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№5(5), 2007

№5(5), 2007 (Map)


The Chemical Industry of Belarus

     The Republic of Belarus is a state in the Eastern Europe bordering on Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania. Despite of its ethnic and geographic proximity, modern Belarus is still an unsolved mystery both to its neighbours and the rest of the world. Previously, Belarus was called “an assembly-room of the USSR”. Upon acquiring independence, the country managed...
Companies and markets

The Overlook on Kaolin Production in the CIS

     Kaolin is a light-coloured clay mineral which is primarily made up of kaolinite (content: Al2O3 – 39.5%, SiO2 – 46.5%, H2O – 14.0%) and quartz. A high degree of dispersion, white colour, dielectric behaviour, chemical resistance, good dispersing and wetting properties – all these qualities make kaolin universal filler for paper, rubber goods and cable,...

Water Treatment 2007: The II International Conference on Water Treatment

     The second international conference on water treatment was held on May 27, 2007 at Baltschug Kempinski Hotel in Moscow. Organised by the Creon Company, the conference shed light on the most crucial issues of water treatment in the countries of the CIS: closed-loop systems, technical water in the chemical industry, drinkable water preparation, etc. The conference turned...

Associated Gas 2007: The International Conference

     On 22 May, Moscow hosted the International Conference entitled “Associated Gas 2007” which was organised by the Creon Company. The conference participants discussed the current business events in the production and processing spheres of oil dissolved gas. The processing of oil gas is an issue of vital importance for Russia since the country suffers from the deficit...

Urea 2007: The IV International Conference

     The Fourth International Conference entitled ‘Urea 2007’ took place in Dzerzhinsk, Russia from 30 to 31 May 2007. The conference was a venue for around 120 participants: representatives of carbamide companies, as well as firms elaborating technology and equipment. Representatives of over 30 companies from 8 countries took part in the work of the conference: Russia,...

Polymers Market 2007: The V International Conference

     The V International Conference ‘Polymers Market 2007’ was held in Alushta, Ukraine on 18-19 April. Arranged by the Business-Forum Company and Him-Kurier magazine, the event covered the latest trends and business opportunities in the CIS polymers market. The attendees represented key polymer manufacturers and processors in the CIS, regional trading companies from...


- Russia, Eastern Europe to Cover European Demand in Biodiesel Feedstock
- Russian Thermoplastics Market Sees 15% Growth
- Moscow Stock Exchange Forecasts an Increase in Fertiliser Sales
- Akron Published Q1 2007 Report Including Its Subsidiary Dorogobuzh Operations
- Cherepovec-based Azot JSV Published Quarterly Report
- Ammophos JSV Published Q1 Report
- Balakovskije...


- Ukraine Plans to Boost Biofuel Output
- Ukrainian Polymer Market Rose Four Times for 2000-2006 Period
- Chemical Industry Sector of Ukraine Increases Growth
- Avdeev Coking Plant Finished Reconstruction of Coke Gas Cooling Unit
- Chemical Plants in Luhansk Region Plan to Manufacture Products for over EUR 220m
- Ursa to Build Glass Wool Plant in Ukraine
- Kyiv-based...


- KazAzot to Increase Production Capacity
- Kazmunaigaz to Erect USD 5.2bn Petrochemical Plant
- Heads of Tengizchevroil, Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Signed Memo
- KazZink to Introduce Emission Reducing Technology into Sulphuric Acid Production
- The Construction of Petrochemical Complex in Kazakhstan Approved


- Belorussian Сhemical Industry Increased Production Output
- Grodno Azot (Belarus) to Commission Biofuel Plant by Late 2007
- Belneftekhim (Belarus) to Set Up Sales Agency in Turkey
- Belarus and China to Sign a Supply Agreement
- BPC Opens Representative Office in Chicago
- Svetlogorsk Khimvolokno Expanded Products Range


- Sumgayit Chemical Industry Development Programme Needs USD 1bn
- Azerbaijan-based Ethylene-Propylene Announced Technology Reagents Purchasing Tenders
- Azerbaijan to Resume Operating Azerkimya’s Subjected Enterprises
- Fibre Glass Production Plant Put for Tender


- Turkmenplen Polypropylene Exported via Turkmenbashi Seaport


- Investment Capacity of Uzbek Chemical Enterprises worth USD 800m
- Uzbek-UK Joint Venture Ohangaron Rangli Sement to Sell 26% Shares
- Uzbekistan and KOGAS to Build Gas Proceeding Facility by 2010
- Kyzylkum Phosphate Majmuasi Improving Product Quality


- Batumi Land Holdings Ltd to Acquire Batumi Site for USD 27.1m


- Armenia’s Chemical Output in Q1


- Pielart-PM Included in Top-50 Profitable Companies of Moldova


 - Kyrgyzstan-based Kristall Can Generate USD 2.6m Revenues during First Year


- Tajiktextilmash Develops Investment Project to Diversify Its Plastic Goods Selection
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