Eurasian chemical market

№1(25), 2009 (Map)


The PVC Market in Russia

     During the economic crisis, a lot of domestic companies producing and consuming PVC have found themselves in a difficult position.  In 2008, the PVC manufacturing shrank by 8,000 tonnes as compared to 2007. Larger imports had prompted an increase in the annual PVC consumption, which was still much poorer then it had been expected before the recession. You will learn more...


- SABIC Invests in Eastern Europe with Expanded Moscow Sales Office
- Sibur Seeks Protection and Injection
- Retal on Course for Uniplast Ukraine Purchase
- Russia: 2008 PE Imports down by 14%
- Belarus Company to Produce “Green” Polymer-Sand Goods

Rubbers and tyres


- Lanxess to Locate Rubber Plant in Russia’s Dzerzhinsk
- Nizhnekamskneftekhim on the Move towards Higher Outputs
- Slovak-German Concern to Continue Investment Programme at the Matador-Omskshina JV
- Yokohama RPZ Became a Resident of Lipetsk SEZ
- Rosava Initiates Antidumping Investigation against Belarus Passenger Tyre Importers
- Ukraine: In 2008 Tyres Production Down by 3.5%
- Krasnojarsk Synthetic Rubber Plant Has All Chances to Survive in Economic Turmoil
- Warming at Nizhnekamskshina JSC
- Omsky Kautchuk JSC Might Be Cut Off


Formic Acid and Formates: a Review of the Russian and Ukrainian Markets

     Formic acid, also known as methanoic acid (HCOOH), is the first member of the homologous series of alkyl carboxylic acids. At room temperature it is a colourless hygroscopic liquid with an intense and pungent smell. Formic acid occurs naturally in conifers, nettle, fruit, and the defensive secretions of bees and ants.
     Only several years ago formic...

Methanol and its Derivatives in Russia: Market and Cutting-edge Technologies

     Methanol is rightly considered as one of the most significant products in the chemical industry. Its application fields are rather diverse, with the fuel and power industry being perhaps the most far-reaching one. The production of methanol has been on the move towards higher levels worldwide. The world production capacity soared from 38.6 million tpy in 2002 to 49.2 million...


- Sibur – Khimprom Restarts Operations, Posts Results
- Altaichimprom (Russia) Upgrades Benzoic Acid Operations
- Khimprom JSC (Russia) Brings Defense-Oriented Production up to Date
- Salavatnefteorgsintez (Russia) to Improve its Hydrofining Technology
- Russia Introduces Zero Export Duty for Liquefied Petrochemical Gases
- Uralchimplast, Itera Postponed Gas-Processing JV
- Axens Licenses Aromatics Process to Kazakhstan


The Production of Iodine and Iodides in the CIS

     The world iodine reserves are presently estimated at 14.7bn tonnes, which will be enough to meet the demand of iodine manufacturing at its current level for hundreds of years.
     The world production output of iodine was assessed at 28,000 tonnes in 2007, the key manufacturing countries being Chile (55%), Japan (25%), and the USA (5%).In 2008, the...


- Sulfuric Acid Production in Russia
- Zirax (Russia) Renews a Contract with Czech Business Unit of Procter & Gamble
- Ukraine: Soda Ash, Caustic Soda, and Ammonia Production Down in December
- Karpatnaftokhim to Launch Second Line at its Chlor-Alkali Plant by June 2009
- Kazakh Chlor-Alkali Plant to Be Commissioned in H1, 2010


An Overview of the Liquid Complex Fertiliser Market in the CIS

     Liquid fertilisers are water solutions or suspensions of mineral or some organic nutrient components. The most popular are nitrogen-containing and liquid complex fertilisers. The first group includes liquid anhydrous ammonia, ammonia water (2% water solution of NH3), ammoniates (calcium nitrate and ammonium nitrate solutions, and also urea solution in ammonia water), and carbon...


- Russia Cancels Fertiliser Export Duty
- Russian Fertiliser Producer Uralkali’s Overall Output Fell 6.4% in 2008
- Belarus, Kaliningrad Region Make Pilot Transshipment of Potash Fertilisers
- Ukrainian Fertiliser Industry in January

Paints and coatings

Ukraine: Couleur Locale

     In recent years, the consumption of paints and coatings has been growing steadily in Ukraine, with a simultaneous rise in competition among the local manufacturers. Foreign companies have been entering into this admittedly profitable market as well.
     A specific feature of Ukraine is that domestic companies are predominantly focused on the internal...


- Russian Market for Powder Coatings Depends on Imports
- Russian Paints JSC Announces 2008 Results
- Management Change in Tikkurila’s Unit in Ukraine
- In 2008, Empils Increased Paint Sales by 10%
- New Ukrainian Coating Products

Chemistry and energy


- Kanskij Zavod Bioetanol Closed Down
- Energy Saving Initiatives at Snezhnyanskhimmash JSC
- Kazakh Uranium Output Jumps in 2008
- Uzbekistan to Commission Seven New Uranium Deposits
- Alternative Fuels Production in Uzbekistan: New Perspectives

Chemistry and business


- Russian Silvinit Posts 2008 Results
- Dumping Probe into Carbon Black Imports from Russia1
- Sperko Ukraine Increases December Output By 64.2%
- Concern Stirol (Ukraine) Posts 2008 Results
- Actavis Restructuring Manufacturing Operations in Bulgaria
- Uzbekistan Sells 100% Stake in Furan Compounds Producer

Countries and regions


- Petrochemical Industry in Tatarstan Continues to Go a Path of Growth
- Belorussian Chemical Companies in 2009
- Ukraine Sees Growth of Dyes and Agrochemicals Production
- Chemical Industry of Uzbekistan to Increase its Production Volume by 2011
- Chemical Industry of Azerbaijan Enjoyed the Last Year’s Results

Speciality chemicals

International Conference Water Treatment 2008

     During the IV International conference “Water Treatment 2008”, held in October, the contributors reviewed a range of topical issues, baseline conditions, and development prospects regarding the use of water-treatment systems in different industrial sectors including energy, metallurgy, petrochemical and chemical industries as well as in food processing.


- Concern Kalina Announces Plans of Dr. Scheller Cosmetics AG to Sell Off Industrial Assets
- Evonik Daughter RohMax Acquires DOS Oil Additives Business in Russia
- Ukrainian Aerosols Unveils 2009 Development Plans
- Azot-Chernigovec Boosts Explosives Output



- Russia’s Pharmaceutical Market Flooded by Imports
- Full-Scale Upgrade at Kraspharma: Exitus Acta Probat?
- Ukraine: Wholesale and Retail Markups Limited to 12% and 10-20% Respectively with Trade in Major Medicines
- Clinical Trials of Principally New Antitumor Drug Started in Russia

Chemical Equipment


- Russian Fertiliser Producer Upgrades Water Treatment System
- Uralhimmash JSC to Increase Output by 25%
- Grasys to Supply Nitrogen Station for Karbolit JSC

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