Eurasian chemical market

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The CIS Production of Pigments

     The pigment is a substance consisting of small particles practically insoluble in the applied medium and used on account of its colouring, protective, or magnetic properties. The current business environment in the CIS pigments market is complicated, but by no means hopeless. The increasing demand for polymers and paints leads to stricter quality specifications for pigment...
Companies and markets

The Ukrainian Market for Formaldehyde-based Synthetic Resins

     Having different physical and chemical properties, formaldehyde-based synthetic resins find a broad application in the building and chemical industryThe most commonly known is a phenol-formaldehyde (PF) resin that can be of novolac (thermoplastic) and resole (thermosetting) types. Novolacs are resins soluble in polar solvents (alcohols, ketones) and capable of being repeatedly...

The Russian and Ukrainian Markets of Maleic Anhydride

     Maleic anhydride (MA) is a basic multifunctional chemical utilized in various segments of the chemical industry. In its pure state, MA is a colourless or white solid with acrid odour.  Around one third of the world MA output is processed into unsaturated polyester resins. At present, the production of unsaturated polyester resins (polyalkylene glycol maleates, polyalkylene...

The International Specialised Exhibitions of Plastics and Rubber 'Interplastica 2007' and 'Upakovka/Upak Italia 2007'

     On 30 Jan. – 2 Feb., Moscow Expocentre in Krasnaja Presnja hosted the 10th International Specialised Exhibition of Plastics and Rubber ‘Interplastica 2007’.   Over 23,000 visitors came to the exhibition and trade fair for packaging technology ‘Upakovka/Upak Italia 2007’ that was held at the same time at Expocentre . Both exhibitions...

The International Specialised Exhibition of Plastic and Rubber Production 'Plastex Ukraine 2007'

     The production and processing of plastic and rubber is one of the most highly prioritised directions in the chemical and petrochemical industries. The 3rd International Specialised Exhibition of plastic and rubber production entitled ‘Plastex Ukraine’ was held on 20-23 February at Kyiv International Exhibition Centre. It was organised by Premier Ekspo (Ukraine),...


- Nikochem Group Developing Svetlojarsk Bischofite Deposit
- Import-Export Statistics of Chemical Products in Russia for 2006
- Kaprolaktam JSC Enhances Production of Caustic Soda by 9.5%
- Plant for Liquid Nitrogen Set up in North Russia
- Gabriel-Chemie Expands into Russia
- Russia Pushes Ahead with Biofuel Production
- Sibur and Novatek Sign a Framework Agreement


- NikochemUkraine Increases Production of Nitrogen Fertilisers
- New Biodiesel Technology Cuts Production Costs
- Icethermo JSC Adopts Moulding Technology for Plastic Goods
- SCM Restructures Assets in Clay Business
- Crimea Titan CJSC Improves Copperas Quality
-  Linde Gas Ukraine to Raise Statutory Fund by 8.5 Times
- Crimean Soda Plant to Set Up a Network to...


- Pavlodar Chemical Plant JSC to Be Auctioned
- Kazakhstan to Produce over 3 Billion Litres of Ethanol by 2010
- Plant for Polyethylene Pipes Soon Operational in Petropavlovsk


- Belneftekhim to Boost Trading Position in China
- Belorussian, Indian Governments Agree to Assist Exports of Belorussian Fertilisers and Tyres
- Swedish Company to Promote Advanced Biofuel Technologies in Belarus
- Belarus to Boost Fertiliser Transportation via Black and Baltic Seas
- Belarus-Korea Trade Turnover Reaches USD 87m in 2006
- Potash Fertilisers Output in Belarus...


- Fertiliser Plant to Be Constructed in Azerbaijan
- Azerkimya on Stream after Shutdown
- Galol JSC and Tural-110 to Begin ETBE Production


- Swiss Syngenta Agro Services AG to Supply Chemicals to Turkmenistan
- Sumy Frunze Launches USD 120m Gas Station in Turkmenistan


- Uzkimvekt Streamlines Manufacture of Palmitic and Oleic Acids
- NMMIC Results for 2006


- Georgia Making Headway with New Petrochemical Complex


- Armenia Boosts Chemical Production
- Armenia to Recommence Khimprom JSC


- Moldovan-Belorussian Trade Turnover Up in January 2007
- Advanced Developments of Moldavizolit CJSC


- Kyrgyz Parliament Declares a Sale of a Polysylicon Company Invalid 


- Zarya Vostoka Reveals Development Projects
- Ivestment Projects of Khimzavod
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