Eurasian chemical market
№11(23), 2008

№11(23), 2008


Polyvinyl Acetate and Polyvinyl Alcohol. Review of the CIS Production

     Polyvinyl acetate (PVA) is basically manufactured in water dispersible form. In the CIS, only four countries are turning out PVA dispersion: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. The overall capacity for manufacturing this product makes up 77,400 tpy. Polyvinyl alcohol is made exclusively by the Severodonetsk Azot Association CJSC and Nevinnomyssk Azot JSC.You will find...

The Russian Market of Polystyrene and ABS Plastics

     There are only nine polystyrene (PS) manufacturers in the Commonwealth of Independent States, seven of which are based in Russia. Plastik JSC, Sibur’s subsidiary in the Tula Region, is a sole manufacturer of ABS resins in the CIS. Going by the 2007 results, the total production output of polystyrene and ABS resins in Russia made 275,000 tonnes.

The CIS Market of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Co-polymers

     Co-polymers of ethylene and vinyl acetate are in-between “pure” polymers of ethylene and vinyl acetate. As is known, polyethylene is a relatively rigid, non-polar, water-repellent thermoplastic material while polyvinyl acetate is a flexible, polar, hydrophile polymer, which possesses good adhesive properties.
     Our article consists of...


Rubbers and tyres



Review of Polyethylene Glycol Production in the CIS

     Polyethylene glycols are water-soluble nonionic oxygen-containing high-molecular ethylene oxide polymers having two terminal hydroxyl groups. They are available in a broad range of molecular weight (MW) grades, from thick liquids (MW<400) to waxy substances (MW 200-2000) and crystalline thermoplastic polymers (MW>2000). Traditionally, the term “polyethylene glycol”...



Amino Alcohols. Review of the CIS Manufacturing

     Amino alcohols (alkanolamines, hydramines) are aliphatic organic compounds containing both an amine functional group (–NH2) and an alcohol functional group (–ОН).
     Lower amino alcohols are high-boiling oleaginous fluids with the properties characteristic of bases. Alpha-amino alcohols, with the amine and alcohol functional groups belonging...




- Uralchem Starts Commercial Production of ASN 32:0:0:5
- Uralkali’s Sinkhole Saga
- USD 1.5bn Fertiliser Plant Mulled in Astrakhan Region (Russia)
- Angarskiy Azotno-Tukoviy Zavod Ltd (Russia) Produces Ammonium Nitrate of a New Premium Grade
- Current Situation in Ukrainian Fertiliser Industry

Paints and coatings


Chemistry and energy

Biofuel in the CIS

     Over the last few years bioenergetics has been used as a political weapon, involving the interests of quite a few hundred millions of people worldwide striving to satisfy their energy and fuel consumption needs. On the other side, soaring prices for basic food products in both world and domestic markets hurt exports of wheat, rice, and vegetable oils by the main producing countries....
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