Eurasian chemical market

№2(26), 2009 (Map)


Plastics processing in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

     This overview is a detailed presentation of plastics processing in the CEE region. The data for year 2007 provided is taken from the database designed and operated by ECEBD Hungary Ltd.
     In the CEE region, around 10 million tons of resins are being processed in a year. Out of these, the six commodity plastics are the prevalent ones. As processing...

Chlorinated Paraffins. A Review of the CIS Production

     Chlorinated paraffins are essential multi-purpose additives used in the production of polymer materials and their composites. Their principle application field is plasticizers and fire-retardants for PVC and other polymer compositions. In 2004-07, the world production of chlorinated paraffins stood at 300,000 tpy as estimated by the Euro Chlor. Russia secures a 7% share in...

The Russian and Ukrainian Alkyl Acetate Markets

     Alkyl acetates are acetic acid esters of general composition СН3СООR, where R is an alkyl radical. The products of primary commercial importance are ethyl acetate, n-butyl acetate, and, to a less extent, methyl, propyl, isopropyl and amyl acetates. The total capacity for these compounds in Russia and Ukraine amounts to 180,000 tpy.
     The application...

A Review of the Russian N,N-dimethylformamide and N,N-dimethylacetamide Market

     N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) and N,N-dimethylacetamide (DMA) are the derivatives of formic acid commonly used as solvents. DMF is applied in the production of acrylic fibres, pharmaceuticals and pesticides.
     DMA finds similar application fields; in addition, it serves as a solvent in adhesives and plasticizers manufacturing. 


- Inorganic Chemicals Market: Russia Reduces Production
- EuroChem Upgrades Sulfuric Acid Facilities at Phosphorite
- Rusal Cuts Output, Re-Examines Building Schedules
- Soda Ash Industry in CIS: Latest Trends and Developments
- DniproAzot Invites Government to Introduce Duties on Chlorine Imports
- Russian Company to Bury Radioactive Waste in Turkmenistan



- Kazakh Company to Make Fertilisers from Phosphorus Slime
- Belarus to Restore Potash Fertiliser Exports in H2 2009
- Russia: Potash Fertilisers Demand Strangled by High Prices
- Dniproazot Resumes Urea, Ammonia Production
- Start-up of Uzbek Potash Fertiliser Plant Delayed
- PhosAgro Holds 20% of Indian DAP Market

Chemistry and business


- Metafrax posts Results, Announces Plans
- Sibur Mulls Reduction of Capacity Utilisation in 2009
- M&A Trends in Ukrainian Chemical Market
- Ukrainian Companies Post Losses

Countries and regions

A Review of the Tajik Chemical Industry

     Tajikistan is the smallest state in Central Asia in terms of area. The country is rich in natural resources, but their extraction is hindered by immature infrastructure. Tajikistan is located far away from the basic Eurasian transport routes and has no access to the sea. On account of this, its overseas trade leaves much to be desired. Present-day Tajikistan is reckoned among...
Speciality chemicals

Carboxymethylcellulose. A Review of the CIS Production

     Pure carboxymethylcellulose is of little significance to final consumers. It is its sodium salt frequently referred to as CMC in scientific circles that is commercially important. Our review offers the reader a profound coverage of the CIS CMC production, including its idiosyncrasies, challenges and prospects.
     CMC is appreciated in the oil, textile,...
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