Eurasian chemical market
№7(19), 2008

№7(19), 2008 (Map)


Trends in the World and Russian Polyolefin Markets

     The polyolefin construction projects announced by key Russian producers to date may not turn out to be viable programmes but just a warning signal for potential market players, causing them to revise their expansion plans downwards. Instead of an expected surplus of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) in the domestic market, we shall most likely face a deficit continuing...

Fluorinated Thermoplastics: the CIS Market in Outline

     Fluoropolymers are regarded as unusual compounds. They are not found in nature, and their discovery was accidental. Due to their unique properties, fluoropolymers have turned out to be extremely helpful in a variety of spheres that impose the strictest requirements on the materials applied. The products are chiefly consumed by the nuclear and chemical industries, aerospace,...


- Uralchimplast JSC Launches the Production of Low-Temperature Proppants
- Fibreglass Production to Get Started in Alabuga SEZ
- Russian Poliplastik to Launch Polymer Pipes Production in Ukraine
- PP Plant Construction Started at Turkmenbashi Refinery Complex

Thermoplastic Elastomers 2008 Conference

     Simple and speedy processing together with non-waste producing technology has recently made thermoplastic elastomers quite popular. This product field has become one of the most promising sectors in polymer production. In the past few years the output of thermoplastic elastomers has been stably growing with an annual rate ranging from 10 to 15%. In their outlook for 2008 experts...
Rubbers and tyres

A Review of Rubber Additives in the CIS. Stabilisers for Rubber Products

     The review is a part of a series of articles on rubber additives. It considers the current production of rubber stabilisers in the CIS. The stabilisers are the most important additives to rubbers due to their life-cycle elongation ability. There are two types of stabilisers: anti-oxidants and antiozonants. Their diversity is described in the article. Nowadays the only CIS country...


- Russian Tyremakers Reduce Production in H1
- Russian R&D Company Developed New Syloxane Rubber-Based Coating
- Japanese Tyre Company to Launch Plants in Russia and Brazil
- Ukrainian Dniproshina JSC Plans Expansion


The CIS Butadiene Market

     In the CIS, only Azerbaijan and Russia manufacture butadiene, Russia being the largest producer and consumer of the chemical. The Russian output of butadiene for 2007 was 504,100 tonnes. For the period 1999-2007, the country’s output almost doubled while butadiene plants run at 100% capacity. However, despite the growth, large imports of butadiene attest to a lack of...


- Nizhnekamskneftekhim Inc. Launches Isobutylene Concentration Unit
- Salavatnefteorgsintez JSC Restarts its Monomer Unit after Planned Overhaul
- Joint Belarus-Moldova Trading Company to Promote Belorussian Petrochemical Products in Moldova


The Current State and an Outlook for the Manufacturing of Caustic Soda and Chlor-alkali Products in Russia

     Caustic soda is one of the key chemical products manufactured by thousands of tonnes and widely used in many industries. How fast the caustic soda manufacturing sector will develop depends to a great extent on the demand for chlor-alkali products, the most important of which is vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).The total demand for caustic soda in Russia...


- Volzhsky Azotno-kislorodny Zavod Completes Retrofit of its Key Units
- Nevinnomyssk Azot to Invest RUB 86 in Upgrade of Desalinated Water Units
- The Production of Ammonia in Ukraine Increased by 5.8% up to 381,100 Tonnes


Prospects for the CIS Fertiliser Market

     The International Fertiliser Industry Association (IFA) held its 76th Annual Conference in Vienna (Austria) on 19-21 May. Michel Prud'homme, IFA Secretariat, pinpointed the recent trends in the CIS fertiliser market among other things in his report “Global Fertilisers, Raw Materials Supply and SupplyDemand”.


- Uralkali Increases Potash Fertilisers Production by 5.3% in H1, 2008
- Ukrainian Sumykhimprom JSC to Ramp up Fertiliser Production
- Ukrtechnophos Ltd to Expand Production of Fertilisers by 60% to 272,000 Tonnes by 2009
- Concern Stirol Increased Production of Urea by 0.3% to 422,000 Tonnes in H1
- Ukraine to make Mineral Fertilises from Melange Propellant

Paints and coatings


- Empils Boosts Output in H1
- Emlak CJSC Develops a New Coating System
- Caparol Develops New Exterior Coatings

Chemistry and energy


- Grodno Azot JSC to Boost Mixed Biofuel Output up to 100,000 Tonnes in 2008
- Kazakh Company Starts Biofuel Production in Petropavlovsk

Chemistry and business


- Sales of Russian Salavatnefteorgsintez Reached RUB 29.1bn in Q1
- Cherepovets Azot JSC Summed Up Its May Results
- Sayanskhimplast JSC Posts H1 Results
- Sibur Ltd Investment Project Recognised as Top Priority
- Agreement between Silvinit and Federal Antimonopoly Committee
- Financial Results of Concern Stirol JSC for H1, 2008
- Sumykhimprom JSC Sums Up Results for H1, 2008
- Lukoil-Neftekhim to Invest USD 600m in Development of Karpatnaftokhim Ltd by 2014
- Target Media Plus Ltd Holds 34% Interest of NPO Iodobrom JSC 

Countries and regions

A Review of the Chemical Industry of Azerbaijan

     The first oil wells appeared in Azerbaijan as early as 1848. The country was a world leader in terms of oil production at the end of the 19th century. However, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the oil industry of the republic experienced a serious decline. But if you think that all the country’s achievements became a thing of the past you are in error. Azerbaijan...


- Russia Increased Imports of Chemical Products up to USD 102.51bn in H1
- The Production Output of Fertilisers and Iodine Decrease in Turkmenistan
- Сhemical Output in Kyrgyzstan up by 39.3% in January-May
- New Chemical Facilities to be Launched in Uzbekistan

Speciality chemicals


- Evonik Plans Thermal Black Production in Russia
- Russian Nefis Cosmetics JSC Boosted Sales of Powder Detergents by 40%
- Allessa Print Industry Products to Be Sold in Europe and Russia
- Vinnitsapobutkhim CJSC Increased the Production by 48% in Q2, 2008

Special topic

Chemo-Pol Industrial Park for House Care Product Manufacturing in Odesa, Ukraine

     The industrial zone in Teplodar, in the Odesa Region, is thought to be a good place for a new industrial park since the region boasts a substantial R&D base, a well-developed chemical industry, a few large marine and river ports, decent road and railways, and an airport.The Teplodar Industrial Zone (35 km away from Odesa) for eight years has been a location of the ABC Chemicals...
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