Eurasian chemical market
№10(22), 2008

№10(22), 2008


World and Russian Polycarbonate Markets Current Situation

     This article gives the general pattern and traces the current trends in the development of the world’s and Russia’s polycarbonate (PC) markets.
     Despite the lack of domestic PC production in Russia, the polycarbonate market can be referred to as the most dynamically growing polymer market in Russia. In the period from 2000 to 2006, its...

Polymers in the Automotive Industry

     Leading multi-national automobile concerns presently enjoy a two-fold increase in their production output which took place over the past decade. The contribution of various polymer segments to the production of complex auto parts and cool gadgets has soared as well, with preference being given to the polypropylenes, polyurethanes, ABS plastics, and polyamides. So, as it stands...

Russian Market of PVC Compounds

     PVC compounds were increasingly consumed in Russia during 2000-2007. In 2007, the Russian market saw demand stand high over supply amid intensifying competition from home companies hungry for PVC supplies and ready to accept larger prices and poorer quality.
     Nearly 88% of the total internal consumption in the country is satisfied by domestic manufacturing...


- Russian Company Teplex Supplies EPS Foam Products for Oil and Gas Pipe Industry
- Sibur Holding Proceeds with EUR 28m Plant Upgrade
- Evonik to Expand Plexiglas Business in Russia
- Ursa Eurasia Opens New Heat Insulation Plant
- Rusnano and Oerlikon Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement
- NKNH Launches PE Plant in Tatarstan
- Russia and Ukraine: Exchange Rate Fluctuations Affect PVC Prices
- Ukraine: PS Output Up by 21.5% in September

Rubbers and tyres

Review of Rubber Additives in the CIS: Part 2. Rubber Accelerators

     Among other issues, the July edition of the Eurasian Chemical Market addressed the CIS manufacturing of rubber stabilisers. And now the time has come to raise the curtain on another attraction, the CIS production of rubber accelerators.
     Accelerators, which grew into a must have ingredient in rubber production long ago, are sophisticated organic...


- Cherkessk Rubber Goods Plant Enjoys 14% YOY Increase in Moulded Articles
- Armacell to Construct Rubber Insulation Materials Plant in Mari-El (Russia)
- Krasnojarsk Synthetic Rubber Plant Starts New Production
- Sverdlovsk-based Rubber and Tyre Manufacturers Post Jan.-Sep. Results
- Belshina JSC Increases Exports to Russia
- Ukrainian Tyre Production Down By 17% in September
- Finnish Nokian Tyres to Increase the Number of Vianor Tyre Centers in Ukraine by 2009



- Tobolsk Neftekhim to Boost Hydrocarbon Feedstock Output by 80%
- Russia to Construct New Gas Processing Complexes
- Sibur Plans Cooperation with Belorusneft
- Technip Wins Contract for Ethylene Plant Expansion in Russia Naftan Starts Building Low
- Naftan Starts Building Low Temperature Isomerisation Plant
- Karpatnaftokhim (Ukraine) Stops Production Again
- Ukrainian Styrene Imports in September Saw a 76.4% Increas


Trisodium Phosphate. Sodium Tripolyphosphate. Review of the CIS Production

     Trisodium phosphate Na3PO4•H2O finds application in the energy sector and metal working, the production of sugar and synthetic rubbers, pulp and paper, and oil & gas industries. Sodium tripolyphosphate Na5 P3 O10 is used to produce synthetic detergents.
     The analysis of the CIS market showed that the key manufacturing capacities for these...


- Production of Basic Inorganic Chemicals in Ukraine: Ups and Downs in September
- Air Liquide (France) to Construct Industrial Gas Plant in Tatarstan
- Kazak Titanium Producer to Launch a New Titanium Ingot Production Line
- Azerbaijan to Become World’s Fourth Iodine Producer within Two Years


Russian Market of Agricultural Crop Protection Solutions

     In the near term, Russia is expected to enter the top three countries using the largest volume of chemical products to protect crops, says Merchant Research & Consulting Ltd. It is interesting to know that 54% of the pesticides in the country’s consumption structure are herbicides. The lesser insecticides and fungicides have almost equal shares in the total volume...


- Cherkasy Azot to Start Upgrade of Urea Plant in March 2009
- Ukrtekhnofos Opens Affiliate in Kherson
- Rivneazot to Invest USD 1bn in Construction of New Plants by 2017
- Ukrainian Industrial Policy Ministry and Urea Producers Agree to Cut Domestic Prices by 7.4% from October
- IPIC signs MoU with two partners to build fertiliser complex in Uzbekistan
- Kazakhstan’s Fertiliser Sector to Revive
- Uralchem Announces a Price Reduction in Fertilisers for Russian Agricultural Producers

Paints and coatings

Alkyd Resins in the CIS

     Alkyd resins, the products of polycondensation of polybasic carbonic acids with polyols, are high-viscosity liquids. Industrial alkyd resins are usually made from phthalic acid and glycerol or pentaerythritol, and called glyphthalic or pentaphthalic resins respectively. They are mainly employed in the manufacturing of alkyd varnishes and enamels. Presently, alkyd resins hold...


- Feidal Ltd Introduces New Product
- Empils CJSC Expands Colour Palette
- Kraski Teks Ltd Expands Application Fields of Profi Waterproof Primer 1:7
- Samtex Paints on the Ukrainian Market
- Ukrainian Companies Reduce Production of Paints and Coatings

Chemistry and energy

What Biofuel is for in Kazakhstan: Pop-trend or Perspective?

     Today any international event devoted to energy security issues usually view biofuels as a way to diversify alternative energy sources.
Due to its vast land areas, Kazakhstan has huge potential to break into world’s biofuel market. Presently, the alternative fuel is produced here from grain wastes.
     Biohim has pioneered bioethanol manufacturing...


- Nitol Solar Supplies Trina Solar with Initial Deliveries of Polysilicon to Manufacture Solar Modules
- Cellulose-Containing Waste Processing Plant in Krasnojarsk Territory
- Russia’s Gazprom to Supply Gas to Petkim (Turkey)
- Belarus-based Zhabinkavcki Sugar Factory to Produce Bioethanol Fuel
- Photovoltaic Sector of Kazakhstan: Recent Developments

Chemistry and business


- Russia’s Karpov Chemical Plant Boosts Sales
- Omsky Kautchuk JSC Escapes Bankruptcy Proceedings
- Ammophos JSC (Russia) Posts Results for September and Nine Months of 2008
- Tomskneftekhim Ltd Posts Jan.-Sep. 2008 Results
- Sibur – Fertilisers Announces 2008 Interim Financial Results
- Lanxess to Enter Russian Market
- Kremenchug Carbon Black Plant JSC Changes Owner
- SPF Re-Offers Cherkasy State Plant of Chemical Reagents for Sale
- Bromine JSC (Ukraine) Suspends Production
- Ukrperiklaz Ltd Acquires Khimprom’s Magnesia Product Complex
- Belorussian Petrochemical Companies Ready for REACH Regulations
- Eurochem Fertilisers Ltd Acquires Stake in Kazakhstan-based Sary-Tas JSC

Countries and regions


- Petrochemical Industry in Russia and Ukraine: Trends and Prospects
- The Ukrainian Chemists Union Appeals to the President
- Azerbaijan Posts 53.7% Growth in Chemical Production
- Uzbekistan Improves Trade Turnover of Chemicals
- Navoyiazot to Upgrade its Production Facilities
- Kazakhstan to Develop Chemical Industry

Speciality chemicals


- Nefis Cosmetics Launches an Innovative Stearin Production Technology
- Sephora Acquires 45% of Selective Russian Perfumery Chain Ile de Beauté
- Ruche Buys Arbat Prestige Business in Ukraine
- Stakhanov Plant for Carbon Black JSC (Ukraine) to Produce up to 43,000 tonnes of Carbon Black
- New Pharmaceutical Plant Opened in Kyrgyzstan

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