Eurasian chemical market
№3(15), 2008

№3(15), 2008


The Russian PVC Market

     Polyvinylchloride is a large-capacity polymer and it ranks globally as the third thermoplastic after polyethylene and polypropylene with respect to its output and consumption volumes. In Russia, polyvinylchloride holds the second position after polyethylene. It accounted for 13.5% of the plastic produced in 2007.  The Russian PVC market is a rapidly rising one. For the...

The Key Russian Polymer Expo in 2008

     From 29 January to 1 February of 2008, the International Specialised Exhibition of Plastics & Rubber Interplastica 2008 was held at the Expocentr in Krasnaja Presnia (Moscow). Messe Düsseldorf Group and its subsidiary Messe Düsseldorf Moskau Ltd have organised such exhibitions for 11 times already. The polymer industry is a very important part of the Russian chemical...


- Teplex Ltd Launches Innovative Product Range in the Russian Market
- Uralchimplast JSC to Put Non-rigid PVC Unit on Stream
- Cadence and Sumitomo to Put Up Moulded Plastic Operation in St Petersburg
- Brovary Plastics Plant CJSC to Increase Its Authorised Capital up to USD 4.49m
- Ukrainian Polystyrene Manufacturers Extend their February Output

Rubbers and tyres


- Sibur – Russian Tyres JSC Announces the Preliminary Results for 2007
- Nizhnekamskshina Inc. to Invest USD 17.8m in Capacity Increase
- Belshina Produces Pilot Lot of Tyres for MAZ Wheeled Carriers
- Nokian Tyres to Open Tyres Center in Almaty
- The Kyiv Plant of Rubber and Latex Goods to Raise Authorised Capital up to USD 4.3m
- Amtel-Vredestein Completes the Sale of Moscow Tyre Plant-M



- Sayanskhimplast JSC Starts Upgrading of VCM Production Facility
- Russia Sberbank to Finance Methanol Plant Construction at Shchekinoazot JSC
- Mitsui Puts Forward AmmoniaMethanol Operation in Sakhalin (Russia)
- New Projects on Production Upgrade at Farg'ona Oil Processing Plant
- Gas-Processing Complex to Be Built in Jakutija
- O'zbekneftegaz to Set Up a New Propane/Butane Facility
- Jenakijevo Coke Chemical Plant JSC Expanded its January-February Coke Output
- Aromatic Hydrocarbon Production Complex to Be Constructed in Kazakhstan
- Severodonetsk Azot Production Association CJSC to Boost Acetic Acid Capacity


Selenium: the Element of the Moon: An overview of CIS selenium production

     For quite a while the semiconductor industry has been a key consumer of selenium. The photovoltaic and photoconductive properties peculiar to all its allotropic forms make selenium an important feedstock for the manufacturing of the semiconductor products such as rectifiers employed in batteries, anode and filament circuits, as well as in measuring tools. The world output of...


- Evonik and Sibur Review Options for Co-operation in the Russian Federation
- The Ammonia Output in Ukraine Raised by 7.6% in February
- Rivneazot JSC Plans an Overhaul of its Ammonia Operations in Summer 2008
- Tajikhimprom JSC Sold to UK Investor
- Grasis to Supply Adsorption Oxygen Plant to the Kazakhstan-Based Gold Recovery Plant
- SKZ-U Ltd (Kazakhstan) Implements the Programme on Sulfuric Acid Plant Construction



- Belarusian Potash Company to Raise Prices for Fertiliser Exports to Brazil and India
- Farmers of Osh Region (Kyrgyzstan) Enjoy Stable Fertiliser Supplies
- Ukrainian Fertiliser Manufacturers and Agricultural Companies Ink Collaboration Agreement
- Concern Stirol JSC Announces 2008 Production Plans
- Cherkassy Azot JSC Expects an 18% Rise in Net Income in 2008
- EU Removed Anti-Dumping Duties on Ukrainian Carbamide
- Azot JSC (Berezniki) Enforces Modernisation Programme
- State Property Fund of Uzbekistan Announces Tender to Sell Fertiliser Company Samarkandkimyo JSC
- January-February Exports of Fertilisers from Uzbekistan on the Rise

Paints and coatings

The CIS Market of Phthalic Anhydride

     Phthalic anhydride (PA), colourless needle-shaped crystals, is the organic compound with the molecular formula C8H4O3. The primary demands for PA in the Russian market include the paint and coating industry and the production of plasticisers. The paint and coating industry tends to increase its PA consumption year by year. As of early 2008, all of the Ukrainian PA production...


- Empils Expands Paints Portfolio
- Nova Plant of Paints and Coatings Ltd Introduced New Products
- Caparol Ukraine Boosted its Sales by 72% in 2007

Chemistry and energy


- Alfa Laval to Produce Separation and Heat-Transfer Systems in Tiumen (Russia)
- Shimizu Corporation to Set Up a Landfill Gas Capture Project in Yerevan in 2009

Chemistry and business


- Nizhnekamskneftekhim Inc Listed at MICEX
- Operational Results of KuibyshevAzot JSC for 2 Months of 2008
- Chemical and Petrochemical Output in Tatarstan to Increase Threefold by 2010
- Kazakhstan Government Signs Three MOUs with UAE Companies
- Kemerovokhimmash JSC to Become Part of Altayvagon
- BPC Still Interested in Incorporating Russian Silvinit
- MCC EuroChem JSC Production Results in 2007
- Karpatnaftokhim Ltd Forecasts USD 10m Losses in April Due to the Growth in Feedstock Costs
- Azot-Energy Invest JSC Announces Work Results in 2007 and Plans for 2008
- Khimgrad Tenants Can Receive Tax Preferences
- Turkmenistan State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange Saw 22 Transactions Concluded in 16-23 March
- Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Plant Leads Top 1000 Taxpayers Chart in Armenia
- Azerbaijan’s State Chemical Company Azerkimiya Saw 20% of the Planned Production Output in 2007
- Chemical Enterprises in the Kemerovo Region Raise Output by 11.1% in 2007

Speciality chemicals

Metal Naphthenates: a Review of CIS Production

     Naphthenates are the salts of naphthenic acids. As a rule, these compounds are highly soluble in hydrocarbons and stable while in storage. Industrially, cobalt, lead, manganese, zinc, and copper naphthenates are the most widely used ones. In the CIS, only Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan manufacture naphthenates. The demand for this product in the other CIS countries is rather...


- Ukrainian Manufacturers Boost Titanium Dioxide Output by 6.4% in February
- Stakhaniv Carbon Black Plant Posted USD 6.7m Net Profit in 2007
- French Olmix to Launch Nanomaterials Operations in Uzbekistan

Special topic

Logistics of the Russian Chemical Market Conference

     On 14 February 2008 the movers and shakers of the Russian chemical market met in the President Hotel (Moscow) to attend the II annual conference entitled Logistics of the Russian Chemical Market or ChemoLogic 2008. Currently, the term logistics is widely used in business world to define the theory and practice of how raw materials, goods, industrial, human and financial resources...

Russian Petrochemical Industry Sets Guideposts

     The 5th International Chemical Summit accomplished its work on 27 March 2008. The summit was arranged by the government of Moscow, the Association of Petroleum Processors and Petrochemists of Russia, the Russian Chemical Union, and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP). The article covers the reports of key speakers at the Summit, including those of Viktor...
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