Eurasian chemical market
№5(17), 2008

№5(17), 2008


The Exhibition Primus: Interplastica 2008

     The exhibition “Primus: Interplastica 2008” held in Kyiv from 2 to 5 April introduced visitors to the newest technologies, equipment, and raw materials used in the plastic processing industry. The initiator, Primus Exhibitions Group, did its best to attract the industry’s leaders. The article briefly tells the reader about the numerous participants of the...

The International Exhibitions Chemie & Plastex Central Asia

     The plastic market of Kazakhstan is now experiencing a steady growth. The exhibitions Chemie 2008 - Chemical Industry and Plastex Central Asia held in Almaty well confirm this statement. More than 2,200 people visited the exhibitions and 17% of the participants signed contracts during the event. The article contains general information about the event.


- Polief Expands PET and PTA Capacity
- Ukrainian PET Preform and Stretch Film Producer Mulls Sales Increase
- PVC: Russia Follows China as Main Growth Driver
- Russian RusVinyl Mulls PVC Products Complex
- Belarus Develops New Antibacterial Filter Fabric
- Severstal JSC to Build the Second Polymer Coatings Line
- Ukrainian Man-Made Fibre Output in April

Rubbers and tyres


- Altai Tyre Plant JSC to Launch Metal Cord Tyre Facility by 2009
- Russian tyre-makers combine resources
- In April Ukraine Produces 3.9m m2 of Cord Fabrics
- The Second Tyre Making Facility to Come On-Stream at Voronezh Factory

Conference: “The Market of Rubbers, Tyres and Mechanical Rubber Goods 2008”

     On 17-18 April, the 4th International Conference entitled “The Market of Rubbers, Tyres and Mechanical Rubber Goods 2008” was held in Alushta (Crimea, Ukraine). There were 35 participants from Russia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Turkey, Belgium, UK, Belarus and Hungary. The business event was held in several sessions: during the first session, the participants...


- Tomskneftekhim Ltd to Boost Production Capacity by 65%
- Maire Tecnimont Awarded USD 900m Order by Russia’s Taneco
- Alkylation Plant of Mozyr Oil Refinery to Go Operational by Late June
- Foreign Companies to Invest in Gas Processing in Uzbekistan


A Review of Aluminium Hydroxide Production in the CIS

     The article entitled “Aluminium Hydroxide: a Review of the CIS Production” covers the present-day manufacturing of the product in the CIS and the main application fields. The key aluminium hydroxide producers are located in Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan. A special attention is given to the United Company RUSAL, which is regarded as the largest alumina producer...


- In April Ukraine Boosts Ammonia Output by 4.1%
- Itera Group Proceeds with Iodine-Bromine and Urea Plants Construction in Turkmenistan


Urea Production in the CIS: Technologies and Prospects

     Urea, along with ammonium nitrate, is one of the most widespread nitrogen fertilisers with a 59% share in 2007 (that is around 144m tonnes). Over the last few years, the urea production facilities tend to expand in the developing countries, while the developed countries reduce their production facilities. According to IFA, about 25% of the world urea output is exported. In...

The Ukrainian Fertiliser Market in H1, 2008

     Fertilisers are one of the most important chemical products. Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash fertilisers as well as fertiliser mixtures are the most widely-used ones. This article analyses the state of the Ukrainian market of fertilisers including ammonium nitrate, urea, ammophos, superphosphates, nitroammophoska, and potassium chloride. In Q1 2008, the total country’s...


- Russia’s Meleuz Mineral Fertilisers JSC Uses Kazakh Phosphate Rock as Feedstock
- Concern Stirol JSC Launches 700,000 tpy Pelletised Urea Production
- Cherkasy-Based Azot JSC to Allocate EUR 36.3m for Upgrade
- Voskresensk Mineral Fertilisers JSC to Construct New Urea Plant
- Prices of Fertilisers in the Ukrainian Market 24-30 May
- Duties on Russian Ammonium Nitrate Imports Promote Ukrainian Output

Paints and coatings

The International Exhibition Primus: Interfarba 2008

     The international exhibition Primus: Interfarba 2008, which took place in Kyiv (15-18 April), hosted more than 100 companies from different countries. The diversity of products and technological innovations in the field of paints and coatings produced a strong impression. Our short article will introduce you to key events of this exhibition.


- 2% Increase in Ukrainian Q1 Paint and Coating Output
- Elaks’ Novelties Conquer the Market

Chemistry and energy


- Next Step Towards Kazakh Conversion Plant
- Russian Biotecnology Corporation Launches Biofuel Business in Vietnam
- Tajikazot Faces Gas Shortage
- Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers Raised Gas Surcharge for Fertilisers

Chemistry and business

Trade in Raw Materials and Chemicals on the First Commodity Exchanges in the Post-Soviet Countries

     Exchange trade is one of the most important factors that influence the pricing of commodities. The given article is dedicated to the history and current state of the Commodity Market Section of the Moscow Stock Exchange (MSE). The article informs the reader about the commodity trading on MSE. You can also learn legislative aspects of the exchange trade. We pay particular attention...


- Severodonetsk Azot Association JSC Forecasts High Profits in H1
- Belneftekhim Concern Names Its Key Export Markets

Countries and regions


- Russian Chemical Industry Generates High Profits
- Uzbek Chemical Industry Performance in January-April 2008

Speciality chemicals

A Review of the CIS Metallic Stearates Market

     Metallic stearates find a lot of applications in various industries. Presently, only Russia and Ukraine among the CIS countries own production facilities for metallic stearates. Currently, the average operating rate of Russian companies functioning in this sector fluctuates around 50%. In Ukraine, this index is even lower. Russia is the largest consumer of metallic stearates...


- Ukraine’s Crimea Titan CJSC Launches Decomposition Plant
- Nefis Cosmetics JSC Launches New Brand in Household Goods Market
- In Q1 Vinnytsiapobutkhim CJSC Increases Production to EUR 999,500
- Russian Mineral Resources JSC Plans Titanium Mining in Komi

Conference in the Crimea (Ukraine): “Surfactant Days and Cosmetics–2008”

     From 28 to 30 May 2008, VII International Conference “Surfactant Days and Cosmetics–2008” took place in Yalta, Ukraine. The conference attracted representatives of 79 companies located in Ukraine, Russia, and Western Europe. It was initiated by VNIIhimprojekt research and development centre under the auspices of the Ukrainian Ministry of Industrial Policy....
Special topic

ICIF China 2008 (Shanghai)

     The present-day Shanghai is the largest financial and economic centre of China. The word “Shanghai” means “by the sea”… From 23 till 25 April, the city hosted the international chemical exhibition ICIF CHINA 2008 at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center with the area of 23,000 m². At the exhibition a lot of Chinese companies...
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