Eurasian chemical market
№9(9), 2007

№9(9), 2007


Price trends of Ukrainian Ammonium nitrate market in January-September 2007

     Ammonia Nitrate (AN) nitrogen fertilizer, demand for which increases usually in early Spring and Autumn. It is caused by additive maintenance required for soils exhausted with previous harvest. Ukraine stays in the list of leading world producers of AN actively exporting this marketable commodity. There are four large manufacturers of the product in Ukraine. In 2006, the total...
Companies and markets

Aniline as a Raw Material for Dyes and Polymers: the Overview of the Russian Market

     Aniline is a chemical used as a raw material for manufacturing artificial dyes, plastics and other compounds. Among the CIS countries only Russia has capacities for aniline estimated at 90,000 tonnes. The following enterprises produce the compound: Volga Orgsintez JSC (Volgograd region); Khimprom JSC (Novocheboksarsk, Chuvash Republic); spanand Beraton JSC (Berezniki, Perm...

Review of the Methanol Production in the CIS

     Methanol is poisonous and that it is. Everybody knows that even minute quantity of the substance is enough to cause lesions of nervous and vascular systems and as a result blindness or even lethal outcome. But being used for technical purposes, this product is invaluable since it can be applied in different fields. Methanol is a product of large-scale chemistry used for manufacturing...

Innovations of Polymer Pipe Production

     Polymers threw back traditional materials in all spheres. During the last few decades polymers became one of the most popular materials for pipe production in the world. These pipes raised efficiency and reliability of networks for water supply, heating, sewerage and different substances tranship to a wondrous level. The polymer pipes have confirmed quality and announced lifetime....

The Second International Conference Melamine 2007

     On 5 September 2007, Moscow hosted the second International Conference Melamine 2007. The event was organised by Creon JSC. Participants discussed the past, present and future of melamine production as well as the world market trends. The conference was attended by the following companies: Achema, AMI Agrolinz Melamine, Cytec, DSM Melamine, Eurotecnica, Helm AG, Lurgi, Qatar...

The International Conference: Pesticides 2007

     The international conference Pesticides 2007 was held on 10 September at the Baltschug Kempinski Hotel, Moscow. The event was organised by the Creon Company with the Mineral and Chemical Company Eurochem acting as a sponsor. The pivotal topics for discussion were a huge amount of counterfeit pesticides found in the Russian market and difficulties which can arise when registering...

The International Conference Titanium Dioxide 2007

On 14 September 2007, the second International Conference Titanium Dioxide 2007 was held in the Baltschug Kempinski Hotel, Moscow. Creon CJSC this event in cooperation with Articol, TZ Mineral International, and the Centrlack Association. Over 40 experts from the titanium dioxide industry came to discuss the latest achievements and challenges of this sector as well as the current situation in the global...

The Second International Conference Polymer Sheets 2007

     More than 80 representatives from 48 Russian and foreign companies took part in the II International conference entitled. The conference was by Creon CJSC and took place in the Baltschug Kempinski Hotel, Moscow on 17 September.
     The participants of the conference were the key producers of polymer sheets, trade, raw material suppliers, and consumers....

The IV International Conference 'Polystyrene and ABС Plastics 2007'

     The Annual International Moscow Conference; was held at the Balschug Kempinski hotel on 18 September. This is the fourth such annual event organised by Creon CJSC to discuss the main trends and current issues of the industry. The conference was attended by more than 100 representatives from both Russian and foreign companies involved in the polystyrene and ABC-plastics industry...

The V International Conference: The Markets of Paints and Paints Feedstock 2007

     On September 26-27, at the height of the velvet season, The Fifth International Conference “The markets of Paint-and-Lacquer Materials and Feedstock for PLM 2007; was held by tradition at the hotel; on the Crimean south coast. On the first day of the conference work 3 sessions were held: Market and Manufacture of PLM. The Main Trends and Prospects of the Branch»,...

The All-Russian Specialised Conference entitled Strategic Challenges of the Chemical Industry: Promotion and Sale Technologies

     On 4 September 2007, Moscow hosted the specialised Conference entitled Strategic Challenges of Chemical Industry Market, which was held as part of the 14-th International Exhibition Chemistry 2007. Representatives of large consulting and marketing companies, leading information agencies and mass media on chemical industry attended this event.

The IV International Exhibition 'PlastUkraine'

     The fourth PlastUkraine was held from 18 to 20 September in one of the International Exhibition Centre halls on the left bank of the Dniepr. Targi Kielce (Poland) and Trade Company EXPO (Ukraine) organised this event which has already become traditional. The event was attended by over 96 companies from 8 countries from around the globe, what this says is that the Ukrainian...

XIV International Exhibition of the Chemical Industry and Science 'CHEMISTRY 2007'

     Among a great number of exhibitions, conferences, symposia and other business meetings visited by our team, some events should be set apart for different reasons. The given article is devoted to one of these events – the largest and the oldest chemical exhibition in the former Soviet Union.
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