Russian Government Cancels Import Duty on Polyester Yarns
- Russian BOPP-Film Maker Regards Shifts and Moves
- Severodonetsk Azot (Ukraine) to Start PE Production by 2013
- Grand Master Proposes New Packaging Film
- Domestic PE Supply Grows 3 Times in Uzbekistan
- Sibur Hopes for a Loan to Construct PP Plant
- Uzbek Pipe Maker Increases Production Volumes in 2009

Sheet Extrusion and Thermoforming in Central and Eastern Europe

     This comprehensive report, elaborated by ECEBD Hungary Ltd, provides a good coverage of sheet extrusion and thermoforming in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Its objective is to show a global picture about the development of plastic converting in the CEE countries, including Russia (CEE is a developing area having 5-10% annual growth rates).

New Polymers: Polyphenylene Oxide

     Polyphenylene oxide, also known as polyphenylene ether (PPE), is a thermoplastic noncrystalline construction material. Individually, the product is of little commercial significance. The most extensive use belongs to its blends with polystyrene, polyamide and some other polymers. In fact, PPE is an inclusive term for a whole group of polymer materials.
Rubbers and tyres


- Tatneftekhiminvest-Holding, Lanxess May Set Up Rubber JV
- Nizhnekamskneftekhim to Supply Foreign Tyre Makers
- Sibur’s Rubber Plants On-Stream
- Rosava to Enter Brazilian Tyre Market
- Hnyvan Tire Repairing Plant (Ukraine) Posts Production Results for 2008 FY


Russian and Ukrainian Market of Alkylamines

     Alkylamines are ammonia derivatives, where one, two or three hydrogen atoms are substituted for an alkyl residue. They have found applications in a variety of sectors, including agrochemicals, medicines, solvents, surfactants, fuel additives, and rubber accelerators.
     Methyl- and ethylamines constitute the basis for the Russian and Ukrainian alkylamine...


- Nizhnekamskneftekhim to Invest USD 5bn in Ethylene Plant by 2011
- Acrylat (Russia) to Operate at Full Capacity in April
- Ukrainian Company Restarts Acetic Acid Production
- Russian Petrochemical Producers Switch to Gas-Based Petrochemistry


Hydrofluoric Acid and Inorganic Fluorides in the CIS

     Hydrofluoric acid (HF) is a water solution of hydrogen fluoride. HF has a wide range of applications that conventionally may be split into several groups.
     The main consumer of this highly toxic chemical is aluminium production. The solution of hydrogen fluoride is also used for HF glass etching providing for matte surface. Hydrofluoric acid is...

Ukrainian Market of Hydrochloric Acid

     Hydrochloric acid is a solution of hydrogen chloride in water. Strong hydrochloric acid normally contains 36-38% hydrogen chloride. Weak acid, containing 10% and less hydrogen chloride, is applicable on an industrial scale as well.
     Hydrochloric acid is widely used in the industry during the depletion and pickling of metals, etc. It finds uses in...


- EuroChem to Increase Production of Baddeleyite Concentrate
- Desmet Ballestra to Supply Sulphuric Acid Plants for Kazakhstan
- Russian Caustic Soda Foreign Trade in 2008
- Gloomy Prospects for Ukrainian Ammonia Producers
- Azeri Company Produces Pure Carbon Dioxide
- Ukraine: Production of Basic Inorganic Chemicals Goes Down in February


Urea Production in a High Speed Drum Granulator

     A recent interest in compact granulating equipment for the production of commercial urea is justified because such methods do not require vast air volumes and significantly improve product quality. The equipment should have such important options as the availability of granules fattening, the introduction of additives to produce complex granules with moderate ground space to...


- BPC Announces New Prices for Brazilian Market
- Salavatnefteorgsintez Reduced Fertiliser Prices for Russian Farmers
- Ukrainian Fertiliser Market in March 2009
- Stirol (Ukraine) Resumes Granulated Urea Production
- Uzbekistan to Invest USD 600m in Fertiliser Industry

Paints and coatings


- ABC Farben Announces 2008 Financial Results
- German Company Introduces New Interior Coating to the Russian Market
- Tehpromsynthes (Russia) Proposes Organic Solvents
- Russian Company Develops Basalt-Based Product for Corrosion-Control
- Ukrainian Paint Maker Krasitel Goes Bankrupt

Chemistry and energy


- Russian Energy Company to Supply Fuel Pellets to India
- Sasol Signs Heads of Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding in Uzbekistan
- Ukrainian Producers of Nitrogen Fertilisers Enjoy Zero VAT for Natural Gas

Chemistry and business


- Chemistry and business.indd
- Rostechnologies Proposes Chemical Holding with Renova and Sibur
- Lukoil Restructures Petrochemical Assets
- Ukraine Opens Antidumping Probe on Liquid Chlorine Imports
- Ukrainian Government Consolidates Assets of Titanium Industry

Russian chemical industry in financial crisis

     According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation the performance of the chemical industry in 2008 is 95.8% of the 2007 value. Thus, the index number showed a 4.2% abatement instead of the expected 3% rise. The financial crisis and the associated drop of demand for almost the entire line of chemical products have contributed to this recession trend:...
Speciality chemicals

Chemical Blowing Agents: Production and Market in the CIS

     Chemical blowing agents, also known as chemical foaming agents (CFA), are additives used within the polymer processing industry to obtain foamed plastics. Most of the products are of organic nature; still, there are some inorganic compounds frequently used in this application field. CFAs decompose during the processing of a polymer at an increased temperature and release a...


- Nefis Upgrades Pioryshko Laundry Products
- Altaichimprom Extends Disinfectants Portfolio
- Macromer Introduces PC Plasticiser for Concrete Mixtures
- Davos-Trading Proposes New CMC-based Adhesive for Wall-Paper
- Empils to Distribute Slovenian Sealants in Russia



- Sopharma Cuts Costs, Freezes Expansion Plans
- Servier (France) to Invest EUR 85m in Russian Drug Plant
- Arbidol Accepted in the Global Market
- Luhansk Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant Posts Profit for 2008 FY

Chemical Equipment


- Grasys to Supply Large-Scale Nitrogen Plant for Kosogorsk Metallurgical Plant
- Chimavtomatika (Russia) Proposes New Automated Gas Analyser
- Uralchimplast Establishes Equipment Manufacturing JV
- Ukrainian Equipment Manufacturer Progress Posts Results
- Ukrainian Stekloplastic Launches One-Stage Glass-Fibre Process

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