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Conference and Exhibition, held under an informational support of "Eurasian Chemical Market"

02.03.2020-02.03.2020 Acrylates in CIS

Acrylates in CIS

Information-analytical agency "Chem-Courier" is pleased to announce the International conference "Acrylates in CIS", which will be held March 2 in Moscow, Russia.

The Conference "Acrylates in CIS" will become an effective networking platform for interaction between manufacturers and consumers of acrylic acid and derivatives, suppliers of raw materials and equipment, government agencies and industry associations.

Key Highlights:

- Global C3 market and its impact on acrylic acid and derivatives market
- Acrylic acid and derivatives market balance
- “Bottlenecks” in acrylates market: causes of shortfalls and price rises
- Vertical integration in acrylates market and spot market: availability in 2020-2022
- Current structure of acrylic acid market and new production and conversion projects
- Pricing in global acrylic acid and derivatives market
- Eco-trends in global acrylates market: view of major players
- Drivers of global acrylic acid and derivatives market development
- Economic environment in Russia and CIS countries and its impact on consumption growth in acrylates market
- CIS acrylic acid market: current state and development potential
- CIS acrylates and methacrylates market outlook for 2020-2022
- Key features of specialty-acrylates-based flocculants production and consumption in CIS: market growth potential
- Acrylates in detergents: application opportunities
- Acrylates-based dispersing agents: production and application issues by segment
- Fine acrylates-based chemicals: structure of sectoral demand and consumption forecast
- Ecological legislation in Europe and its impact on acrylic dispersion market

You can find out more information on the conference website, as well as project managers by phone 7 499 346 03 42 or e-mail

Country: Russia
City: Moscow
Address: To be Advised
Telephone(s): +7 499 346 03 42
Fax: +7 499 346 03 42
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Conference and Exhibition, held under an informational support of the magazine "Eurasian chemical market"
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