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The Uzbek Chemical Industry – Bursting With Untapped Growth Opportunities

     Today Uzbekistan still has a lot of economic, political and social problems, in spite of the amazing progress made during the period of independence.In terms of its geographical position, Uzbekistan is sometimes called a boiling cauldron with a closed lid. In modern terms one could say that the chemical industry of the country is bursting with untapped growth opportunities....
Companies and markets

Bentonite production in CIS

     Bentonite is a colloidal clay with 70% montmorillonite mineral. This clay swells several times its original volume when placed in water and forms thixotropic gels when small amounts are added to water. The application range of bentonite is wide enough. It is used in medicine, cosmetology, wine-making, agriculture, construction, drilling and foundry. In recent years, the world...

Bromine: a substance “de profundis”

     Discovered 180 years ago by Antoine Jerome Balard, Bromine is an important raw material for modern chemical industry. The sole only non-metal element remaining liquid at room temperature has a wide range of applications. In the article a reader will find  essential information on CIS-located Bromine (and its downstream derivatives) manufacturers, all existing in CIS countries...

Ukrainian PVC market

     It is a curious paradox that Ukraine is exporting almost all vinylchloride monomer (VCM) produced in large amounts on its territory, while local plastics manufacturers have to import PVC resins to keep their businesses afloat. All PVC capacities in Ukraine have been completely shut down by 2006 due to difficult market conditions over the recent years. Despite total dependence...

II International Conference HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS 2006

     In December 2006, Moscow hosted the second International Conference, called Household Chemicals 2006. Participants discussed the current situation and growth prospects of the Russian household chemicals market. In the foreseeable future the Russian household chemicals market is expected to be stable. During the last few years the market has seen a rapid growth, therefore, minor...

II International Conference GAS AND CHEMISTRY 2007

     The second International Moscow Conference Gas And Chemistry 2007 was held on 30 January in Moscow, Russia and attended by more than 50 Russian and foreign companies, including Dow, Haldor Topsoe, Sasol O&S, Gazprom Akron JSC, Itera International Group of Companies, INitol Group, RussNeft, Sibur, TNK-BP, Togliattiazot JSC, Severodonetsk Azot CJSC, Shchekinoazot JSC, Fosagro...


- NKNK: Current Developments
- Acron JSC Sells Silvinit Shares
- EuroChem (Belorechensk) Reports a 6% Growth in Fertiliser Output
- Russia and India Plan Titanium Production Joint Venture
- Sibur: Results and Projects
- Acron Holding to Begin Construction of Terminal in Estonia
- Huntsman and NMG Announce Polyurethanes Joint Venture in Russia and Former Soviet States


- Indicative Prices for Exported Chemical Products in Ukraine
- State Property Fund of Ukraine Sells Novorazdolskii Compound Fertiliser Plant
- Ukrainian Producers of Synthetic Fibers See 15% Drop in Output
- Ukraine to Construct Gas Storage Tanks and a Chemical Plant in Iran
- Sumykhimprom to Invest USD 20m in Retrofit of Production Facilities
- Ukraine to Produce Bioethanol...


- Kazakhstan to Expand Ethanol Production
- Almaty to Host Chemie 2007 Exhibition
- Majilis Considering Draft Law on Alternative Fuel
- KazAzot Anounces Results for 2006
- Kazakhstan Determines Site for New Petrochemical Complex


- Belarus Plans to Build Bleached Pulp Mill
- Belarus Hopes for FAO Assistance in Launching Biofuel Production
- Belarus Potassium Company to Increase Profits from Fertiliser Exports


- Russian and Ukrainian Companies Show Interest in Reconstruction of Sumgayit Superphosphate Plant
- Azeri Farmers to Buy Fertilisers at 50% Discount


- Dashoguz Polymeric Plant Starts Pipe Production
- Chemical Industry of Turkmenistan Is in Line to Keep Growing


- Indian Textile Companies to Invest USD300m in Uzbekistan
- Farg’ona Chemical Plant to Tender Shares
- Uzkimyosanoat, Mitsubishi Corporation Sign Joint Agreement
- Government to Sell 49% Stake in Navoiyazot JSC
- Elektrkimyozavodi CJSC Boosts Capacity


- Armenian Hytex Plastic to Build Bottle Plant in Georgia
- PSP Group to Export Medicines to Azerbaijan


- Rainovil Property Ltd (UK) Acquires Armenian Giant Nairit
- Nairit-2 to Launch a Synthetic Rubber Plant in China


- Tajikistan Sets to Privatise Chemical Plants by 2015
- TajikAzot JSC Seeks Investors for New Joint Venture


- Perfuzon JV to Be Auctioned
- FuelMakers to Build Biofuel Plant in Moldova


- Mineral Fertiliser Plant to Be Built in Kyrgyzstan
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